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I tried to watch #KarenonBET but after living in predominantly white neighborhoods for over half my life, it was way too triggering 😆…and it reminds me why I despise HOAs

Who else saw or watched #KarenonBET ... This Bish is crayyyyy and definitely what we African american or of color experience in & around our communities !! #Racism #BLM

#KarenOnBet Karen on BET is a must watch movie 🎬..

No Corey didn’t say we have love! Chile kids ain’t free! Broke folks always wanna procreate #KarenOnBET

Her and this “comply” word is making me mad #KarenonBET

“Slaving away in the kitchen.” Oh I’m mad! #KarenonBET

Why are y’all still talking to this woman, let alone letting her in your home?! #KarenonBET

That’s the same dude from the restaurant #KarenonBET

Just like a Karen, try to get you fined by the HOA and then try and be friends. #KarenonBET

Soooooo Long story short Karen Civil is a new aged Pebbles? #KarenonBET #karensgonewild #Karenstrikesagain

Plot twist: I bet Karen is gonna throw it at him. The cooch that is. #KarenonBET

Tia’s husband is being most patient with this bitch #KarenonBET

Wow she really got them kicked out the restaurant #KarenonBET

This #KarenonBET movie is annoying me. It’s becoming hard to finish. Maybe Bc it’s so true… seeing it play out on TV for 2.5hrs is a bit much.

@coryhardrict every project I see you in no matter it’s acclaim your acting is! I would love to see you in more projects! Love your beautiful family as well. #KarenonBET #karenmovie

I Wish ah Karen Would! Fitted T-Shirt LOL, I ran across this 2day and thort "How Fitting" #Karensgonewild #KarenonBET #Karen #Karens #Walmart #Karenmemes #memesdaily #MemeContest #Florida #GOP #Republicans #DrFauci #Trump2024 #Trump #FoxNews #Texas…

Silence is compliance #KarenonBET Yeah I'm up at this hour. Nope not a graveyard work shift. And another Thang, BtW Hold on that hold on that 🤣🤐 @NICKIMINAJ

The black couple on this show are dumb as hell. Why would he go into that woman’s house? Why would she invite Karen to her housewarming. #KarenOnBET

Husband spent wayyy too much time talking to her. Now we gettin unrealistic. #KarenonBET

This movie just got worse. Karen trying to cop a field with the black man. This too much lol #KarenonBET

This black dude is telling Karen way too much info. karen need to mind her business #KarenonBET

Is this Karen movie suppose to be scary because I’m quite amused by it so far ? #KarenonBET

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