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Missed live tweeting with y’all tonight, we just got caught up! Soooo, I wonder if Rose calmed down yet?!? 🤦🏻‍♀️😳 #OPLive #OPLNation #OPLiveNation #OPNation

I knew I saw Jill before!! Jill was on a few Live Rescue episodes in Patterson. 😂😂 I hope we see Jill more often!! @ReelzChannel #OpLive #OPNation @OfficialOPLive #Jill

Just another day in The Grove 🤣 can't believe they took that cart! #OPLive #OPNation

@David_Foxx @OfficialOPLive @ReelzChannel Or 3 ! Have a safe happy week Taco Guy Dave..and congratulations again! I always enjoy your tweets! Oh and that steak..yummm #OPLive #OPNation #ReelzChannel

@LTEMurphy Really heartwarming to see a father and son duo who work together and also back each other up as they serve the public. A very rare situation these days, and enviable! @OnPatrolNation @OfficialOPLive #OPLive #OPLNation #OPNation @NyeSheriff

Wow my prediction was right poor @DepBlackmonBCSO did get a crazy call and was left holding the bag 💩😂🤣 #OPLive #OPNation

OHHHHH an abandoned house full of dolls um that's not creepy! #OPLive #OPNation

Oh my goodness poor old guy in @VolusiaSheriff Wonder how he did that!? #OPLive #OPNation

Watching the beginning as we missed it. Didn’t realize it was Bring Your Kid To Work Day!😆 JK! I come from really small peeps! my Mamí is 4’10” & Daddy was 5’1”! #OPLive #OPNation #OnPatrolLive #OnPatrolLiveNation @OfficialOPLive @ReelzChannel @OnPatrolLive

When Garo Brown holds handcuffs they look like finger cuffs. 🤣 #OnPatrolLive #OPLive #OPNation


Well, that’s it #OPNation it’s the saddest part of the weekend, and so we wait until next Friday for our #OPLive. Everyone have a great week and stay safe. God bless our first responders everywhere. 💙🚔🚒🚑🐾

@SaraJewel88 Yip! This chick in Beech Grove needs to go to jail for acting like a 2 yr old! #OPlive #OPNation

#OnPatrolLive #OPNation #reelz You are very welcome. Glad everyone stayed safe tonight, so far. There was just too much yelling going on for a Saturday night. @danabrams @Sean_C_Larkin @CurtisWilson275 have a good rest of the night.

So watching the rerun and I tried to take the field sobriety test and I would fail because I am totally sober and can't stand in the position with wobbling lol #OPLive #OPNation

Goodnight, On Patrol family! Y'all take care and have an awesome week ahead! #OPLive #OPNation #OnPatrolLive

@OfficialOPLive The 3 hours go in a blink of a eye. I’m always sad to see it end. #OPLive #OPNation

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