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I played the #HolyFvck album for my father, and during the first few songs, he said that he'd be afraid if he was Demi's boyfriend because they sound so angry! #DemiLovato

My 2022 music replay thing is too embarrassing to post but @ddlovato is number 1 🤷🏻 #holyfvcktour #holyfvck

why do i feel like i'm the only one who's streaming #HolyFvck ? c'mon, people! have some taste

@_ddlovatonation TMYLM is still Demi’s best album/sound with #HolyFvck being a close second.

My #HolyFvck ranking: 1. Happy Ending 2. Eat Me 3. Holy Fvck 4. Substance 5. Heaven 6. Bones 7. 29 8. Freak 9. Skin of My Teeth 10. City Of Angels 11. Feed 12. 4 Ever 4 Me 13. Help Me 14. Come Together 15. Wasted 16. Dead Friends

it’ll prob be #chilombo again bc i stay listening to that album full through, but also taking bets for #girlofmydreams and #holyfvck to be in the top…

¿Dónde comprar #HolyFvck? En ECI, FNAC y Universal España, puedes disfrutar de un 20% de descuento comprando dos o más CDs👇 El Corte Inglés: Amazon: FNAC: Universal España:

#NOTICIÓN Tras casi un año con la cuenta suspendida... ¡Por fin he recuperado el acceso! 😬 Me he perdido la ocasión de contaros todo sobre el lanzamiento de #HolyFvck y el #HolyFvckTour pero, desde ya, aquí estoy para contaros todo lo nuevo sobre Demi 🎶🎸

アルバム全体的によい 2000年代の懐かしい感じで、「10代はこれ聞いとけ」感すごい笑 #HolyFvck

25 de noviembre de 2022: Sigo sin superar #HolyFvck de Demi Lovato.

I can't believe I'm not dead 🎶 💿 Álbum: 472 📣 Lançamento: 2022 💛 Faixa favorita: SKIN OF MY TEETH #DemiLovato 🎤 #HolyFvck 📀

Demination, #HOLYFVCK @Spotify's streams earns 880 streams now listen the album before the #SpotifyWrapped begins!…

Demi this room decor screams #holyfvck all over it lol. This was in my Facebook memories I posted a few years ago off of a group I follow. But that Red Cross and the black gives me vibes that would be perfect for how this album/tour has been.

Guys, I just made #ReadyForYa by this cute girl, @ddlovato It will be so cool if you and take a look to it. #TellMeYouLoveMe #DemiLovato #HolyFvck @ARG_demilovato @Lovatics

daily reminder to stream the actual fuck outta this masterpiece 🥵 #holyfvck

Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus’ rock albums are their best albums overall and I love that for them 😍🤘🏼 #HOLYFVCK #PlasticHearts @ddlovato @MileyCyrus

She’s vocalist of this generation with this album #HolyFvck

@PopCrave Listen to #HOLYFVCK🩸, by Demi Lovato on all major digital platforms. Apple Music: Amazon Music: YouTube Music: Tidal: Deezer:……

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