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Today Year 4 are celebrating Health & Well-being day. They are colouring some mindfulness pictures. #mindfulnessday

"Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner piece." - Dalai Lama #MotivationalQuotes #motivationalthoughts #MindfulnessDay #Mindful…

#Triggered Vs Glimmered. Catch those Glimmers (micro-moments of joy, happiness, peace, or gratitude). Train your brain. Let every day be #MindfulnessDay #selflove…

“Dogs don’t come to your porch unless you put food out for them “. Know you worth🤷🏽‍♀️#Mindset #MindfulnessDay #Peaceful #TruthTelling #IyanlaVanzant #FactsMatter…

Great reminder to pause amidst the busyness of your day and check in with yourself! #MindfulnessDay…

Wellbeing Wednesday mindful walk in our local park, progressive muscle relaxation and meditation 🧘🏽‍♂️🌳🌤️ #RRP #MindfulnessDay #outdoorfun #CommunityEngagement @OT_EmmaB @Mersey_Care @JR_MerseyCare @Melissa_sheff @Rebeccajane1811 @CMcDon_

We've been having #massage and #reiki in Fairfield Library today, with calming music and a relaxed atmosphere Here we can see me having a head massage and I feel so much more relaxed If this something you'd like to see more of at Fairfield, let us know! #MindfulnessDay

Today is #MindfulnessDay so take time to pause and breathe. We offer jigsaws, puzzles and colouring in the library or just a quiet space to take some time for yourself. #MindfulnessDay #MindfulnessMatters #breathe

Enjoy! Relax. Sleep. Do what you have to do, but rest and have your "lazy" time! #MindfulnessDay #wednesdaythought #relaxation…

YOU ARE THE SUN: For them to see you shine, you must stay far away, for you are like the sunn when you are too close, your light makes them blind. And when you're too far, they seek for you. So let them seek for you. #MindfulnessDay #MorningMotivation

Today is #MindfulnessDay. All online orders placed before the weekend will include a deck of mindfulness cards, designed by @rohan_21awake to bring awareness, calm and joy to everyday life ✨

Coping with stress in the wake of a brain injury can be hard, but practicing mindfulness techniques can help provide some comfort on difficult days. Listen to one of Emily's mindful meditations here: #SameYouCharity #MindfulnessDay

Hoy 12/Sep día de la #ConcienciaPlena Te gustaría empezar a meditar Te gustaría ser más consciente a lo largo de tu día Te gustaría tener herramientas para pausar y tener un mejor manejo del estrés Conoce el reto de 21 días de meditación #mindfulnessday…

For #mindfulnessday I'm excited to announce the launch of a dream -- The Mindfulness & Courageous Action (MICA) Lab @udc_edu which revolutionizes learning, leadership, & creative social change through healing-centered, liberatory approaches. Let's go! #mindfulandcourageous

🧘‍♀️Today is Mindfulness Day🧘‍♂️ 🙏Take a pause, breathe, and tune into the moment. Find peace in it. 😊Share and @tag a friend who would love this quote! 👉Try free classes on our website: @rlungworld #MindfulnessDay #Meditation #SelfImprovementMonth

🌟Exciting news! In honor of #MindfulnessDay I'm thrilled to share a powerful webinar created for @MDCPS MTSS Coordinators on MTSS & mental health!……

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