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In my experience, the students who access and engage with recorded lectures tend to be those who already engage synchronously and in-person. #HigherEd #HigherEducation #LTHEchat #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter…

Just read a piece in the @theRSAorg journal & it referred to #LearningStyles. Shudder. 😖🫣 Will that theory ever die? #DieLearningStylesDie I am now fearful, however that #AI & the potential of ‘personalised learning’ will see a rebirth for learning styles. 😭 #loveLD #LTHEchat

#LTHEchat 260: Wellbeing, academic kindness, and social cure: paying it forward, led by Professor Julie Hulme @JulieH_Psyc See: for some ideas to spark off the chat. Questions will be released starting at 8pm on Wednesday March 22. Please join us!

Interesting to see the #MicrosoftEdge update featuring Bing, #BingChat, Compose & Insights as side panels. Already @Microsoft is delivering its promise to integrate #AI everywhere at the point of need. Compose can insert what it generates straight into the webpage: #LTHEchat

Thanks for the name drop in your episode @Dr_TimP/ @DrCDArmstrong, but larger thanks to you for letting @HullUni_Library reproduce & tweak your work on #FeedbackLiteracy: #loveLD #LTHEchat #Feedback #Assessment #HigherEd…

‘It is the easiest thing to do’: university students’ perspectives on the role of lecture recording in promoting inclusive education in the UK By Yuchen Wang… #HigherEd #HigherEducation #LTHEchat #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #StudentVoice #Inclusion

This is great to see. I hope other universities follow suit. AI is very much here to stay - and the pace of this development ultimately focuses the hand. #HigherEd #loveLD #LTHEchat #AI #OpenAI #ArtificialIntelligence…

#LTHEchat 260 coming up on Wednesday March 22 20.00-21.00. Wellbeing, academic kindness, and social cure: paying it forward, led by Professor Julie Hulme @JulieH_Psyc Blog introducing the chat here:

@LTHEchat Q6: #Lthechat prepare students to work alongside #ChatGPT - learn how to critically evaluate its responses

#SaveTheDate 22 March.m. 8-9pm GMT #LTHEchat sector wide tweetchat. Contribute and/or review during the hour live or anytime afterwards.…

Very much looking forward to this week’s #LTHEchat, on ‘Well-being, academic kindness & social cure - paying it forward’. How can we build a kinder #HigherEducation sector? Link to my blog post below! Thanks @LTHEchat for this opportunity.…

#LTHEchat 260: Wellbeing, academic kindness, and social cure: paying it forward, led by Professor Julie Hulme @JulieH_Psyc…

Full disclosure, I pushed '#Take5' to the limit, & this might be more like a take 15. Maybe you deserve an extended coffee break to read this 😉:… #loveLD #AI #ChatGTP #GTP4 #OpenAI #HigherEd #LTHEchat #FridayVibes (😆) #ArtificalIntelligence #University

A5 aren't Jisc organising a university licence version so all students get equal access? Like the old CHEST deals? #LTHEchat…

@DrLancaster @DrEllieDavison @ProfDcotton @RacePhil @Puiyin @LTHEchat @ReubenShipway I wonder how students would feel about being graded by a machine? Sometimes see complaints that their (human, teacher-generated) feedback isn't 'personal' enough, e.g. if it uses rubric or comment bank #LTHEchat

@richdron @LTHEchat @ProfDcotton @ReubenShipway I think #ChatGPT can be very helpful to non-native speakers - one student told me he uses it to explain difficult passages when reading. It's also very good at proofreading and quite good at explaining language errors #LTHEchat

Thrilled to have my #Take5 out today. What does #AI mean for Learning Development? #loveLD #LTHEchat #HigherEd…

What does GTP-X know about our #Tweets? Following last night's #LTHEchat & some tweets with @S_J_Lancaster, @ProfSallyBrown & @RacePhil, I asked #GTP4 to tweet as Sally & Phil (🙊🙈Sorry!). It actually complied. #ChatGTP #AI #Prompts Today's experiment:…

@LeeFallin Even with free tools, I find many students don't know how to make the most of them, e.g. customise proofing options in MS Word #LTHEchat

@LTHEchat A4 to learner's master software development patterns and practices with Virtual Coding Assistant like GitHub Copilot asking the questions or queries in the most effective way to get the best instruction or assistance. #LTHEchat

Interesting twitter chat which you can look back on via the #lthechat hashtag from last night 👇…

@LTHEchat A6. I think it will really draw out quite philosophical discussions about whether academia still aligns to the basic principles of knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination. The former may be up for debate if the creator is a mixture between human and AI generation #LTHEchat

@LTHEchat A4. From a work-life balance perspective, I don't think it's a bad thing for something like this to illuminate the areas where efficiency can be achieved so work time is spent doing more fulfilling and useful activities #Lthechat

@LTHEchat @ProfDcotton @ReubenShipway A3. Critical, persuasive arguments I think would be more of a challenge for it. From the samples I have seen on topics related to the things my students typically write essays on, the lack of criticality is blatantly obvious #lthechat

@LTHEchat A2. Some really good points made already. I worry that if it is being used to source information/literature, it will perpetuate the already existing biases and under represent those authors and work which is already under represented #LTHEchat

@iLearningUK That major academic integrity checking service/plagiarism detector must be frantically testing things right now 🤣😂😅 #LTHEchat

@suebecks @RacePhil @S_J_Lancaster @ProfSallyBrown It’s surprising. I might interview #GTP4 about me and blog it. It’s kinda creepy and amusing at the same time. #LTHEchat.

@beilinglaoshi @RacePhil @S_J_Lancaster @ProfSallyBrown I’ve certainly had a lot of fun with it. My go to is always getting #ChatGTP to retell classical nursery stories from different philosophical perspectives. Neoliberal Cinderella, Lefebvrean Little Red Riding Hood and Marxist Goldilocks + three bears. #LTHEchat

@LTHEchat @ProfDcotton @ReubenShipway A1 As a PT student it doesn't offer me anything useful; going through the process of searching for and selecting information and then formulating my response is the learning for me #LTHEchat #ChatGPT

@LTHEchat @ProfDcotton @ReubenShipway A3 It is built to do a certain job: generate text to a prompt. We'll make progress on assessments once we stop asking students to do the same thing. Start assessing process not product (or at least not product alone). #LTHEchat #ChatGPT

@ProfDcotton 👆🏼 @EnglishOER welcomes suggestions for additional resources #LTHEchat

Have any other #LTHEchat peeps had chance to give #GTP4 a spin. What are your thoughts? Very in topic for tonight’s chat!…

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