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This is part of a video one of our players shared with our team. Be curious. Serve and inspire others. Don’t limit your dreams. This is Braden River Girls Basketball. #LiftHerUp

I want to share a GREAT Twitter experience: I engaged in @ArleneDickinson ‘s thread via my hockey apparel business Twitter account and several wonderful people connected with me! It takes very little effort to do what she did with her reach ❤️ #DoGood #LiftHerUp @FierceHkyGirls…

NEVER compromise your beliefs/principles for short term results or outcomes! #LiftHerUp

When women support each other, incredible things happen. 💐💛💐💛💐💛💐💛💐💛💐 #WomenEmpoweringWomen #LiftHerUp #SmartWorks #MeghanMarkle #DuchessOfSussex #DuchessMeghan 💐💛💐💛💐💛💐💛💐💛💐…

Thank you @MGHLHurricanes for allowing me to bring our girls & women-centric #HockeyBrand to your tourney! Shout out also to the friendly hockey people who dropped in to say “Hi”! #LiftHerUp #HockeyForAll #LifeFiercely…

In your hands is my destiny; rescue me from the clutches of my enemies and my persecutors. Save me, O Lord, in your kindness. Psalm 31:16, 17b SHALOM, Harry and Meghan. We get you covered with prayers on this First Sunday of Advent. #HarryAndMeghan #SussexSquad #LiftHerUp

#LiftHerUP In honor of #Archetypes , we’re partnering with @VINGproject , a national giving movement, to donate $1,000,000 in $1,000 grants to women who need to be uplifted. But we’re not the philanthropists — you are.…

@ArleneDickinson We are the FIERCE UNION and we have curated a collection of hockey lifestyle apparel for players/supporters of girls’ & women’s hockey, with a model that embraces unity & support of our sisters, and includes a charitable component #LiftHerUp #LiveFiercely

Have I already listened? Yes, at 5:00am, before my morning walk. What about you? Be sure you do and let’s be both human and kind. #MeghanMarkle #Archetypes #LiftHerUp…

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