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@Daily_Express Confirmation that #PrinceHarry DID NOT lie the #silentcontract between the tabliods/British media and the "royal family" DO exist!So over d YEARS private info about Harry+Meghan was given to the media by #KingCharles, #QueenConsort, #PrinceWilliam,#DuchessofCambridge and d rest

Cheat on your wife and come 3rd on I’m a celebrity. Cheat on your husband and become Queen Consort. Who said “Cheats never prosper” ? #MattHanock #Camilla #queenconsort

.@thetalentguru #TheCrown #KingCharlesIII #Camilla #QueenConsort #QuatarWorldCup2022 #SussexSquad #LGBTQIArights 🏳️‍🌈 The Charity Commission confirmed the donations to prince Charles had prompted the fund’s trustees, who are responsible for the charity’s…

.@thetalentguru #QueenConsort #QuatarWorldCup2022 #LGBTQIArights 🏳️‍🌈 Qatar money was passed to #KingCharles in personal meetings between 2011 & 2015, in a suitcase on 1 occasion & Fortnum & Mason carrier bags on another. Sums were made up of €500 notes.…

@Jack_Royston @cbouzy @Newsweek Angela Levin is NOT Harry's biographer. AL got access to a 20 min interview which she stretched into an unauthorized book which Harry & his team disavowed. Levin is Camilla #QueenConsort's official biographer & in cohoots with the palace it seems. She was promoting wk of QE death

@VladPutin1 @SholaMos1 THE SPENCERS ARE GINGERS! LOOK AT HIS UNCLE WHO SPOKE AT DIANA’S FUNERAL, ALSO A GINGER. You can’t possibly believe that a DNA test was not done on Harry if horse face Charles ever had doubts #RacistBritishMedia #RacistRoyalFamily #Camilla #queenconsort

The #QueenConsort spent 10 days in a wellness center that charges you $840 a night?

@C0nn0R_25 @MariaArriola4 @Jack_Royston @cbouzy @Newsweek She didn't hug the girl; that was a different child. But when she was done posing for pics, she looked at her hands as if they were slimey. No further interaction with the child once the Op was done. Complete lack of sincerity or grace. #QueenConsort will never compare to Diana

@PieceDeReSister Diana was a an Angel before she was an Angel ! I'd say there will never be another, but there are thousands of good hearted people all over this world.. Difference is she had such a great platform for her kindness #QueenConsort #Camilla #PRINCESSDiana #PRINCESS

Disappointing seeing racism allegations levelled at people when it’s disingenuous. It really dissolves any power behind the word. Absolutely not a fan of monarchy in the West, but this isn’t quite it here. #abolishthemonarchy #QueenConsort #racism…

@BearNecessity3 @Crys_Mayere there are these things called rumors which can go like this: Meghan is better than all the other royals combined says @piersmorgan then there is photographic evidence such as when #QueenConsort #CamillaParkerBowles refused to touch the skin of a black child....

🇬🇧 ควีนคามิลล่าแห่งสหราชอาณาจักร พระราชทานตุ๊กตาหมีแพดดิงตันที่ประชาชนที่นำมาวางแสดงความอาลัยต่อควีนเอลิซาเบธที่ 2 สนับสนุนโดยองค์กรเพื่อเยาวชนบาร์นาโด เพื่อส่งต่อให้กับเหล่าเยาวชน ณ โรงเรียนปฐมวัยในย่านโบว์ #ลอนดอน 📸 Getty #QueenCamilla #QueenConsort #BritishRoyalFamily

🇬🇧 #UK’s Queen Camilla visited and gave Paddington Bears that were left outside royal residences in tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, to nursery children supported by @barnardos at the Nursery in Bow #London. 📸 Getty #QueenCamilla #QueenConsort #BritishRoyalFamily

.@thetalentguru #SussexSquad #RacistRoyalFamily #TheCrown Camilla #QueenConsort used a black child for a photo op. She held her by the sleeve of her top despite the girl clearly not wanting to engage. #PrincessDiana hugged any1 out of love incl AIDS victims removing the stigma…

.@angelalevin1 #SussexSquad #Camilla #QueenConsort #KingCharlesIII #RacistRoyalFamily GMB viewers slam 'toxic' #AngelaLevin for her rant about Harry and Meghan on Queen's Jubilee Angela believes Harry and Meghan are putting “pressure on the Queen”…

This. Poor. Child. Three guesses who made horribly racist comments about Meghan & Harry's baby. #QueenConsort my a$$…

Only the left could switch the narrative of the lovely gesture by the Queen Consort donating Paddington bears and sandwiches to a nursery to accusations of racism. I stand by our King and Queen 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 like if you agree #Queen #QueenConsort #CamillaParkerBowles #GodSaveTheking

@SussexRoyalGlow So you're frightened to show the whole video because your point comes crashing down. You are one of the people stirring up racism,hatred & seperation, you are too scared to play the whole thing as people will see past your agenda. #QueenConsort is not the racist here!

Reportedly, following his mother’s footsteps, #KingCharles will spend his first Christmas as monarch at Sandringham, joined by the #QueenConsort and other members of the royal family…

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the latest video racism controversy - I am open minded on this occasion - Camilla is not and never will be the Queen. She is the Queen Consort, as spouse of Charles. #QueenCamilla, #camilla, #QueenConsort

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