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What resources do you imagine that we don't already offer? What is Petito foundation doing besides playing 3rd party pass-through to already existing Orgs we can contribute to directly? #GabbyPetito…

The fathers of #DanielRobinson and #GabbyPetito teamed up to speak at @CrimeCon this past weekend about the disparities in their children's cases and how to improve that. Daniel went missing in 2021 from his geology worksite in Buckeye, AZ just months before Gabby went missing.……

@CoffindafferFBI That would be amazing to meet them, Jenn. Happy for you and them, that you guys crossed paths. #EthanChapin #GabbyPetito

It is heartbreaking to see over and over murders that could have been prevented if we had more resources, more protection for victims of domestic violence. We met the family of #GABBYPETITO at CrimeCon in Orlando. They have started a foundation. Doing amazing work. We need 3/5

Gabby Petito was murdered by her fiancé. Strangling was the cause of her death. Know more about her death... #gabbypetito #gabbypetitoautopsy #RIPgabby…

I will always honor gabby petito just as I honor all the people who died on 911 and all the people who died on Pearl Harbor I will never forget what happened to gabby petito what happened to gabby petito will always be in history to me #gabbypetito

@BrianEntin So happy for you all to finally get to meet. I'm betting that those hugs were something special!💜#NEVERFORGET #GABBYPETITO 💜

Proud to announce the publication of a study in Journalism Practice with @JMT_PhD and four @itscppcom student coauthors examining inequities in coverage for missing women of color who disappeared when #GabbyPetito was receiving so much news attention.…

Timely study with implications for newsrooms. Much credit to coauthors! #GABBYPETITO #crimeNews Miss(ing) Representation: Examining How Race Shaped News Coverage of Missing Women Surrounding Gabby Petito’s Disappearance: Journalism Practice: Vol 0, No 0…

@iCkEdMeL @BrandiNChurch It was a pleasure meeting you and @BrandiNChurch 🩵 Thank you both for fighting for victims and their families and for your very generous donation to the Gabby Petito Foundation 🦋 Be blessed! 🙏🏼 #TogetherWeCan #GabbyPetito

🕯️Let’s remember those who have been murdered, please light a candle today, and mention the name of someone below you’d like to honor. #GabbyPetito 🦋#RememberTheirNames #TogetherWeCan #bekindtooneanother #keeptheirspiritalive

@BrianEntin These photos convey an immense happiness and gratitude on both sides. Your coverage and empathy to #GabbyPetito case and every case you cover, Brian speaks volumes. I can see from this picture that Gabby family are in complete gratitude with you and your professionalism as a news……

Michael and I Were so happy we agreed to Be bought and thank our winners for donating Our buy to This fabulous family. @CrimeCon @gabbsfoundation #crimecon #gabbypetito…

The #GABBYPETITO case touched all of our heart because we know how #DomesticViolence impacts our community of #SexWorkers and #Survivors. The @PetitoGabby @gabbsfoundation is working hard to raise awareness and funding projects that provide accurate information @CrimeCon

@Sherasburner @iamlegacy23 If that is true it makes it even more horrible. But when the police screw up it is very hard to get justice. #gabbypetito #kielyrodni #idaho4

#Racist Gabby’s parents & step-parents took the stage at CrimeCon 2023 for a powerful session “Missing White Woman Syndrome” #GabbyPetito Foundation $$$ 🤦…

What could make #CrimeCon better than spending time with #DowntheHill podcast creator @NewsyBarbara and #DowntheHill author @SusanHendricks. Don't miss either one. So fun doing @CourtTV with you and talking #Delphi #RichardAllen and #Odin. Then, capping it off with #GabbyPetito

2 years ago today I was hunting down Brian Laundrie in the Carlton Reserve & Big Slough Preserve. Was so so close to finding him. Was a few trails off. #GabbyPetito

It was such an HONOR to connect with CHRIS HANSEN. He is so kind, loving and genuine with all of his fans and truly cares ❤️ I call him a HERO for saving millions of children during his career from predators 🙏🏼 #CrimeCon #ChrisHansen #GabbyPetito #TogetherWeCan

I'm so ready to see the Trial of #GabbyPetito family & #MoabPolice. This case is so personal to me bc I too Was Let down by police & They hung on my abusers every word & it almost cost me my life. Police get it wrong so much in these cases. They aren't trained to deal w it.

Interesting that the #Laundrie's attorney has said farewell to the Laudrie's case at such a critical time. Their attorney has changed law firms. Often, a client will follow their attorney when they change law firms. There is more to the story.…

I can't wait for the Laundries to LOSE their civil suit. #GabbyPetito…

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