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[紀錄] 2022個人年度遊戲四選 1. Elden Ring 艾爾登法環 2. Harvestella 收穫之星 3. The Callisto Protocol 卡利斯托協議 4. Splatoon3 漆彈大作戰3 #GOTY #ELDENRING #Harvestella #TheCallistoProtocol #Splatoon3

Harvestella crashed, so I decided to give the pokymans a look, and I didn't expect an actual character creator. Look what I have wrought! Hot take: I am cute. #Harvestella #PokemonScarletViolet #NintendoSwitch

通算116時間プレイを持って全実績解除しました! おわり!たのしかった! #Harvestella

Wait, those hair things... is she also a Siren? Her ears are hidden, but Emo also has strings like that... #Harvestella

Autumn Chill? What's so chill about it? I'd rather have Autumn Warm, or at least Autumn Mild. Or does it mean the other kind of chill, so the opposite would be Autumn Chaos? #Harvestella #NintendoSwitch

Missing three more jobs... so either three more party members, or I get them through other means. Fighter I started with, and Unicorn taught me Mage. The rest have been from meeting party members. #Harvestella #NintendoSwitch

It would be nice if I could get a class that has some actual healing abilities... #Harvestella #NintendoSwitch

Listen, that's a whole philosophical debate I'm not sure we have the time to get into. #Harvestella #NintendoSwitch

Interesting. I have some ideas about where some of these probably are. #Harvestella #NintendoSwitch

Be nice, or I'm going to ask my dear friend Lord Vuvuzela to come kick your finny butt! #Harvestella #NintendoSwitch

... I was just trying to fish. Why are you sleeping in the fishing place? #Harvestella #NintendoSwitch

What do you mean "suspicious lake"? How is it suspicious? #Harvestella #NintendoSwitch

Wait, is this a glitch, or did she genuinely mean to call me "tutorial"? #Harvestella #NintendoSwitch

Chapter 4 finally done! Damn the boss was hard. Used up so many items T___T #Harvestella

Is that really something you should be saying out loud in a courtroom? At least whisper. #Harvestella #NintendoSwitch

I've never liked these sorts of plot points. #Harvestella

I have genuinely no idea why we didn't run, or fight back. #Harvestella #NintendoSwitch

Overall I'm wildly satisfied with the game and can't wait to beat that boss. I'll level some jobs offstream in the meantime! See ya tomorrow for #ValkyrieElysium day. Thanks @SquareEnix for both games! ♥️ #sponsored #JRPG #RPG #ARPG #farmingsim #Harvestella #squareenix

Here are some belated thoughts on #Harvestella as I'm wrapping up Chapter 4 (only final boss left)! 🍊 It's FINE to go slowly and kill all the dungeon mobs even though you *technically* don't have to - I rushed and didn't have enough levels to finish the final boss fight

Aria, please. I know you are under a lot of stress, but this is neither the time, nor the place. #Harvestella #NintendoSwitch

ゲームで料理の英語表現を覚えられるのが良い感じ。レストラン行った時に助かりそう。 やはり生活系は英語学習に向いてる。 #harvestella

Fürs Finale hat #Harvestella heute noch 4 Stunden! Plot rausgehauen, wo ich dachte, wir sehen das Ende 🤣 Freitag aber! Dann schaffen wir es bestimmt 😬🤣👌

Psst, Sweetie? We have a #Stream tonight! We will go to the beach in #Harvestella! You don't want to miss it! We will be #multistreaming in Twitch and YouTube! #ENVtuber

I've finally finished the main storyline of #Harvestella !!! The music, farming, battle system, and story of the game is very engaging and awesome! It helps that I treated this basically as a JRPG with farming elements, so for what it is, it was executedly pretty well.

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