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@MarkWil16159429 @Filip_UTD @TheoUTD01 @ManUnitedZone_ @TelegraphDucker you have #oleout in your bio when he was sacked 2 weeks ago .. you know that right?

#LionelMessi doesn't have anything to do in @PSG_English.. It's the team's fault But @Cristiano was said to be the problem at @ManUtd and the reason for #OleOut.. And now he won't survive under #Rangnick @ESPNFC @LaurensJulien @Marcotti

Just a reminder to those that make fun of #OleOut brigade, Rangnick playing McFred isn't vindication of Ole. Yesterday proved Ole's limited capacity as a couch. He had at least last season to get the team to start well in games and he failed til the end. #MUFC

@EivindJTandberg @sportbible Leed at the beginning of the season and we all know what happen at the end it was #OleOut. So all am saying is nothing was special about yesterday match.

@trequartistta10 @Goated_Crono07 Messi vs Pl teams in UCL 33 Goal Contribution in 35 Games 🤡 Ronaldo's legendary Tapins and disaster class Against Big team in Pl don't let you distract the fact that,he was the main reason for #oleout 🤡, United with an another trophy less season incoming 🤡

@nihalnarula’s latest tweets are unacceptable just like United getting knocked out by Westham in the Carabao!! #OleOut oh wait.. #RalfOut 😂😂😂😂😂

Pale FPL nko na 31 points na nmeshinda nkisema #OleOut season mzima,time for #meout

Anyway,I just wish Manchester United we can lose today for that #OleOut to take place!!

@pert_brian I was and am still #Oleout.but the reason I wanted that guy out. was he did not. have a game strategy. you must have a picture of how you want a team to play as a manager. not free style as the gaffer always referred if a player is not on form or does not fit your system drop dem

This our fanbase is so funny we have gone from #Olein #Oleout to comparing Ole and Ragnick. Ole is gone just move on and support the team. Let's not get to a point where we hope Ralf loses a final just to please egos and agendas.

@akmala2121 Kalau ole mana nk kongsi..dia tgk sendiri je video..lepas tu mintak pendapat pemain..#Oleout #Thecluelessone

@ManUtd @Fred08oficial From #OleOut to Another thing ..... Till 3 years without a trophy

MU ni awal² selalu lah angkat Manager dr zaman Moyes lagi. Lepas drow 2 3 game terus #MoyesoOut #VaanGalOut #MouOut #OleOut tgk lah Ralf ni drow 2 3 game. #RalfOut juga nnti. Hahaha

Jangan senang dulu mancunian dulu OLE punya 7 kemenangan beruntun sebelum kalian menggemakan #OleOut #ManchesterUnited

Is Ralf any better than David Moyes? Or Mourinho, who threw out all his toys? No, the club must cut the German loose And appoint good old Stevie Bruce! #ManchesterUnited #ManUtd #ManUnited #Ralf #RalfRangnick #Ralfsatthewheel #RalfRangnickOut #MUNCRY #EPL #PremierLeague #OleOut

After 1 training session you know.... Top Reds got angry at #OleOut supporters who demanded better.…

@R_o_M I wonder what the #Oleout YouTube shills are going to find to lose their shit about now? 🤣

@dairo_babajide @ganiyu_tosin Maturity? But you can post the video of other teams losing? Maturity = Hypocrisy. We will be here when #Ralfout will be trending... just like #MoyeOut #LVGout #Mouout and #OleOut. Usually it doesn't take up to 2months.

That was how Ole started. Best coach and Ole on the wheel chants turned to #OleOut. New Managerial bounce result now makes you the best team in the world ba?🤣😂

@Aanita_wangarii Nimeangalia your suspended account nikapata bio iko na hashtag ya #oleout 🤣si uwaambie wakurudishie uchange bio alafu wachukue tena🤣

Harsh reality for #Ole to swallow BUT for the rest of us who knew HE was the problem … It’s easier for us to watch United be undefeated since he was fired ! #OleOut #Rangnick #MUNCRY #carrick #MUFC

@iambolar Ole, e no go betta for u, aswearugud. #oleout x 1,000,000

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