Top Tweets for #RHOBH

#RHOA Kenya/Porsha/Cynthia #RHOBH Dorit #RHOC Tamra #RHONY Tinsley #RHOP Gizelle/Candiace/Monique #RHOSLC Whitney…

What the hell is happening at the end of this @lisarinna @GarcelleB conversation. It went from screaming to I love you . I'm so lost #rhobh

bringing this back! i 100% believe the comment @GarcelleB heard about l*sa not wanting race to be discussed on #RHOBH…

Nobody wants to watch her on #RHOBH, same way nobody watched her on her other flop shows. She should also stop obsessing over Kyle. Leave her alone!…

The #RHOBH cast is doing amazing with out LVP. She left because she got caught in her own lies. Stop trying to be relevant LVP.

Erika defence: I was lying the whole time. But not now. It's all his fault. #RHOBH

Watching Lisa trying to stay relevant on this show is hilarious #rhobh

#RHOBH @doritkemsley1 @lisarinna are such bullies. Incessant shredding of @GarcelleB ?? We the fans are not having it. @Andy get rid of hypocrites Dorit and Rinna.

I’m sorry. I still wanna slap the piss outta dorit. #rhobh

Season 4 Lisa is starting to look more and more shady… 🙄🤨😳😩 #RHOBH

@GarcelleB should have brought the sauce to the reunion #rhobh

Erika seems to be creating this "other woman" to try to cloudy the water where the $$ went but we all saw with our own eyes where.Bored mid-agged woman's vanity project and pals! #RHOBH

It is VERY apparent, Rinna and Dorit spent the entire season rehearsing tag lines & come backs. Trying to be that next famous Bravo quote that gets put on a t shirt. #RHOBH

#RHOC - Peggy Sulahian #RHONY - Eboni #RHOA - Cynthia #RHONJ - Siggy #RHOBH - Denise/Dorit #RHOM - Joanna #RHOP - Monique #RHOD - Tiffany Moon #RHOSLC- Lisa Barlow…

Lisa Rinna Is 'Laughing All The Way To The Bank' Amid Backlash #RHOBH #LisaRinna…

So us minorities have been talking and @BravoTV you need to fire these two racist people @lisarinna and @doritkemsley1 or bring Ebony from #RHONY to #RHOBH to educate them. Do the right thing Bravo! Don’t keep ignorant people on tv just for ratings

Was that a hole in the left shoulder of Dorit’s disintegrating dress? #RHOBH

I watched #SquidGame and then #RHOBH. My dreams are a mashed up, disturbing mess. All I can tell you is that Erica does not do well at marbles. #RHOBHReunion

Bravo TV: Remove Lisa Rinna from #rhobh - Sign the Petition! via @Change

Found a pic of The Thieving Mess, Mrs Fraudari! #RHOBH @BravoTV best be cutting her lose!! #ErikaJayne

I didn’t expect Camille to become a villain again in season 9 #RHOBH

Congrats to ⁦@GarcelleB⁩ and I guess ⁦@doritkemsley1⁩ ? #rhobh@KyleRichards⁩ you can just place yourself in their story and ⁦@erikajayne⁩ you can have your husband steal it.…

Watching #HalloweenKills and I am so excited. Ate an edible and about to watch one of my favorite housewives @KyleRichards #RHOBH

Those 5 seconds at the reunion were you were mad at Garcelle for dropping that bombshell was interesting. When have you ever been THAT forgiving? Maybe you just wanted that subject to go away? @lisarinna @GarcelleB #RHOBH

The Rinna/Dorit tag team is TIRED. They are reachingggggggggg. #RHOBH

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