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Goodnight, and always remember, Sam Howell is undefeated in the regular season. #HTTC

@xProudPapax Lol… I totally remember that. It’s a linebacker’s dream to put a hit like that on a QB. Chase was the man in his first season (DROY) and I wholeheartedly believe he’ll return to form and be the beast he has been. #HTTC

Washington Commanders: DeAndre Hopkins Signing Will Impact Team in Best, Worst, Most Likely Scenario #CommandersPodcast #CommandersOpinion #CommandersFans #HTTC #CommandersFan…

The Illini safety recorded 5 ints in ‘22 and is an intriguing defensive back to keep an eye on during Training Camp #HTTC…

Great article by the LA Times. If you come to Ashburn for @Commanders OTAs or Training Camp, be sure to carve out time to stop by @OldOxBrewery #HTTC…

Duece is right on. Don't let the petty arguments about rebranding, stadium, coach, etc distract you from where we are right now. We're in a better spot as fans than we've been in in 30+years years! #HTTC…

“We walk the same path, but different shoes, same building, but different views” - Wayne #HTTC ALL FANS! It’s been a long journey. We all stayed fighting in one way or another. Our paths are the same and we’re in the same building. US Together. One Common Goal. To Win. #(👀)

Offshore sports book has Tom Brady as the favorite to play QB for Raiders, if Jimmy Garoppolo doesn’t #WashingtonFootball #HTTC #TakeCommand #CommandersFamily…

If Raiders want to give up a draft pick for Brissett then by all means they can have him. More draft capital in 24’ the better #NFL #Commanders #HTTC…

Happy Memorial day! Take a moment to think about those that made the ultimate sacrifice. #HTTC

Been busy all day, what a great thing to see when I open this app up! GG @RetroCoachTuck! You’ll get yours, god knows I’ve lost my fair share as well. #HTTC…

Calling all Hampton Roads, VA Commanders Fans! Join the 21st #The54th #HTTC

Tweeting at the @Commanders everyday until they follow me... Day 1,100 Some of the best shots from the recent Commanders offseason workouts… #WashingtonCommanders #HTTC #Commanders #TakeCommand #Day1100 1️⃣1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

A big birthday shoutout to @RickDocWalker!! Thanks for everything you do for the fans everyday, but today is your day! Enjoy, pal! ♥️🎂🎈🎉🥳 #HTTC 😎

Any time I get to tell people what an amazing fan base and community we have I’ll do it …. #HTTC…

Alright @1TimMurray and @kevinsheehanDC I’m heading out to Red Rock tomorrow morning from Rancho Cucamonga. Let me know if Neighbor Nick has any plays for tomorrow so I can go opposite of Nick. Thanks in advance. #HTTC

With Bieniemy I expect WSH to much more proficient in the pass game 1st or 2nd half #HTTC #Commanders…

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