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With sweet roses, migrating monarchs, fall colours beginning to appear, and extra warm temperatures, it's hard to tell whether it's summer or fall! Best to take advantage of the sunshine and enjoy the best of both worlds. #RBGblooms

Resembling the head of an exotic crane, Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) may look tropical, but it is a true Mediterranean plant, thriving in the fynbos of South Africa. Now blooming in the Mediterranean Garden at RBG Centre! #RBGblooms

Summer is slipping into fall, but many summer blooms are still flourishing across the Gardens! Explore some end-of-season favourites before welcoming fantastic fall hues in the weeks to come #RBGblooms

Drifts of white Culver’s root sway in the wind at Laking Garden. Veronicastrum virginicum is the perfect native perennial to add a dramatic flair to your garden while providing a bounty of nectar and pollen for pollinators #RBGblooms

#CommunityLove❤️ Royal Botanical Gardens 🌹 "Featuring 2,700+ acres of breathtaking gardens & nature sanctuaries. Blooms, events, exhibits and more." #RBGblooms🌺 Click here for more👇

Dreamers paradise 😍. With dainty scented white flowers, Clematis 'Paul Farges' SUMMER SNOW is a beautiful climber! You'll find this serene picnic spot on the lower terrace of Laking Garden #RBGblooms

Be on the look out for this eye-catching bloom at the historic Rock Garden! Native to the southeastern U.S., this shade-loving shrub is a Rock Garden original that dates from 1930. ❓🔎 Can you identify this plant? #RBGblooms

Now blooming: The Laking Garden Clematis Collection! This collection features a sampling of the diversity of Clematis with a variety of flower types and colours. It features historical cultivars and hybrids from around the world #RBGblooms |

What's on this weekend at RBG: 🌸 Iris & peonies at peak bloom 🌈 Pride Family Picnic: June 11 (🔗 🙋 Guided Tours: Lovely Laking: 11 a.m., 1 p.m., & 3 p.m. 🌹 Rose Garden beginning its first flush of the summer #RBGblooms #HamONT #BurlON

The Arboretum is filled with arborous splendours, but today we're taking a look at Liriodendron tulipifera, commonly known as Tulip Tree. This Ontario native species is identifiable by its large flowers resembling a leafy tulip with orange colouring at the petal bases. #RBGblooms

Explore Hendrie Park! Discover for yourself all that's blooming. From the Healing Garden to the Woodland Garden and everything in between, Hendrie Park showcases many themed garden areas for every plant lover. #RBGblooms |

Showy perennials are shining at Laking Garden! Eastern Bluestar, Meadow Sage, Dianthus, and Fleaabane to name a few. An evening visit to Laking Garden is the perfect way to beat the heat. Open until 8 p.m. with last admission at 7 p.m. #RBGblooms

Completely iris-istible! Intermediate bearded iris are putting on a beautiful show at Laking Garden and it won't be long now until the tall bearded iris pop. Visit to plan your visit! #RBGblooms

Tree peonies are passing peak bloom at Laking Garden and some of the first herbaceous peonies are beginning to bloom. Plan your visit at #RBGblooms

“You did not go over the wall”. 🥺 For the Queen Charlotte: A #Bridgerton Story fans, it’s time to whip out your newest frock from the modiste. Wisteria is blooming in Hendrie Park #RBGblooms

Basket of gold (Aurinia saxatilis) is catching the eyes over at Rock Garden! You'll also find pearlbush, bergenia, mountain silverbell, and fernleaf peonies among many other plants blooming along the winding paths. #RBGblooms

Welcoming you at the entrance of Laking Garden, tree peonies are in full bloom! Early varieties of herbaceous peonies are swelling, with some starting to pop. Plan your visit at #RBGblooms #HamONT #BurlON #ExploreON

Make sure to show Mother Nature some extra love today 💕 Happy #MothersDay! #RBGblooms

🌈 Miniature and standard dwarf bearded irises have begun blooming at Laking Garden! The tall bearded iris aren't blooming just yet. If the warm weather continues, they won't be too far off. Plan your visit at #RBGblooms

💭 If you want to know where our mind is, it’s deep within the Lilac Collection at the Arboretum! With the warmth and sunshine this week, the lilacs are starting to bloom. Plan your visit at #RBGblooms

#NowBlooming: Crabapple! A stunning sight, the malus collection features a variety of cultivars that differ in size, colour and fragrance. Malus was the first collection to be initiated at the Arboretum in 1956! Plan your visit at #RBGblooms

Laking Garden is open for the season! Dazzling daffodils dominate the display beds at this time of the year. You'll also find plum and peach trees showing off some delicate blooms. Plan your visit at #RBGblooms

In May, the gardens burst to life with a soft rainbow of blooms! It's a special time of year throughout the Gardens and nature sanctuaries, from ephemeral flowering trees to showy perennials. What’s in Bloom? May at RBG ➡ BLOG:… #RBGblooms

On a rainy spring day - hit the Gardens! 🌧Take it from us, it's one of the best times to take a stroll along the garden paths. Blooms are brighter, crowds are quieter, and you become more in tune with the nature around you. #RBGblooms

☁️ Dreamy clouds of blooming shadblow serviceberry (Amelanchier canadensis) decorate the gardens this week! Serviceberry is a species native to Ontario that offers multi-seasonal interest. #RBGblooms

Aloe blooming is always a delight! Succulents represent the epitome of diversity. Every shape, colour, size, texture, and pattern can be found in this group of plants. RBG's Cactus & Succulent Collection resides adjacent to the Mediterranean Garden at RBG Centre. #RBGblooms

Waiting for the weather to warm up? Our indoor Mediterranean Garden is bursting with noteworthy blooms. 🌿: Crimson bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus), Bush lily (Clivia miniata), African iris (Dietes grandiflora and Dietes bicolor) #RBGblooms

After the tease of early warm weather, it may feel like the transition through spring is slow and subtle. But from a horticultural point of view, we're speeding right along. Our display beds have awoken with an explosion of spring bulbs 🌷 #RBGblooms

Lilies, hyacinths, and tulips - oh my! Which spring flower blooming in the Breezeway is your favourite? See what’s blooming in our outdoor gardens at #RBGblooms

Star Magnolia in the Arboretum have passed peak bloom, with some flowers still holding on. Hybrid and Saucer Magnolia have begun to bloom but will require some warm sunny days to reach peak. Plan your visit #RBGblooms

The flowering cherry blossoms are passing peak bloom 🌸 Enjoy them before they are gone! The Arboretum holds the majority of RBG’s Flowering Cherry Collection. Smaller groupings of trees are located outside of Rock Garden. Plan your visit at…. #RBGblooms

It is a true delight to see many native plant species waking up in the spring. Dicentra cucullaria is native to Ontario and can be found in Kippax Garden in Hendrie Park! It is part of the Papaveraceae (poppy) family. Are you familiar with its common name? #RBGblooms

☀ The sun is shining, and it's #PlantAppreciationDay! You'll find many plants beginning to wake up in the Gardens, Arboretum, and trails. Slap on some SPF and enjoy some nature today! #RBGblooms

Star magnolias (Magnolia stellata) have burst onto the scene at the Arboretum💥! With this blast of hot weather, they may fade quickly! Plan your visit soon at #Magnolias #RBGblooms #HamONT #BurlON

Salix gracilistyla 'Melanostachys', commonly known as black pussy willow, is a unique and striking plant with its velvety, jet-black catkins produced in early spring. #RBGblooms 📍 Hendrie Park

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