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I’m still sad about the #Packers game. Is that weird/sad? Lol #GoPackGo

Lotta ungrateful people in Wisconsin that are going to be so happy that we didn’t lose in the playoffs next season because we went 4-13 after this duo’s gone✌🏼 #gopackgo

No matter what happens next I will always believe in this quote: “Think of only 3 things: Your God, Your family and the @packers -in that order.” -Vince Lombardi #GoPackGo

Thx for the $50 piece @packers ALL I DID WAS, follow my squad, RT a #PackersRollCall post and voila magic 🪄 #GOPACKGO NOW DO AN AUTOGRAPHED @AaronRodgers12 HELMET NEXT🤔 😀

@LuzMariaGDL Bueno, todos se decidieron en la última jugada, así no se puede (yo quedé 3-1, me fallaron los #GoPackGo)

@ARdoppelganger It has to be going to the Christmas Day game either my family. It'll be a memory I won't soon forget. Football is family after all right? #GoPackGo

Davante Adams 2021 Panini Illusions Clear Shots Emerald Parallel Card #GoPackGo #NFL #NFLPlayoffs #NFLTwitter #Sportscards…

Will always love & support my Packers no matter what! #gopackgo #timetoregroup

Win or lose this weekend. Those were four epic #NFLPlayoffs games this weekend. #GoBucs #GoPackGo #billsmafia #LARams #bengals #titans #49ers #ChiefsKingdom #NFL

#NewProfilePic fucken bullshit. -10/10, wouldn’t recommend. Yesterday sucked balls, but fuck man today might suck donkey balls. Fuck this man. But to the offense and defense of the @packers, y’all did your best it is what it is. Special teams can all go eat shit. #GoPackGo

Of the four remaining teams, we beat three of them in the regular season. So yeah, this really stings. #GoPackGo

Rodgers had his tickets punched for the offseason destinations. Just like Russian hockey players, who cares about legacy, he already got paid his millions. Fuck you peasants, I'm off to waves and sun! #gopackgo @packers It's okay, Love would've got the team just as far.…

So are we sure that Matt LaFleur is the coach to get the @packers over the hump? He’s been quite awful as well in these playoff losses and he totally screwed up the special teams coach hire. Then didn’t have the balls to fire him #GoPackGo

Just kills me that for years we begged for a strong defense to pair with Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs & when we finally get it, Rodgers delivers a massive choke job. #GoPackGo

Drown my packers sorrows I. Tequila! Love you all! Good night from Denver! #gopackgo #GoAvsGo ! I’m out! *thud*

I will bare knuckle box Robbie Gould #GoPackGo

i don’t care what ANYBODY says….. as a packers fan…. In tough times, should be zero arguing or blaming but coming together as a family and comforting in times like this. #GoPackGo #familywins

@TundraVision Great rant and to the point of the business vs the sport...which has been the narrative....#GoPackGo win for the team or get paid for my talent....

Hunh... @notsam Wordle 218 4/6 #GoPackGo ⬛⬛⬛🟨⬛ 🟨⬛⬛⬛🟨 ⬛🟩⬛🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful Packers season, it’s not the way we wanted our season to end. It’s definitely going to sting for sure, but we’re all here for each other I’ll continue to support my team always! #GoPackGo

Looking at this list we as Packers fans are spoiled AF. There's only 2 years that we didn't make a playoff push in this whole stretch & that's not easy in this league. We should be proud of these guys & continue to support them from now until the end of time. #GoPackGo…

@SoundOFF13 As a Packers fan. He said "I don't want to be a part of a rebuild if I'm going to keep playing, so a lot of decisions in.." I think the Packers franchise tag Adams and try to trade Rodgers for some great picks. Definitely need a new special teams coach. No Drama 🤔 #GoPackGo

While the talk show hot takers continue to pursue the sexy "blame it all on Aaron" narrative, this is a lot closer to the truth. #GoPackGo…

#Titans #RuleTheJungle #GoPackGo #FTTB #GoBucs #RamsHouse #ChiefsKingdom #BillsMafia grazie divinamente per questo weekend di football. la cappella sistina dei divisional. #nfldaznitaly | 🏈♥️

@rd32_era Please stay!! You have played your ass off this season going from AZ practice squad guy to greatness in a matter of days with the Packers! Please stay for us fans! #GoPackGo

2 de 2 😤😤😤😤 #NFL #NFLPlayoffsEnTUDN #NFLPlayoffs #RuleTheJungle ☑️ #GoPackGo#BillsMafia#RamsHouse ☑️

@packers always gotta look on the bright least you're not the @ChicagoBears #GoPackGo

Dear @ChicagoBears, At least the @packers made it to the playoffs again instead of watching it from home like y'all did. 😂😂😂 Love, Packers fans #GoPackGo…

Hot take- 12 will go down as one of the greatest to ever lace ‘em up. But after much thought and consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best future for the Packers doesn’t include 12. #GoPackGo

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