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Has anyone noticed that #HarryandMeghan seem to have a professional photographer there permanently to capture ever personal & private moment doesn’t that seem really peculiar to you? It does to me - odd odd odd!

@TudorChick1501 If #HarryandMeghan @netflix docu series threatens @RoyalFamily then the monarchy needs to be abolished.

#HarryandMeghan I try to teach my kids to take responsibility for their own shit.

Harry & Meghan film is high stakes for former royals – and for Netflix. Read more to the link below👇… #digitalmore #Pakistan #Netflix #RoyalsFamily #HarryandMeghan

Can 2 people who live thousands of miles away destroy anything in the UK? Of course not but continuously making this front page news distracts from the free loading pegging, adulterous peadophiles that we pay for in the Royal family. F Off #RacistRoyals #HarryandMeghan…

@MailOnline For a press & ppl that claim #HarryandMeghan are being selfish etc you sure love having them on your front of & as your header

Anyone still attacking Meghan after what we’ve learned this week are part of the far right group this man is talking about and want Meghan harmed or worse, fact #Please #Stormzy #HarryandMeghan #LeaveThemAlone……

@TheView They are both rich enough & attractive enough to live their best lives, yet they can’t stop whinging about the royal family, ever since the Queen told them NO! They can’t use their royal status to make money. They wanted out. They got out. Please #HarryandMeghan just move on.

Should anything happen to #HarryandMeghan or their children, there is evidence, interviews, documentaries, and witnesses dated since Meghan met Harry, so there will be a murder Trial, since they let Diana's look like an accident

@royal_suitor So when you cry and kiss with your husband you always need a good photographer? They look insane. #HarryandMeghan

“When the stakes are this high does it not make sense to hear our story from us?” I feel this is is all I’ve been hearing!!! #HarryandMeghan #NeedyandGreedy…

@holland_tom think @mrjamesob put it perfectly yesterday #HarryandMeghan are the better fairy tale, thats why they are more popular abroad and face the abuse they do here

The royal family are getting scared. Harry’s book the Netflix program. Harry and Meghan are not afraid of the royal family. They not afraid to expose them and tell the truth. #HarryandMeghan #AbolishTheMonarchy #theroyalfamily

William and Kate are in America and did they invite Harry and Meghan to join them? Did they arrange to see his brother and his wife? No they didn't. So they snubbed Harry and Meghan. Not surprised #HarryandMeghan decided to show they still existed by the Netflix trailer.

@sophielouisecc Oh Sophie, you sad, jealous little human. Without #HarryandMeghan, most of the hacks in this Country, including you, won't earn any money. You'll all be irrelevant. You need them to attract your cult of haters. That's why you mention them every single day.

#HarryandMeghan I wonder if the documentary addresses the alleged bullying of staff by Meghan?

@richardaeden @mailplus The public need to make it clear to #KingCharles that there is no way back for #HarryandMeghan

@Phneshamarchett I hope they will take challenging questions about their documentary, not the complicit soft questioning from Oprah #HarryandMeghan

Can’t stop laughing at #Meghan - "when the stakes are this high... Like she's talking about the Greek Economic Crisis. #HarryandMeghan

The TRUTH about the toxic RF, media and the hate towards Meghan and Harry. James O'Brien nails it in 7 minutes. #RacistRoyals #MediaScum #HarryandMeghan 💕#Meghan #Harry…

@sophielouisecc The only people crying about #HarryandMeghan 's " privileged life" are people like you.....

There's a 99.9% likelihood that @KensingtonPalace paid for this bot w/taxpayer $ so if you're cold/hungry/sick, just know that PRINCESS KATHERINE used ur $ on something much more important, self promotion and disparaging #HarryandMeghan in the twitter comments of a Yahoo article…

✈️ Leaves the country for more privacy 📺 Does a TV interview watched by 12.4m in UK on wanting more privacy 🎙️ Signs $25m podcast deal to tell people again he wants more privacy 👀 Signs $100m deal to document to millions of people how private he wants to be #HarryandMeghan

Gertrude had me crying in my coffee. You can escape the truth. And I want Harry and Meghan to burn down that evil establishment to the ground #HarryandMeghan…

And everybody knows it. Meghan has been an advocate for doing the right thing since childhood. #MeghanTheDuchessOfSussexInspires #HarryAndMeghan…

#MeghanMarkIe #HarryandMeghan @netflix Just get on with it. You must be running out of material as you have been out of Royal circles for ages. Bloody Disgraceful you aired your Netflix Promo when Kate & William were in the USA. @KensingtonRoyal @RoyalFamily

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