Top Tweets for #HappySchoolCounselingWeek

@lumarid @TatisTCS ONE DAY !! I was looking everywhere 🕵️‍♂️ Keep on being the BEST over there, we’ll see each other soon #HappySchoolCounselingWeek

How has a school counselor helped you? Ours are making a difference each and every day! Thank you for all you do for our students! #Happyschoolcounselingweek #BeBold #WaterlooProud

These wonderful people are rock stars for our students! Thank you for all you do for our students and staff! We have 33 counselors in the district with a combined total of almost 300 years of service! #HappySchoolCounselingWeek #BeBOLD #BeYOU

Thank you to the best group of counselors in the world!! Thank you @CounselWarriors for all you do for @RiverdaleHighTN! #HappySchoolCounselingWeek

My family may joke that I give kids snacks and make TikToks for my job, but they also know I do really important work every day! Shoutout to the people that answer the phone after a long day ❤️ #HappySchoolCounselingWeek

We’ve enjoyed celebrating our Counselors and P & I Specialist this week…. The support they provide our students is beyond invaluable… #HappySchoolCounselingWeek

Happy School Counseling Week to our leaders! Mrs. Zani served 3 years as an Elementary School Counselor before becoming an administrator and Ms. Garcia served as Executive Director at the nonprofit CASA. Both still counselors at heart! ❤ #MyIrvingISD #HappySchoolCounselingWeek

It’s #HappySchoolCounselingWeek. #NSCW22 School counselors are needed now more than ever. In honor of all their important work, I’d like to give these books to a school counselor. Retweet & comment if you’re a school counselor through Friday Feb 11. US only Thanks for all you do!

Happy National School Counseling week to our two amazing counselors Ms. Hall and Ms. Gallagher. We are so fortunate to have them serving our EV students and families! #TogetherWeSoar #HappySchoolCounselingWeek @PrincipalIyer @EagleViewES

Our Little 🦁’s are so fortunate to have our amazing school counselor Ms. Weber advocating for them in Our Southgate. #happyschoolcounselingweek

Thank you Ms. Elam for everything you do for our Memorial family every single day! #HappySchoolCounselingWeek…

Presenting... @MSCA_MD Administrator of the Year Allison Seymour @SeymourTeach !!Congrats 🎉🎊- What an amazing and well-warranted honor!! @PikesvilleHS #NSCW2020 #HappySchoolCounselingWeek @BCPScounseling @CbyersChristina

@GCSchoolsNC students graduate and enlist in the military, attend community and state colleges & universities, are accepted into ivy league schools & the nation's military academies. This is in no small part because of our outstanding school counselors! #HappySchoolCounselingWeek

#grateful for our @CatenaColts school counselor(s) Mrs. Jessica Amato & @JJCS_Guidance! They help us to be #catenastrong and teach us to fly each and every day! #jjcsfly1920 #FTS4RKids @JJCsupervisor #happyschoolcounselingweek Join us in sharing our thanks this week!

Thank you to all of our wonderful school counselors! Take a moment to watch the video to find out more about their day-to-day work, why they love their jobs, and how they make a positive impact on our students! #WeareFHSD #HappySchoolCounselingWeek

When your work friends know you favorites and wish you a Happy School Counseling week! Love !!! #BES #happyschoolcounselingweek

We are fortunate have dedicated and compassionate Guidance Counselors and School Social Workers in Simpson County Schools! Join me in thanking them for all they do for students, families and our schools! #HappySchoolCounselingWeek #WeAreFS

Our awesome high school counselors are learning about how to use Twitter for prof development and getting info out to students and parents! @BoucherLauren #happyschoolcounselingweek

#HappySchoolCounselingWeek! @ASCAtweets Thanks for all of your work with America's children and families! Have an outstanding week!

RT: liv_berto: RT HMHSCounseling: Mr. Holman tells us why he ❤️s being a Counselor #HappySchoolCounselingWeek

RT: HaddonfieldHS: RT HMHSCounseling: Mr. Holman tells us why he ❤️s being a Counselor

Ms. Dorfman taking a minute to tell us why she loves her role as a school counselor #HappySchoolCounselingWeek

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