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@cathyob1 @RonFilipkowski White on White crime... The kind of crime they DENY every happens. Let's ask the #MurdaughFamily or #GabbyPetito. The entire #metoo is about TRUSTED males raping known people!

@ThePascalShow If only Johnathan Majors was white like #brianlaundrie or if only Brian was black #GABBYPETITO might be alive today!

@FireFlammen @Rosanna42 @robertfloyd23 @srablonde34 @davidhogg111 @RepMTG DEAD is DEAD! NOT one person is LESS dead b/c of: WHO the murderer was The method they used Age Gender Economic status Complexion Mental state Religious beliefs or lack of them DEAD is 100% DEAD...ASK #MurdaughFamily #AhmaudArbery #GABBYPETITO #BothamJean #LasVegasMassacre

LIAR ALERT FAKE expert word salad🙄 Brian offered to go to jail instead of her. #GabbyPetito was in such a hysterics that day- "Because he told me to calm down" then actually flailed "I am calm". 🤦…

@Ghosty02772504 @ask_aubry I came here to mention #GabbyPetito. Brian Laundrie acting all calm & bro-ing it up with the cops while also playing the victim (but one who is "chill" see), aggravating poor Gabby in the process & making her seem like the crazy one. Classic abuse tactic from a male. Hard relate.

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary Wow Mostly since #GabbyPetito ❤ Happy anniversary to Me

Where are the voices to change the future? Dead people can't come back. Help the living-- Work to Make change! *Murder charges in another State * Shot at her before *ProtectiveOrder WHY was this killer even free on the streets?… #GabbyPetito

Let it be, as it would be For all of us to be free.. 🦋🥹 #GabbyPetito in loving memory of Gabby @SeanB87992235 @BeccaBorgmann1 @stuarwebb2

#GabbyPetito and #NaomiIrion my beautiful angels, please watch down and protect #ScottieMorris🙏💗🌈🦋

Gabby Petito's family will get their day in court against Brian Laundrie's parents in May 2024 #GabbyPetito #brianlaundrie #lawsuit… via @10TampaBay

Here’s an extract from my book Policing Domestic Violence. Brian Laundrie ticked every box as the primary aggressor & Gabby Petito, the victim. IMO the Police got it wrong. Listen to my @thecrimeanalyst series & latest Ep #122… #GabbyPetito #CrimeAnalyst

Here’s an extract from my book Policing Domestic Violence. IMO Brian Laundrie ticked every box as the primary aggressor & Gabby the victim. I wrote the best practice about it. Listen to my series & latest episode here… #GabbyPetito

Ah this photo is heartwarming 💜 she was sweet soul 🦋 #GabbyPetito…

I love you Gabby Petito ❤️ You helped me be better version of myself 🦋✨ #GabbyPetito

#HappyBirthday #GabbyPetito precious girl. You are missed & loved by millions 🌹 You should be here to celebrate but sad enough a diff. path was made for you. Rest well & be in eternal happiness 🕊️🎉

Do the @gabbsfoundation know that Andy Signore uses her image in his show’s intro? #gabbypetito #gabbypetitofoundation

true crime podcasters exploiting tf out murdered women spread faster than herpes #gabbypetito

Happy, heavenly, birthday beautiful Gabby. #gabbypetito

@anna_belle_13 @elonmusk @Twitter I am trying to DM you but it's not letting me. I just wanted to thank you for your help! I was so worried! I already lost one account because I said Brian Laundry should get the elect**ct chair for what he did to #GabbyPetito ! That account was lost forever! Thank You💜

Trending #GabbyPetito reminded me of this article by @mikevolpe about @julie_holburn It’s only gotten worse since Mike wrote the article. @ex_silicon @steffysmith007 @MeghanWalsh_…

As someone pointed "this wasn’t a fight,this was a horrific murder” #shanquellarobinson #autopsy #gabbypetito @gabbsfoundation Shanquella Robinson autopsy reveals new details via @YouTube

I’m sharing #MissingPerson in honor of #gabbypetito birthday yesterday March 19th 🦋I live in #ohio and #scottie is #Missing from #EatonIndiana #Indiana #scottiemorris he’s 14 and is believed to be in extreme #DANGER #bringhimhome @gabbsfoundation…

@gabbsfoundation I missed this bc I wasn’t on ,but I still want to do something in honor of this beautiful young lady #GabbyPetito fly high sweet girl 💜🦋💜You’ll always be remembered 🦋🦋🦋🦋…

Wishing a huge Happy Birthday In Heaven to Gabby Petito. Today would have been Gabby’s 24th birthday. We love you so much Gabby, have a beautiful 24th birthday!!!! 🤗❤️🎉🎊🎁🎈🍰🎂2️⃣4️⃣💖💝💕💞😇👼 #GabbyPetito #HappyBirthdayGabbyPetito #HappyBirthdayGabby #GabbyPetitoBirthday

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