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It came just in time! First show in 2 years and representing the Law Offices of Maxine @SwoleWorld #FayeTrial @fayejackson419

I reckon we all make a stand, if producers dont let faye know by friday night then we all stop watching #LoveIslandUK #loveisland2021 #justiceforteddy #fayeandteddy #FayeTrial 🤬🤬🤬

...... after last am I gonna do with no court case breaking spaces?! #FayeTrial

Shoutout to @smileeBWR for breaking down everything that gotta do with the #FayeTrial with @TomCampbell of @Cultaholic because oh boy did I miss an epic one last week! Next one I bet I won't miss it all over again lol…

@SeanRossSapp The reaction over Cardona winning the title at GCW Homecoming means that there will be a greater pop when Gage wins the title back. I'm still over the moon about the #fayetrial trending #1. It's a beautiful time to be a wrestling fan. Those who understand know the vibes.

#GCWHomecoming capping off a huge week for US independent wrestling. Nick Gage on national TV, #FayeTrial and the reinvention of Matt Cardona, each of which were joys to behold. The hype is real.

Can’t believe what this moment sparked on social media 😭 #FayeTrial…

Aside from having a killer match... Congratulations to @RichHomieJuice for being involved with two #1 trending wrestling topics in one week. #FayeTrial #GCWHOMECOMING

@DanhausenAD @IAmJericho Danhausen playing 666D chess against (#FayeTrial loser) Pineapple Steve

And on a NEEEW Wrestle-Cast w/ @mattyjay316, @TWKOfficial, & @shintigercurl, they got ALL the topics covered from #CMPunk to #MITB to #Slammiversary to even the #FayeTrial!!!…

Nas needs to learn from the #FayeTrial that he can't make promises like this!…

#FayeTrial trended in the US for HOURS. Fans & wrestlers from every promotion were taking part/listening. If this was pitched to @indiewrestling @Highspots or anyone else & they turned it down then shame on you for not taking a chance on something different.

@AustinCreedWins on God,I will raise 10 thousand Mexican Pesos for the person, should such a person exist, who can present a full length, high fidelity recording of the #FayeTrial

@Twitter now that the #FayeTrial is over and somehow she was innocent 🙄 but all is forgiven cause of a not guilty picture but can y’all please @verified @fayejackson419 account???

The #FayeTrial and Rolling Loud are proof that WWE is crazy for not investing more in their Black fanbase.

I just realized I gotta buy a clown outfit So subscribe to my To see the rest of these pics 😉 (Or cashapp me $fayejackson419) #notguilty #FayeIsInnocent #FayeTrial…

Austin hip me in 30 seconds or less help me understand the #FayeTrial stuff. Excuse my ignorance please @AustinCreedWins

I was there for the whole trial. The entire event made me feel every emotion I had at least once. It was incredible. And I don’t think anyone recorded it. Twas a true “moment in time” #FayeTrial…

I just realized something about the #FayeTrial. The ruling from that trial has now set a precedent and can be cited in future relevant cases. When you cite a case, you have to do it by “The Plantiff v. the Defendant.” So what do we call this case in that context?


🚨 NEW MERCH ALERT 🚨 After my glorious triumph for my client @fayejackson419, I’ve decided to bless y’all with some new merchandise!! If you’ve dug yourself in a hole, #BetterCallSwole ⚖️ #MaxineSwole #FayeTrial #FayeIsInnocent…

I might be in Twitter jail for the day again so if that’s the case please know i love y’all and daddy will see you tomorrow 💋 #fayetrial forever

Since @SwoleWorld was at her job while defending @fayejackson419, does that mean the folks who missed the #FayeTrial are gonna hear some of her arguments on the next episode of BTE?

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