Top Tweets for #GumpTwitter

I’m just saying: with the majority of Bama’s fanbase cheering them on, both Utah and K State were able to pull off the upset. I’m not saying #gumptwitter is magic… but I’m not say we’re not either. 😉😂

Happy Thanksgiving #gumptwitter! Roll Tide! ❤️🐘

There’s really no better place to reflect on your blessings this Thanksgiving season than Twitter, specifically Alabama football Twitter -- or as real fans know it, #GumpTwitter.…

My last wish if Twitter goes down tonight is to be #GumpTwitter verified #CrimsonCheckmark

I often wonder what #gumptwitter would have been like during the Franchione, Price and Shula eras

Grits and Grillades for breakfast, any #gumptwitter fam are welcome to join! We’re in front of Memorial Tower, to the right! (And by we, I mean me, I’m the only Bama fan here, send reinforcements!) #RollTide #chsbama #scbama

You know you spend too much time on #gumptwitter when a Luke Bryan song comes on in the restaurant and my first thought is @CourtAnne1225 (whom I’ve never met) hates him. 🤣

If you #GumpTwitter was bad about the refs, #VolTwitter equally as bad with takes like this. 😬😬😬…

BS. I would be embarrassed to take that win if I was a Tennessee fan. the world won finally.#rolltide #gumptwitter

#GumpTwitter Y'all be careful this week.A Tennessee fan has already threatened me and my family with violence. And here I thought this was a space to crack wise. #3rdSaturdayinOctober

Seems harder to get @CollegeGameDay to T-town theses days and they just want to show up where @AlabamaFTBL next potential upset could be. guess that is R-E-S-P-E-C-T. @Vol_Football is just the next victim.Bryce will be back on top of @HeismanTrophy race #rolltide #gumptwitter

Guarantee you, Bryce will play next week even if it’s with one arm. RTR!!!! #gumptwitter

B.O.B. We don’t need Milroe to throw for 300 we need Gibbs to run for 200. SMH!!! #gumptwitter

If any #gumptwitter peeps make it to town Friday night, check out these Bama girls who are on the verge of the big time. One is even from Tuscaloosa. @sweetteatrio

@AlabamaFTBL offense clicking today. can’t be slowed down even with the referees help. RTR!!#gumptwitter

Hey #gumptwitter, do yourself a favor and go see @sweetteatrio at Hunt Club Friday 9/23. Trust me on this one.

There’s a lot of Alabama on Alabama crime in the @Ravens v @MiamiDolphins game. MH, JAD, JW, TT, RD, KD. On 2 plays straight Bama QB to Bama WR tackle by Bama DB. @AlabamaFTBL #gumptwitter

My first game at Bama, it was an amazing experience despite the heat. I got to experience the night game soon. #RollTide #GumpTwitter

Would love to see one of our DB’s step up and make a play and show some improvement. #gumptwitter

The only thing better than Bama winning is A&M losing the same day 😂😂 #GumpTwitter #RollTide

Anyone else in #gumptwitter think they were about to visit the queen? #RollTide

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