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#44DoubleDs Unchained! #Maskholes, you can't go out without your pants and you can't go out without your mask either! We don't want to see your dicky, and we don't want to see your mouth or nose either! #WearAMask #WearItRight and #GetVaxxed, you #Vaxxholes!…

@Kthebrown @StephenKing #44DoubleDs Unchained! #Maskholes, you can't go out without your pants and you can't go out without your mask either! We don't want to see your dicky, and we don't want to see your mouth or nose either! #WearAMask #WearItRight and #GetVaxxed, you #Vaxxholes!

Malheur county notched one of it's biggest numbers of new Covid-19 cases in a year with 143 cases for a total since March 2020 of 7,007. If you haven't been vaccinated #GetYourVaccination #GetVaxxed If you are vaccinated #GetYourBooster When in public #MaskUp #AvoidCrowds

@peskyjesuit @TuckerCarlson The vaxxed are not filling up hospitals!!! Stop the anti vaxx BULLSHIT!! #GetVaxxed #USCOVIDupdate -New cases 756,095 -Av 745,364 -21,517 -States reporting 47 -In hospital 157,986 +1,285 -ICU 26,558 +321 -New deaths 2,446 -Av 1,992 +44 #FreeCOVIDtests #GetVaxxed #GetBoosted #WearAMask #N95 #SocialDistancing

@yael_becker I don't understand why any parent wouldn't do everything in their power to ensure they don't make their children orphans. You're more likely to die from #COVID19 if unvaxxed. #LongCovid is a real problem. #COVID19 causes long-term brain damage like Alzheimer's. #GetVaxxed

As is usual in this province, the immoral, dangerous, selfish & ignorant actions of the 10% are causing life & death consequences for the 90% & as usual, the government is not only enabling this subset of “humanity” but is compounding the problem. Ugh. #GetVaxxed #WearMask

Just had a friend say that given the number of covid cases & deaths, the vaccines clearly ‘aren’t working’. 🤦🏻‍♀️Yep - she’s an anti vaxxer (although vaxxed as her workplace has mandated it) #covidiot #COVID19 #GetVaxxed #GetBoostedNow

@chipkahn I’m #VaxXed and #Boosted and got a breakthrough #Omicron infection. Take my word, don’t get this. I’ve been horribly sick for 2 weeks on a “mild” case. Remember that “mild” is relative to hospitalization, intubation and death. #GetVaccinatedNow #GetVaxxed #OmicronVariant #COVID19

2/ But look outside Metro ATL Glynn & Whitfield climbing steeply Chatham ?flattening a bit but prob not past peak (remember 1/19=data dump) Dougherty still high w big dump 1/19 There is lots of virus out there & more to come. Please #GetVaxxed #GetBoosted #MaskUpN95

@damagedbiguy Add to the annual medical bucket list: updated Covid vaccine whenever going to pharmacy/doctor for the flu shot. They now live hand-in-hand. Sadly, it didn’t have to be this way. #GetVaxxed #MaskUp

STARTS TODAY➡️Get your third dose done! 📣 Walk up vaccines available today 8am to 8pm and this weekend at Sunshine Hospital. We know a third dose is the best protection against COVID-19 for yourself, your family and the community. Stay safe & well everyone. #getvaxxed💉💉💉

No excuses not to get the Covid jab now. Anti-vaxxers have long called Pfizer, AZ, Moderna experimental. Novavax uses a tried and tested system. #GetVaxxed…

"thousands" is about the extent people can wrap their heads around. Wait until the real numbers are in the millions. #LongCovid #GetVaxxed #WearAMask…

Covid is real crappy but my voice is husky so here’s You Don’t Care For Me Enough to Cry x John Moreland. #wearamask #getvaxxed #quarantineforothers…

We are supposed to pay for tests for Unwanted health workers and the new antiviral meds will be prioritized for the unvaxxed......I don't think so. #GetVaxxed

This little sweetheart is taking it easy as she recovers from covid... Because some jerk where her dad works decided his paycheck was worth more than the 18 people he infected with the virus. (Yes, her dad was vaxxed and careful. Omicron sucks). #GetVaxxed #VaccinesSaveLives

@KGreenMD @GovBillLee Unlike the physician’s oath, here in TN it seems to be “Anything we can do to cause harm.’ #GetVaxxed #WearAMask #GetBoosted

Hospitals are overflowing with COVID patients. They have zero COVID-vaccine-injured patients. #GetVaxxed #GetVaccinated #GetVaccinatedNow…

I agree it have been 2 weeks but I am still feeling some of the after effects .#GetVaxxed…

Got my non-verbal autistic 6yr old with Mastocytosis vaccinated against Covid (1st Dose) today!! Thank you for this huge sigh of relief to @HamHealthSci @mch_childrens #COVID19 #GetVaxxed

@LeachCityNewsTO Michael. Maybe it’s the people to blame those that refused vaxx and cotinue to do so that has to take the blame here. Ford government is inept but ppl being stupid is all on them. #GetVaxxed #letsgetbacktonormal

@BetsyRi66304373 I never had the chickenpox but two of my kids had them really bad and they have pox scars to prove it. 💉🙌🏼#VaccinesWork #GetVaxxed

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