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If by #jimjordanisstupid you mean @Jim_Jordan is a pedophile protecting #seditionist #traitor, actively destroying our democracy to keep his seat at the table, then yes. I support this. #jimjordanisstupid #JimJordanProtectsPedos #JimJordanCommittedTreason #GOPTraitors…

Former RNC chairman to Jim Jordan on Jan. 6: 'You know, b****, what time you called the president' - Washington Examiner… via @googlenews #JimJordanisstupid #JimJordan

@Jim_Jordan You pick and choose when to blame your President. Where was all this tough talk when Trump was in power, and downplayed the seriousness? “#It’s going to be gone by Easter.” #jimjordanisstupid

Don Lemon on Jim Jordan: Does this guy seem nervous to you? via @YouTube #GymJordan #JimJordanIsStupid #GOPBetrayedAmerica Jim Jordan Embarrassing #Ohio every time he opens his big stumbling mouth

@MichaelSteele You used to drive me nuts when you were working for the Republicans. Now you give us all hope! 😂 #JimJordanIsStupid

@Jim_Jordan #GymJordan #JimJordanKnew #JimJordanIsStupid Jim Jordan: - said he didn’t know about sexual misconduct. He did.

Gym Jordan knows when he talked to TFG on Jan 6th. Just like he knew the Ohio State wrestlers were getting molested. #GymJordan #JimJordanIsStupid #JimJordanKnew

@JoDunlap12 Lol. #JimJordanIsStupid went straight-up Porky Pig with his homina, homina, homina response. 🤣🤣🤣#JimJordanKnew

Former RNC chair to Jim Jordan on Jan. 6: 'You know, b****, what time you called the president'… That SOB knows when he called Insurrection Trump on 1/6/21. #JimJordanIsStupid, so stupid that he thinks people will believe his lies. He "no's" he's N hot H2O.

I am so here for @Jim_Jordan being called a son of a b**ch! I salute you @MichaelSteele! Watching this on repeat! #JimJordanIsStupid…

Number 1 on @Twitter today….#Jamaica sweeping the medals in the women’s 100m Finals at @Tokyo2020 Number 2 on @Twitter today…#MichaelSteele letting you all know that #JimJordanIsStupid…

@LouGarza86 If his memory is this bad he shouldn’t be in Congress among many many more reasons. #GOPTraitors #JimJordanIsStupid

OMG I’m dying!! I used to think @MichaelSteele was a crazy GOP guy back in the day, but I love his truthiness now! I enjoy him whenever he’s on @DeadlineWH He was a great comfort before the 2020 election was called for Biden. #JimJordanIsStupid #MichaelSteele…

@Roshan_Rinaldi @ProtectStudents After they #SubpoenaJimJordan he'll have to check his notes and get his memory back. #JimJordanIsStupid and underestimates the intelligence of the Jan 6 commission, as well as the American people.

I love @MichaelSteele so much but this clip is by far, my FAVORITE!!! @MSNBC Please continue to use Michael as a guest anchor because he is amazing and that smile?! Oi! #JimJordanIsStupid…

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