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#MSNBC @thomcat23tweets Don’t worry about the vaccine if you’re inoculated with whataboutism. #morningjoe #LSSC #BlackLivesMatter

RT Don’t worry about the vaccine if you’re inoculated with whataboutism. #morningjoe #LSSC #nbcnews #cnbc

.@cthagod previews the next episode of @cthashow and it’s aimed at cowards in Congress. #LSSC

A guy who has allegations against him, which have spread on social media, preaching about how we should all disconnect.… …seems about right. #lssc

Charla what you doing on my boys show😂 #LSSC Wait you executive produce it Stephen? Ok cool

I'm not sure I want to know what this "butter trick" is #LSSC

“We’re a threeway bromance.” - @Nick_Offerman on his friendship with @JeffTweedy and writer George Saunders. 😂 #LSSC

#meanwhile it’s Time to mute this over-intellectualizing douche again. #lssc

We've had our first "boning koalas" #LSSC And it's still only Tuesday

I have had to take a distinctly irked tone with Alexa #LSSC Now,whenever I later ask for the Time,she replies with a distinctly irked tone

Washington State Football Coach Nick Rolovich was fired for refusing the vaccine. Because it’s sports, they fired him out of a t-shirt cannon. #LSSC

"Ample Frontbutt" #LSSC Didn't we all have that Stripper Name in College?

The audience cheering for antivaxxers getting fired? Inject it in my veins. #LSSC

Global supply chain problems are leading to empty shelves at grocery stores. It’s so bad that Whole Foods had to change their name. #LSSC

The Late Show is starting in 5 minutes and we have a message about helmets. #LSSC

Bestselling author @cthagod hosts @cthashow every Friday night on @ComedyCentral and he’ll return to The Late Show tonight! #LSSC

We welcome actor, comedian and author @Nick_Offerman back to The Late Show tonight! #LSSC

On #LSSC tonight: Franzia has something to say about the wine bottle shortage.

Turns out that being a woo girl prepares you for your highest calling - a member of a live studio audience. Amazing amazing birthday experience #LSSC

TONIGHT: @Nick_Offerman sits down with Stephen to talk about his new book “Where the Deer and the Antelope Play: The Pastoral Observations of One Ignorant American Who Loves to Walk Outside,” followed by an interview with @cthashow's @cthagod! #LSSC

Colbert monologue was perfection last night 😆😆😆😆😆😆 #LSSC

Rep. Adam Schiff discusses how many GOP members are scared to get thrown “overboard” if they take a stand against the former President. #LSSC

@StephenAtHome, @colbertlateshow, #LSSC, HOW DARE you poo-poo the chops of the likes of Her Goopiness @GwynethPaltrow. Why, it's my understanding that Ms. Paltrow is to be nominated for the @TheAcademy's first "Academy Reward" next year. Turn her in BEFORE she nets her next >>

@colbertlateshow @KaceyMusgraves @colbertlateshow Well this was a beautiful performances of @KaceyMusgraves from last night at the @latelateshow this was a wonderful night at #LSSC 😍

.@RepAdamSchiff on holding Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress: “We’re going after him.” #LSSC…

@DebbieG68107721 @BBCWorld Breaking Kanye West officially changes his name to #Ye as in "Hear Ye, Hear Ye"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #BlackLivesMatter #Kanye #msnbc #TheSquad @RepAOC #LSSC

#Colbert 😃 Asks @RepAdamSchiff 🔊 'Was there a pp tape' ??😂🤣🔊 #LSSC VankaPro☀️🌊🌊🌊…

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