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New OA article out in Frontiers of Biogeography - 'Beta diversity dynamics in East Asian angiosperm woody plants: taxonomic turnover in relation to temperature gradients during the Cenozoic' by Ikari et al.… #newbiogeo #FB_ArticleinPress #biogeography

New Open-Access Article - Citizen science aids the quantification of the distribution and prediction of present and future temporal variation in habitat suitability at species’ range edges (Graba-Landry et al.) #FB_ArticleinPress… #newbiogeo

The modern territory of Armenia remains an arena of intensive speciation...Check out 'Karyo-geographical analysis of Armenian flora' - new article out by Fayvush & Ghukasyan in Frontiers of Biogeography… #newbiogeo #FB_ArticleinPress

Check out "12,500+ and counting: biodiversity of the Brazilian Pampa'' by Andrade, Dröse & Colleagues - the first referenced list of species for theBrazilian Pampa region now out in Frontiers of Biogeography… #FB_ArticleinPress #newbiogeo

New Article out: 'Ecological characterisation of urban ponds in the Netherlands: a study based on data collected by volunteers' by Peeters and colleagues.… #newbiogeo #FB_ArticleinPress

New #FB_ArticleInPress 'Climatic niche overlap models reveal niche partitioning among black widow spiders and potential ecological impacts of invasive brown widows in North America' by Sadir & Marske. Part of a group of upcoming Community Science articles…

New article to check out in Frontiers of Biogeography's open access 'in-press' section: 'The jigsaw model: a biogeographic model that partitions habitat heterogeneity from area' by Furness et al.… - #FB_ArticleInPress #newbiogeo #biogeography #jigsawmodel

Just in time for the holidays...'Biotic regionalization of freshwater fishes in Northern Middle America highlights high beta diversity created by prominent biogeographic barriers' by Rico et al. - open access & online at… #FB_ArticleInPress #newbiogeo

Now out in Frontiers of Biogeography: 'Comparative biogeography of North American turtle faunas: Neogene regionalization' by Hoagstrom & colleagues at… #FB_ArticleInPress #newbiogeo #turtles #biogeography

New #FB_ArticleInPress online today! 'Gondwanan origin of the Dipterocarpaceae-Cistaceae-Bixaceae is supported by fossils, areocladograms, ecomorphological traits and tectonic-plate dynamics' by Lamont, Thornhill & Korczynskyj. Check it out at… #newbiogeo

'Global bioregionalization of warm drylands based on tree assemblages mined from occurrence big data' by Cartereau & colleagues now out in Frontiers of Biogeography. Check it out at… #FB_ArticleInPress #newbiogeo

A tale of two crickets: global climate and local competition shape the distribution of European Oecanthus species (Orthoptera, Gryllidae)… New #FB_ArticleinPress to check out at Frontiers of Biogeography by Labadessa and Ancillotto! #newbiogeo #biogeography

New article by Ducarme in Frontiers of Biogeography, whose work aims to develop a method to assess the absence of a species in a large marine area despite widespread belief in the scientific literature. See the newly released article at… #FB_ArticleinPress

'Species richness and composition of Caribbean aquatic entomofauna: role of climate, island area, and distance to mainland' by Cineas & Dolédec in Frontiers of Biogeography's In-Press Section:… #FB_ArticleinPress #newbiogeo

'The macroecology of community energy use in terrestrial vertebrates' - new #FB_ArticleInPress by Carter & Alroy out in Frontiers of Biogeography at… that quantifies global variation in vertebrate community energy use for the first time. #newbiogeo

New article out in #FB_ArticleInPress by Ginal & Colleagues - 'Invasive risk assessment and expansion of the realized niche of the Oriental Garden Lizard Calotes versicolor species complex (Daudin, 1802)' - read the full article at…

Exciting paper out in #FB_ArticleInPress demonstrates based on species-area analysis of floras that the regional plant species richness of several of the temperate Mediterranean-climate regions is on par with the rich wet tropical floras.… Grobler & Cowling

New in-press article just online, quantifying Global variation in vertebrate community energy use. Check out 'The macroecology of community energy use in terrestrial vertebrates' by Carter & Alroy online at… #FB_ArticleinPress #newbiogeo

Check out the first database of aquatic insect collections made in the Caribbean archipelago over the last 50 years. New article in press by Cineas & Dolédec, just out in Frontiers of Biogeography #FB_ArticleInPress #newbiogeo…

New in-press article out by Di Cecco et al. comparing Lepidoptera phenology across datasets. Check out 'Phenology in adult and larval Lepidoptera from structured and unstructured surveys across eastern North America' at… #FB_ArticleinPress #newbiogeo

& you can always lure me in with an article involving NZ in some way...'Different levels of disturbance influence the distributional patterns of native but not exotic plant species on New Zealand small islands' by Mologni is now online! #newbiogeo #biogeography #FB_ArticleinPress

And some more #FB_Articleinpress ... check out the final version online of 'Operationalizing expert knowledge in species’ range estimates using diverse data types' by Merow & colleagues… #biogeography

New in-press article out in Frontiers of Biogeography 'Biogeographic and β-diversity patterns for southern Africa’s native freshwater fishes: a synthesis' by Makaure & Stewart. Have a look at the open-access pre-print at:… #FB_Articleinpress #biogeography

2nd new article just out: 'Water inputs across the Namib Desert: implications for dryland edaphic microbiology' by Bosch & colleagues Read more at :… #FB_ArticleInPress #newbiogeo

New articles this week! #1: 'Can sea snakes slither through seascape structure? Comparative phylogeography and population genetics of Hydrophis group sea snakes in Australia and Southeast Asia' by Garcia, Riginos & Lukoschek… #FB_ArticleInPress #newbiogeo

Marshall et al. recently estimated population densities, range sizes, instant and cumulative total population sizes for T. rex with narrow ranges of uncertainly (Science). See Meiri & Marshall et al.'s follow up correspondence in-press: #FB_ArticleInPress

Recently in-press & ready to check out in Frontiers of Biogeography...'Origin, diversification, and biogeography of forest birds across 19 temperate forest regions in the Northern Hemisphere' by Blondel. Open-access at… #FB_ArticleInPress #newbiogeo

New in-press article out in Frontiers of Biogeography... 'Tramps in transition: genetic differentiation between populations of an iconic "supertramp" taxon in the Central Indo-Pacific' - Ó Marcaigh et al. - check it out at… #FB_ArticleInPress #newbiogeo

A simulation-based method for selecting calibration areas for ecological niche models and species distribution models - new in-press article coming out in Frontiers of Biogeography by Machado-Stredel et al.… #FB_ArticleInPress #newbiogeo

New Frontiers of Biogeography Article in Press: 'Invaders in waiting? Non-equilibrium in Southern Hemisphere seaweed distributions may lead to underestimation of Antarctic invasion potential' (by Laeseke et al.) #FB_ArticleInPress #newbiogeo

New In-Press: A framework linking biogeography and species traits to plant species vulnerability under global change in Mediterranean-type Ecosystems (Franklin et al.)… #FB_ArticleInPress #newbiogeo @newbiogeo

Climate change threatens the conservation of one of the world’s most endangered transboundary tree species: Magnolia grandis - highlighting the importance of effective cross-border conservation partnerships. See the article now out at… #FB_ArticleInPress

In-press for September's special issue...'Phylogenetic diversity of ferns reveals different patterns of niche conservatism and habitat filtering between epiphytic and terrestrial assemblages' by Hernández-Rojas et al.… #newbiogeo #FB_ArticleInPress

Now out: A pan-Himalayan test of predictions on plant species richness based on primary production and water-energy dynamics - by Bhatta et al. - part of the Elevational Gradients and Mountain Biodiversity Special Issue #FB_ArticleInPress

New In-Press-Review out in Frontiers of Biogeography this week: High-elevation limits and the ecology of high-elevation vascular plants: legacies from Alexander von Humboldt (H. John Birks)… #newbiogeo @newbiogeo #FB_ArticleInPress

New! Article in press for an upcoming special issue on elevational gradients..."A pan-Himalayan test of predictions on plant species richness based on primary production and water-energy dynamics" by Bhatta et al. See the #FB_ArticleInPress at… #newbiogeo

And...another for the Transboundary special issue 'Climate change threatens the conservation of one of the world’s most endangered transboundary tree species: Magnolia grandis' by Blair et al. at… #FB_ArticleinPress #newbiogeo

Another one for the special issue on Transbounday Conservation Under Climate Change, 'Karst as an abiotic driver of François’ langur distribution, with predictions for biological communities on karst under climate change' by Blair et al.… #FB_ArticleinPress

'Modeling the environmental refugia of the endangered Lichtenfelder’s Tiger Gecko (Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi) towards implementation of transboundary conservation' by Ngo et al. at… - another pre-print for an upcoming special issue #FB_ArticleinPress

'A present and future assessment of the effectiveness of existing reserves in preserving three critically endangered freshwater turtles in Southeast Asia and South Asia' by Tan et al. at… - part of an upcoming special issue #newbiogeo #FB_ArticleinPress

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