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🚲Connecting to the Keddy Access Trail🚲 This route should be a bicycle boulevard. Even with the eventual extension of the Keddy Trail to Mohawk College, we still need to upgrade this route for cyclists who do not feel safe on West 5th St. #HamOnt WATCH

I guess this little one was told the story about why did the chicken cross the road. But didn't know that the road he was crossing had a lot of Transport trucks. So I got him to safety and #HamOnt Animal control is taking him to a safe place. See you in the skies Junior.

Thursday, June 29, 2023, 7:30 pm - Burlington Performing Arts Centre - Burlington Welsh Male Chorus presents an evening of poetry and song as we celebrate the life and times of Dylan Thomas. #burlington #hamont #dundas #oakville #burlingtonPAC

Get your tickets THIS WEEK! Remember @AndiamoItalian food truck will be there! Contact: @lukayacafe 592 Upper Wellington St 905-383-2533 Or @realtynetwork100 431 Concession St 905-541-8820 #HPRamsReunite2023 #OnceARamAlwaysARam #HillParkSecondarySchool #HamOnt #HamiltonOntario

With my recent mobility issues, I am trying to stay ahead of the game and have recently been gifted the most WONDERFUL bicycle to help with my journey(s).. Now, my question is, does anyone in #HamOnt know a place to acquire a helmet and a lock for a discounted price?

Two tenants were shot and killed by their landlord for complaining about safety issues throughout the residence, and this is the deplorables response. Vile. #HamOnt…

Someone should point out to Councilor #JohnPaulDanko that this, too, is a consequence of the housing crisis. People are forced to remain in dangerous and uncomfortable situations because there are so few options. #HamOnt…

Reminder ‼️ Yoga On The Field Join us on #TimHortonsField for #SummerSolstice June 21st at 8pm 🧘 Link for yoga + #Ticats game ticket.… DM for #Yoga only! #HamOnt

Will say this every day until it happens... we have to demand our leaders take the #ClimateEmergency seriously. Storms and wildfires in Canada such as #Tantallon are just getting more frequent and intense. (I know, now is not the time to bring this up.) #HamOnt…

Hamilton Weather forecast - Sunny tomorrow with a high of 21°C and a low of 12°C. #HamOnt #HTwx

Commuting back to #HamOnt from @2023Bethune in Toronto. Made a pit-stop to pick up 👧🏻 from the grandparents’. The reality of having both of us attend a conference all weekend = must find alternate childcare (🧵1/4)

Beyond proud to be governance volunteer with ⁦⁦@GoodShepherdHam⁩ - who work relentlessly to create new housing solutions for all people in #HamOnt Dozens of geared-to-income apartments open for women, non-binary and Indigenous residents |CBC News…

The city issued tresspass notices to people in an encampment near Hamilton city hall last week. However, with no plan to deal with the homelessness crisis and no available shelter space, it's unclear where people would go, @TeviahMoro reports #HamOnt

Had an elderly family member spend 18 hours at the Hamilton General Hospital ER last night. One doctor, not enough nurses - this is public healthcare under @fordnation & it's a disgrace. The staff were incredibly kind but also incredibly overworked. Ford is failing us. #HamOnt

Louder for those in the back, and for Fuckface McGroin down below: The #HamOnt police told @CBCHamilton that killing of this Gen-Z couple did not involve "a missed rental payment."…

Bo comes as advertised: 10 thoughts on Hamilton’s preseason win over the Argos Via @JoshSmith_82… #CFL #Ticats #HamOnt

Trevor McIsaac’s children, their mother and a roommate died during a townhouse fire he managed to escape. He told Hamilton Spectator reporter @katejmccullough about those final moments and his family’s struggles #HamOnt

#Ontario Twitter has gone full on Mao today and here for it 🤣 #HamOnt

Meanwhile Hamilton reduced it's Sunday library availability when Red Hill lost Sunday hours. Only 3 of Hamiltons 22 branches are open Sundays - Central, Dundas & Turner Park. We need more branches open Sundays too @JoeyColeman in case you didn't know about Red Hill #HPL #HamOnt…

What in the actual fuck is up with all the "poor landlord" takes after this double homicide in #HamOnt?! Murder bad, people.

@EgoBabcock I'm currently renovating an apartment in the northeast end of #HamOnt $30k worth of damage before the landlord can rent it again All appliances were removed and sold for scrap by the tenants If the city wants to force a VUT, IMO it has to assume some responsibility for damage

James Tucker was heading down the Linc to make a delivery Tuesday when he saw "a motorcycle in the air.” The 39-year-old pulled his truck over and ran across the Hamilton parkway to help, @fallonhewitt_ reports #HamOnt

Tomorrow: Not as warm but pleasant with plenty of sunshine. High 22C. Winds NE 20-45 km/h. #HamOnt

Tonight: Clear. Low 13C. Winds N 10-25 km/h. #HamOnt

Need some help finding a job, or working on your networking skills? Join our free in-person networking group that meets Mondays at 9:30am in #HamOnt and #Halton to share job leads, and help you with your job seeking and networking skills:… #BurlOn #Oakville

I tweeted this just yesterday after going through some really batshit landlord fascism on the interwebs #HamOnt…

@MikeBearder @EgoBabcock Tolerated. That’s the kind of women Babcock is. It was painful to listen to her cackle every time she came into the resto I worked at years ago. Her narcissistic approach got plenty of laughs from women in the bar industry. #HamOnt

Flashbacks | “There was a lot of uncertainty and fear,” but most members of the St. Paul’s Presbyterian congregation have come to accept the supervised drug use site, Mark McNeil writes #HamOnt

Dreaming of critical mass down Main St in #hamont but I suspect it's too spicy for the local biking crowd or it would already be a thing…

The Stoney Creek home that was the site of a double homicide and shootout with police is owned by Terry Brekka. Neither the police or SIU have identified the suspect, however, a neighbour said Brekka was living in the house, @fallonhewitt_ reports #HamOnt

@MikeBearder @EgoBabcock Then driving on suspension and blaming it on racism when the police called him out on it. The NDP supporters down the mountain on here are truly a disease to decent society. #HamOnt

This double homicide revealing all kinds of brokenness in #HamOnt. On the one side, comments like "Tenants are deadbeats, not surprised this happened". On the other, HPS saying victims "were not known to police" and were therefore "truly innocent victims". What's wrong with us.

At the scene of the shooting, I saw the family member of one of the victims run toward the police barrier shouting and crying about their loved one having been shot and killed. This was a horrific tragedy - bar none. #HamOnt…

Me: "Mich! There's a giant inflatable toilet at Gage Park!" My wife: "...No." (sighs audibly) #HamOnt

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