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Hi fam🥰 I’m sooo happy to be in @katokrew today, aww 🥹🎉🎉🎉 And I'm going to mint new drop, so I'm in such a mood today 🎉🌟😂 #KatoKrew

Bought these dope editions today from our amazing #KatoKrew artists🔥🔥 💜@_Ms_Mary_ 💜@Dariella_art 💜@PMart_ist We’re also grateful to those who collected art from @katokrew thus giving us an opportunity to support our talented #WomenInNFTs 🙏 @KnownOrigin_io @opensea

OH MY GOD!! I’m in @katokrew Fam 🥹❤️❤️ Love you All my dear friends!! This is the new begging!! And I’m sooo happy to be a part of your family now😭💖💖 #katokrew

I’ve just put up an application to @KnownOrigin_io Hoping for the positive reply🤞🏻 #NABU #KatoKrew

GN FAM 🔥 NEW DROP ALERT 🔥 first animation piece 🔥 “Xanthaus’ Shout” reserve price 0.25 Ξ 1/1 🩸the anguish of the living is incomprehensible to the dead 🩸 #NFTCommunity | #NABU | #KatoKrew

What a day!! Thank you everyone for support my live auction fam!!! Happy I have you all in my life!❤️❤️❤️❤️ Gn 🖤🔥⚡️🤗 #KatoKrew #MJuventa

Omg!!! I can’t believe this!!💜🥺@katokrew collected Pink & Purple World #98😭😍 Thank you so much @RealKatoOG for your support💜💜🙏🏻😍 I’m sooo happy!!!✨✨💜 Now there are 💓46 owners 💓67/130 collected!! #KatoKrew

Hi #NFTCommunity! Here are some of my artworks as NFT. I paint both digitally and physically. For more artworks, u can visit my profile through the link below or in my bio. Hope u enjoy💥 #NFT #KatoKrew

Late gm fam 💜 Just bought another edition from our #KatoKrew fam @Thita_style 🔥🥵 Yes Im obsessed with her works. They are amazing and i love cats lol Our fam is super talented. Go check out her art, it`s super beautiful with a lot of details 🔥 LFG💜

Good night fam 🫶 “Rain” 🌧 ☔️ Pain is like rain, it seems depressing, but it always leads to light and growth. 0.04 ETH 7/11 editions Link 👇🏻 #KatoKrew @katokrew

I did it too❤️❤️❤️ my own Eth domain!! Super cool! And @ethdotco did really amazing job with this super easy to use platform😍❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 #katokrew #nabu #ethdotco

No matter how much hard my life is now, I'm going through it with smile on my face 😌 And it's so nice to always have opportunity to come here, to my Web 3 fam and to feel your support and love❤️ Thank you for that! GN✨ #katokrew #NABU

There is beauty within the Obscure 👁️ My only available 1/1 On @foundation #NABU #KatoKrew

My 2 editions were Sold ✨ I'm hesitating if I should make an edition. Will it turn out well? And of course, no matter what I do They have always supported me first. and I would like to say Thanks for your love and trust in myself @TexKap523 @sandyme0ws 🫶🏻💙 #KatoKrew

Omggg whatt!!!😍💓@Christine_Clue just collected Pink & Purple World #103 in #NABU space @bavugar @sharafi_eth!!! This is the 4th Si Si collects from my collection🥲💓Thank you so much Si Si boo🙏🏻🥺 I am forever thankful!!!💓 love you💓💓💓 #KatoKrew

Good Nite 🌙 today was a tiring day and insomnia affected me a lot 🥹 so it's time for some rest, i love you guys ❤️‍🔥 -don't forget to check out my works before going to sleep 🚀 #NABU | #KatoKrew | #NFTCommunity

GE Fam~🤍🐰 I am very tired today, working 🫡 I hope you are feeling well. tell me, do you see this post? I feel like my posts don't show up in anyone's feed and I am a little worried... (I like my last drawing very much) #NFTFam #KatoKrew

Good evening, dear NFT family ♥️ Please definitely check my Foundation collections: ✅ My Abstract Wonderland (digital only) ✅ NFTwear (unique, self-made scarfs incl. physicals) ✅ MonAcrylics (NFT + original canvas) AND: 🚨live auction🚨👀 #KatoKrew

❤️‍🔥3 editions SOLD❤️‍🔥 OMggg😍thanks to dear @arab_eth for collecting "LISA" from my collection on @KnownOrigin_io It’s my honor to see my art in your collection ❤️ ✅available -Still 2 editions -0.03 $ETH -Link👇🏻 Oh who will be the collectors 👀🔥 #KatoKrew

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