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The wisdom teeth on both side of my mouth are moving. The pain I am in rn is bad. I am tired, sleep deprived, uncomfortable, over worked, underpaid, in the sewers, I’m a celebrity get me out of here. #imaceleb #wisdomteerh #netflix #iwanttobeasleeprightnow

@bmay I love how all the responses show that the left manipulated the results so it would go in their favour. Typical and something to be proud of. So in other words #matthancock really won 😆 #ImACeleb

So @RishiSunak, since we're all about 'the will of the people' in this country, let's see justice done finally and lock up that philandering pensioner killer @MattHancock, who I'm sure you won't just allow to get away with his crimes, right? #MattHanock #ImACeleb #ToryCriminals…

.@thetalentguru #ImaCeleb #ImaACelebrity #MattHancock #FacesOfCovid #LongCovid #VIPLane #PPEContracts #Dyslexia Matt Hancock was 4TH and this is why I have no pity for a TORY voting working class person or someone who suffers after voting tory and regrets it after. YOU KNOW🗳️🤬!…

2am. Still got 3x episodes of #ImACeleb to watch.

Jill Scott returning to coffee shop job next week despite winning #ImACeleb…

Obviously it's finished, I know who's won, but catching up on I'm a celeb watching Matt do every trial, getting repetitive and boring. I feel they have to change the rules on public voting as it's the same every time, happens every year with one celeb getting all trials #ImACeleb

I thank you from the bottom of my heart sir, I can't thank you enough for your help,you're nothing less than a blessing from God.I'm so grateful for this great winning sir,@Fixed888 #Switzerland #Cameroon #ImACeleb #CyberMonday #BRASUI #DreamersbyJungkook #RedVelvet #Portugal

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