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You know, even tho justice still needs served af, I often just stop what I’m doing and with a sigh of relief say: “she is free, Britney is finally free,” and with the biggest smile, continue with what I was doing. #FreedBritney #BritneySpears

J.l.S should have called it "the things i should have said about MYSELF"#freedbritney

ICYMI: @britneyspears gets court trial against father, who she accused of secretly spying and swindling millions #FreedBritney…

I cant believe ppl like this still exist such a shame!! Britney is free and she loves this man also he loves her so how about you deal with it. She is very happy with him! Im sick of all of you F off!! Blocking everyone like this delusional freaks!! Sick sick #freedbritney…

ICYMI: @britneyspears and attorney claim $30 million taken by family members #FreedBritney

So anyways, it seems that for the moment, my local @Target store is definitely all for #FreedBritney because I went to the book section and JL’s book was nowhere to be found. 😂😂😂 let’s hope it stays that way.

Matt Rosengart is voted Lawyer of the Year by and his firm’s VP gives him some cute shoutouts on LinkedIn… #FreedBritney #JusticeForBritney #BelieveBritney

At my target they had JLs stupid book, haven’t seen a lot of clear pics of the “I must confess” title hid them behind other books #BelieveBritney #BritneySpears #FreedBritney

It's happening again! Didn't click on anything. Just a screen shot but 🤔interesting, interesting...👀#britneyspears #FreedBritney

@SurpriseWitnes Hey BJ. Question for you…Wouldn’t James Spears’ petition to unseal all of Brit’s records (medical included) be a HIPPA violation? Meaning, such a petition would be moot & wouldn’t be approved anyway (for that very reason)? #FreedBritney #JusticeForBritney

@CA_Divorce Hi Christopher. Question: Wouldn’t James Spears’ petition to unseal all Brit’s records (medical included) be a HIPPA violation? Meaning, the petition is moot as it won’t be approved for that very reason? #FreedBritney #JusticeForBritney

The #1 Britney fan server on Discord. Join us to chat with other fans! #freebritney #freedbritney #justiceforbritney #Barmy

ICYMI: @britneyspears gets court trial against father, who she accused of secretly spying and swindling millions #FreedBritney

@CouchmanBespoke @SurpriseWitnes @sloanhooks Questioning ≠ Concluding In the video I’m talking about, @sloanhooks already CONCLUDED that Rosengart was a villain. 😩 #FreedBritney

@melii1014 @sicousi I like Britney’s new hair style. I think Sam found a professional hairdresser for her. 😃😁 #FreedBritney

@SurpriseWitnes Rosengart has helped Britney A LOT. He has saved her life. Therefore, as Britney’s fans, we have to be very grateful towards Rosengart. #FreedBritney

@SurpriseWitnes @SurpriseWitnes BJ, if you see Sloan, please tell him to apologize to Rosengart in his upcoming Britney-related video. In his previous video “Britney Spears is NOT free”, Sloan called Rosengart “villain”, which really made me very disappointed about him. #FreedBritney

Ou sont les 600M de dollars de Britney Spears #loutaylor ? La justice commence son enquête et ça va faire mal, la prison est proche ! #FreedBritney #JusticeForBritney #FreeBritney

The #FreeBritney movement are a bunch of Bad A$$E$👊Especially the ones who were in the trenches, putting in work!!! #JusticeForBritney #FreedBritney…

@kmunveiledtour also justice for her rendition of toxic!! manifesting a #freedbritney performance with britney and kacey in LA LOL

@booksamillion It's clear that you need to pull Jamie Lynn's book from your stores and website. This human is nothing but a liar and horrible example of a sister and woman to many. Your alliance in doing the right thing is something that we must see. #FreedBritney

@_miissmegs @Andreuph @LASuperiorCourt Excellent point. I stand corrected: Judge Brenda Penny fabricated the nonsensical notion that the conservatorship was "voluntary" - it was not. "Voluntary" assumes informed consent and we sure AF know that did not happen. Thank you for the correction. #FreedBritney

Just figured my day is so boring and dull without a Britney post thats it 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 #freedbritney

@SamLutfi Thank-You Sam, we all have one goal in mind: #JusticeForBritney ⚖️🙏❤️#FreedBritney⚖️❤️

Britney post something its so boring girl 😏 #FreedBritney

This is FACT. @britneyspears never qualifed for or needed a probate conservatorship. NEVER. If anyone says differently they are either misinformed or have profited from the conservatorship. PERIOD. #FreedBritney #JusticeForBritney #BritneySpears #EndConservatorshipAbuse #fbf

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