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Look what we got! A special pie from @comfortpieorg for the birthday of Dr. King! Thanks to Rose McGee and @BreckSchool for the honor at the #MLK Day of Service recognizing the work of ABF!

This Quest for the Spirit #meditation lifts up Martin Luther King, Jr. as an example of loving your enemies. Explore it with your youth at #YMI #Youthministrylife #YDS #Youth #MLK @YaleDivSchool

The Loretto Committee for Peace, in honor of Dr. King and his dream of equality for all, takes actions that represent the Loretto Community and educates Loretto members and friends on important issues and steps we can take to make peace. Join us.… #MLK

“Oh, the uncomfortable silence as I read Dr. King’s words at a commemoration of Dr. King’s life when people had no idea that these were his words,” - Nikole Hannah-Jones #MLK

This tread from @nhannahjones is must read for anyone who only knows that one quote from Martin Luther King Jr. #MLK…

In case you missed Tuesday's episode of The Voice of Leadership, you can still listen to it here:… © 2022 TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC.® #MLK #IHaveADream #Leadership #LeadershipPodcast

Oh, and Meat Loaf died less than 3 weeks after his 3rd vaccine and one week after his first booster. Hmm.. #RIPMEATLOAF #MeatLoaf #fridayFeeling #mlk

@AbelCollado26 @badsisbad @TheBlackChannel @rihanna You keep referring to the smiling, that not the issue. Always trying to minimize something. Quit implying that his family is ok, I told you that the family isn't the topic, just #MLK and you guys want to throw digs at our icons. Why yall make fun of your culture & icons?

Our Beyond the Dream virtual speaker series—the first of its kind in our campus history—continues throughout January. Join us for free events celebrating the life, legacy, and leadership of #MLK. Learn more: Register:

What is going on with #MichaelBlackson and #Rihanna? You cannot disrespect the great Reverend Dr. #MartinLutherKingJr! And in other celebrity news, are #Monica and #Tiny no longer friends?... #GarysTea #Podcast #MLK

“History” wasn’t that long ago. If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Anne Frank were alive today, they would be younger than Betty White. May they all Rest In Peace! #history #mlk #racism #holocaust

I can’t wait for Artificial Intelligence #AI to try & comprehend some of these Humans “Intelligence” - “My Body My choice - but ONLY concerning masks/vaccines” “Say you Honor #MLK while disassembling his work” “Pro-Life yet Quick on the Draw, and Anti Universal Healthcare”

Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman Arrested at US Capitol During Voting Rights Protest -… A staged spectacle for a non-issue. Voting rights are #colorblind @RepBowman is disrespecting #MLK

Nearly 120 Husker volunteers packed 2,128 rice and bean meals this week as part of a service project honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #Nebraska #UNL #LNK #NUforNE #MLK @FoodBankLincoln

Earlier today, @educationUSF associate professor Dr. Ruthmae Sears participated as keynote speaker for this year's #MLK Commemorative Brunch, an event hosted by #USF's Office of Multicultural Affairs!

This week we have been learning about Martin Luther King to celebrate Martin Luther King Day 2022. At assembly, we showcased our work around his life and achievements and listened together to his famous 'I have a dream' speech. #MLK #MLKDay2022 #MLKDay #SEND #Wakefield

Bound Brook High School Interact Club and National Honor Society students prepared 150 bagged lunches for a local homeless shelter as part of #MLK Week of Service. Thank you to group advisors Cynthia D'Andrea and Lee Casperson for putting this together! #BoundtoAstound

As we continue to celebrate the bravery, authenticity & work of #MLK beyond this week, we are proud to share our organization's commitment to creating equitable environments, empowering voices, and providing safe spaces to explore & learn.…

Continuing the legacy of service: Councilmember @AndreaBooneNow joined Maximum Impact for a food distribution event in honor of #MLK. Other partners included @ACFB, the Rev. Dr. Gregory A. Sutton of Jackson Memorial Baptist Church, and @SecondHelpATL. More photos on IG 👇…

Join us tomorrow: @RealDarylDavis, Jeff Schoep & @SilencedMedia w/ special guest. Spiritual Dialogue Series: Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. #spiritual #dialogue #MLK #webinar #extremism #Unity #cve…

@HenryLouisGates @HodaAndJenna And while we're at it, let us tell the entire truth and shame the devil. When #MLK stated that "America was willing to undergird its 'white' peasants" @HenryLouisGates who do you think he was talking about, the ''white immigrants' or the slaves?

#Afterschool keeps dreams alive. Check out this amazing homage to #MLK from the students at PS 67 who made this great video at @LEAPNYC afterschool. #Afterschoolisessential💗

Why are voting rights something WeThePeople still are fighting for 🤔 Don't let all the hard work and sacrifices by activists like #MLK be in vain🙅🏾‍♂️ #GoWild #BringBackLiberty #WildstarForGov2022 #California #JoeBiden #MartinLutherKing #News

We know good always conquers evil in the end. Below, an impactful quote from #MLK…

@HenryLouisGates @HodaAndJenna You do the legacy of #MLK disservice. Stop watering down his legacy to support your capitulation to white supremacies lies about assimilation when it comes to those that descended from slavery. #ADOS Also, shame on you.

A much more inspiring and productive mindset than the victim peddling you see so often these days from both the Left and the Populist Right. Systemic issues exist. What are you going to do about it? Be the best person you can be in your sphere. #mlk

"the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice" #MLK in my case towards forgiveness. My mother said hate was a wasted emotion. Might go make some peace

Sharing with others is more important than money. Enrich your life by heeding Dr. King’s words & using your voice & efforts to fight against the poverty and injustice. #2022Ready #StoneSoupYoungHeroes #MLK #Legacy

@lisaling thank you again for being our 2022 Keynote. Your #MLK program remarks and reflections were timely, thought provoking, insightful, hopeful, and inspirational.

The 4th Annual Uwchlan Hills Elementary School MLK Day was a great success! Students, staff and community members, what awesome accomplishments! We are so proud of all our kids and all their hard work, and so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community! #MLK

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