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The unprecedented #OnMyMind @UNICEF report is making strides in mental health awareness all around the world 🌎 Learn more about how UNICEF is recognizing the importance of children’s mental health ⬇️

Man, I wish Snoh Aalegra’s songs were a bit longer. Just as I’m starting to feel them…they end! 🥴 #OnMyMind #LostYou

I love the support ion get rn I know who comin when Ts shit take off✈️🗣 #OnMyMind

Meet Mbalu, a community health worker & counsellor in Sierra Leone. “She showed me what it means to take care of myself and my family,” says Kankay who attends Mbalu'a support group for mothers. When parents feel their best, they can do their best, but they need help. #OnMyMind

World Health Organisation states globally, around 280 million people suffer from depression, whereas around 1 in 5 of the world’s children and adolescents have a mental disorder. Mental health is important. We need to speak up about this. #OnMyMind #T20WorldCup @ICC @UNICEF

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