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@GOP @tedcruz Well @tedcruz, let's see the #gop come up with a plan for #immigration. We still need their field workers etc.

So without Right-wing view hookers it would sound like this= a biological female, trans to a man with clothing and says shes a man and got pregnant now a man is pregnant to her. So say "trans men can get pregnant instead n we all say ok i see #wtf #LGBTQ #gop #Republicans #maga

I thought the #GOP wanted to spend less money overseas to help American citizens. #TheLiesTheyTell #GOPShutdown…

ANY #GOP congressional member voting to #shutdown the government & delay worker paychecks should be required: 1. to shut down their campaign finance committees; & 2. delay their paychecks AND campaign donations by the # MONTHS = to the SAME # of DAYS workers are out of work.…

@RandPaul A shutdown which is being forced by #GOP @HouseGOP not by democrats!

@PalmerReport @mmyer1018 Please understand I HOPE IT IS TRUE. But will he pull some strings and save himself? What about his non-NY State assets? His foreign assets? His devotees will still love him. "It's all the #DeepState!" His lastin legacy to America is turning the #GOP into the #GQP.

So much winning. #TrumpCrimeFamily should fly directly to Moscow to save them the humiliation of being asset stripped and jailed. Orange Mussolini is going to die in a federal prison. #TrumpForPrison2024 #corruption #legal #fraud #GOP #Republicans…

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing #Trump2024 to run for office....#TrumpIsGUILTY #GOP #GQP Dummy should've stayed on the sideline🤣😂

@markrobinsonNC - Not one concrete proposal from Mark Robinson. He's clueless. - I'm certain that the same interns who write Mark's tweets write most of the positive "replies," using bogus accounts. - If your name isn't Art Pope, he's not working for you. - Just another #GOP scam artist.

There was no Russian Collusion Putin is a great dictator, I mean great guy. That’s why I take his side over my own country and give him everything he wants. #GOP

Republicans want to talk about Hunter Biden, the border, ANYTHING but paying the bills that Trump helped run up #GOP

@EricTrump #trump has been found guilty of hundreds of millions of dollars of fraud, possibly in the billion Judge says "overwhelming evidence" But #gop continues to give this complete con man a pass

@JoeBiden The banana #republicans are bearers of false witness that can never be trusted & those who support them support the lies they tell thus in turn are bearers of false witness themselves. The #GOP and their supporters have no integrity, no honor, & no decency; thus break their word.

#MAGA Politician Gaetz: ‘We will see’ if Democrats BAIL OUT our FAILED #Republican Speaker’ -McCarthy. #GOP #GOPClownShow #Conservative…

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