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Sisterhood is a powerful thing. Was inspired to be given an award by @JMacForFamilies and was proud that my organization could bring some joy at the event as well. Was a pleasure to present Ms Paula Bryant with a laptop. This is community #MakhiaBryant SAY HER NAME

It was an absolute honor to present #MakhiaBryant mother Paula a brand new #HP high Quality laptop. We love you Paula! Justice for Makhia! We fight with you! Thank you @JMacForFamilies for giving us the opportunity to gift Paula and stand with this beautiful mother!

Lessons from 2021 !!!! Bullied children are now allowed to murder those that bully them. #bullying #TimothySimpkins #makhiabryant

We can’t allow children’s brains to be polluted by social media & do nothing. We need to empower children with the life skills to succeed in life, like Conflict Resolution. The current #Texas incident could have been avoided & #MaKhiaBryant would still be alive. #WeCanDoBetter

It's crazy how so many people condemened #makhiabryant for fighting (with a weapon) and yall justified police shooting and killing her at 16 years old but yall are the same ppl.. outraged by the Mona Rodriguez shooting..even though it started because she went to fight a minor

We discussed the #RkellyVerdict , honored #MakhiaBryant and tried to figure out "What IS Black Woman Joy"? Centering Sisters: Black Girl Joy via @YouTube

Ma'Khia Bryant should have turned 17 years old today. Our thoughts continue to go out to her family, loved ones and community of Columbus, Ohio. #sayhername #makhiabryant

#MaKhiaBryant deserved so much more than being a blip in the news cycle

Today would have been #MaKhiaBryant's 17th birthday, but she was killed by police last year. We will never stop fighting to end police violence, to dismantle white supremacy and to ensure that Black boys and girls can grow up with safety and dignity! #SayHerName!

Today would have been Ma’Khia Bryant's 17th birthday! Today we #sayhername and we commit to continuing to work for a world where Black girls can find joy and live with health, safety and dignity! We will fight for the world you deserved - that we all deserve! #MaKhiaBryant

Happy Birthday #MaKhiaBryant ! Rest in Power Angel #SayHerName 💜💜

Happy 17th Birthday #MaKhiaBryant! We will never stop saying your name. #SayHerName

On April 20, 2021, the world was waiting for the ruling In the George Floyd murder trial. But before the verdict was read, news broke out of Columbus, Ohio that a White police officer shot & killed a Black teenager, #makhiabryant age 16. She would have been 17 today. #GLMPI

Celebrating the life of #MaKhiaBryant- she would’ve been 17 today. We will #SayHerName and continue fighting for the worlds she deserved.…

Today should have been Ma'Khia Bryant's 17th birthday. Justice for #MakhiaBryant means many things: protecting Black girlhood, disrupting adultification bias and the criminalization of Black children, and uplifting families. #SayHerName 🦋🦋🦋

Happy birthday, Ma’Khia Bryant. You would have been 17 today 💔 #SayHerName #MaKhiaBryant…

We send all of our love to those who are mourning, healing & celebrating Ma’Khia. We honor Ma’Khia’s life by continuously fighting to end police brutality against Black women, girls, trans and GNC folks! #sayhername #makhiabryant #blackgirlmagic #carenotcops

Happy 17th birthday Ma’Khia Zhi’Riana Ty’Lea Bryant! We continue to fight for the freedom and joy of Black girlhood that you so deserved. #sayhername #makhiabryant

#MaKhiaBryant should be celebrating her birthday today, but she can’t. So many people failed to protect her.

Happy Birthday beautiful ❤️❤️#MakhiaBryant 🙏🏾

Ma’Khia Bryant would’ve been 17 years old today. Happy Birthday beautiful may you rest peacefully. #MAKHIABRYANT ♥️🕊

What to Send Up When it Goes Down Previews start tonight. Join us in the ritual. Sending it up for #MaKhiaBryant tonight. “Have fun, but don’t play” - Aleshea Harris This is for us Black people!

@LeciaMichelle11 Having #BLM in your profile while defending the murder of a black girl #makhiabryant

@LibraAbsolut She was put down after trying to kill someone with a knife. Justified. That officer is a hero!! Where's his award for saving someone's life? #MakhiaBryant

@Timsomor She was put down after trying to kill someone with a knife. That officer is a hero!! Where's his award for saving someone's life? #MakhiaBryant

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