Top Tweets for #PMSOverreactionMonday

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSOverreactionMonday one of my luckiest all time bets came through! Correctly predicted the final score for the 49ers Cowboys game. $2 turned into $302! Thanks @FanDuel #FanDuel

My morning moments of zen, two minutes before the .@PatMcAfeeShow comes on! Be a friend tell a friend! How you doing keep it moving it’s #pmsoverreactionmonday #forthebrand

Cowboys need to fire mike McCarthy and make Dan Quinn the new head coach #pmsoverreactionmonday

@PatMcAfeeShow I dont want to overreact Dak good? So many missed throws #pmsoverreactionmonday

@PatMcAfeeShow gives me so much motivation on a Monday morning because I know that if things aren’t done by noon they won’t get done until Tuesday #pmsoverreactionmonday

I love Alex but karma for McCarthy for not drafting rodgers #PMSOverreactionMonday

#PMSOverreactionMonday buffalo going to the super bowl. Patriots are dead FOREVER!. Say hello to your new dad Boston conner it's Josh allen

@PatMcAfeeShow I wanna go ahead and get #PMSOverreactionMonday started can the @dallascowboys not buy some GAHD damn curtains? Wilson completely lost a catchable 1st down ball in the sun.

#PMSOverreactionMonday Boy oh boy is it gonna be a sad day in the studio tomorrow @PatMcAfeeShow... @ToneDigz / @steelers - DEAD @BostonConnr / @Patriots - DEAD @OfficialAJHawk / @dallascowboys - DEAD... we gonna need a looooooong moment of silence... T's and P's studio...🤣🤣

#PMSOverreactionMonday @tyschmit walking into the office Monday morning with the only dog left in the fight

@PatMcAfeeShow Second time the ref Got in the way for a delay of game. But that crew is still in the postseason while the bengals crew was not. But you won’t talk about it on your podscast @PatMcAfeeShow #PMSOverreactionMonday

That noise was @ToneDigz and @nickmaraldo orgasming as Watt ran that ball in for the first touchdown of tonight's #PITvsKC game. #PMSOverreactionMonday

Undisputed and put First Take on the DVR. But don’t forget to watch @PatMcAfeeShow at 9 PST for #pmsoverreactionmonday…

#PMSIDontWantToOverreactBUT Who would’ve thought that after all this @NFLOfficiating controversy, the flagfest in Dallas was their best and cleanest refereeing game yet. @dallascowboys Poor discipline = poor coaching… #SFvsDAL #nfl #pmsoverreactionmonday

@NFL The hook and ladder is still the best trick play #pmsoverreactionmonday

#pmsoverreactionmonday Ceedee Lamb should be able to skip covid protocols. He has proven time and time again that he is immunized from catching anything… nothing new. Story of the season for him.

#pmsoverreactionmonday I would rather have Staley as my head coach instead of McCarthy! What a stooge. Packers never won because of him, it was all Aaron! @tyschmit @PatMcAfeeShow

@PatMcAfeeShow one more catch and we take “MILLLIONS…. AAAAAAAAAAAAAND MILLIONS.. of dollars from FanDuel” #pmsoverreactionmonday hurts cracks while playing teams with a good QB

#pmsoverreactionmonday everyone is pissed off over the early whistle on touchdown in Bengals game but what punishment does the idiot ref get for blowing the whistle for no reason. The refs need to be held accountable too! Who Dey!

Prediction: Mac Jones will lose to the Bills in the playoffs multiple years in a row. Then when he finally beats them Pats go win a super bowl. It’ll be like how it was for Michael Jordan and the Pistons. @PatMcAfeeShow @BostonConnr #pmsoverreactionmonday except it’s Saturday…😂

@RapSheet @NFLGameDay What Da F, Yew Comed-IAN 🤡 this is as bad as @AdamSchefter releasing the @AaronRodgers12 BS on draft day.. @PatMcAfeeShow will eat this up #PMSOverReactionMonday when Carr now wins today and everyone losses 💰 on the heels of this attention grabbing story 😆 😜 I ❤ U though..

@rj3455 @thetribunechd @SudheenKulkarni The country lost Mahatma Gandhi in a terror attack by the follower of RSS, whose leader is now leading our country towards a disaster. #PMseDhanyawaadKehDena #pmsoverreactionmonday #BJPFailsIndia #BJPHataoDeshBachao

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