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Nobody told these #RHOBH ladies that it is a violation of privacy to come in someone’s room without being told they could enter. Especially someone you don’t have a friendship with.

For some reason, some days I just need stupid, mindless drama & for that option I watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. #RHOBH

Whether it was intentional or not, if she felt violated, she felt violated. Even if the other women would not have felt that way. Instead of getting on to Crystal about knocking on the door. How backwards is that. #RHOBH

#Dossier Notre TOP 100 des meilleures Housewives : le classement ULTIME ! ➡️ Et vous, donnez-nous votre TOP 5 des meilleures Housewives toutes franchises confondues selon vous (par ce que 100 ça rentre pas dans un tweet). GO ! #RHOP #RHONJ #RHONY #RHOBH

@slide2_0 Way to make a mess of one’s life. Greed does not look pretty in the end. #RHOBH

@KyleRichards exactly what OIL is @erikajayne talking about??? With the thc and all over the ylang ylang??? #RHOBH #RHOBH

LOL @erikajayne playing tennis is literally me trying 😂😂😂 #goodTV #RHOBH

Lmaoooo Kyle is a horrible friend and sister #rhobh

Finally watching this season’s #RHOBH Kathy Hilton is a gem and her face looks great, maybe a little tight but great.

I don't consider marrying an old rich man to be an accomplishment. Sorry Erika. #RHOBH

Wonder what this monstrosity cost compared to the #StoneColdCrystal $95,000 Birkin 🤔 #RHOBH…

Taylor from #RHOBH and it’s horrible bc it was actually her life and not a work of fiction……

Kenya welcoming Garcelle into the bravo family last year was such a sweet thing, only if we knew how they'd unfollow one another this year sksks i love them both 😫😫😫😫it's not fair😫 #RHOBH X #RHOA

Why is Dorit always on vacation and I’ve been laying in the fetal position on my bed for a year? #RHOBH

Season 2 of Bravo Boyfriends has ARRIVED! AND we have special guest @_heatherallison. Take a shot everytime Josh says “dive”, “dove”, or “doved” (not a word). Actually don’t, you will be dead. #bravo #podcast #rhony #rhobh #BelowDeckMed

Tom was unconscious for 12hrs after you found him at the bottom of the cliff but he CALLED you?! HOW?! Erika let’s get the lies in order!!! #RHOBH

The ridiculously ostentatious $95,000 bag 😒 #RHOBH

Rewatching S3Finale #RHOBH & Adrienne has just split from her husband,walks into Villa Rosa, Kyle&Kim swarm her...Lisa and Ken are more concerned she didnt come to them and apologise for being late🤦Ken really was a wanker from the beginning.Never mind,'goodbye Kyle' #GoodbyeKen

I enjoy watching @lisarinna and Harry Hamlin interact. They really seem to have a fun & loving relationship. #RHOBH

Rewatched the Dune Buggy episode for #RHOC and I still think it’s kind of funny how the women reacted to Megan’s reaction. Thoughts? #Bravo #BravoTV #RHOBH #RHONY #RHOP #RHONJ #RHOA

why haven’t I started watching any of the real housewives series until now… #RHOBH is so good

#RHOBH someone needs to tell one of the ladies that their grammar is bad. It’s not Her and I. It’s She and I did so in so, or It was a good experience for her and me. Get it??

Dorit jumping on the news about Tom's accounts being frozen to point out that she had something similar when they were being sued as an opportunity to establish that it was NOTHING like this, this is MUCH worse lol #RHOBH

RHOBH NEWS!! Erin Brockovich is playing on AMC rn!! #rhobh s11 marathon on Bravo 💎💙

@sayandskotann She scammed old people & was annoying af on the first season of #RHOSLC .. I can’t understand how she was asked back for S2 (I know the arreat happened during filming of S2). I hope #bravo won’t give her a self pity platform like they did for #erikagirardi #RHOBH

I really like Dorit this season #RHOBH

Currently trending unscripted*😉: 6. #RHOA 7. #RHONY 8. #FBOYIsland 9. #TheVoice 10. #RHOBH like, RT & follow

🔥Season 6 quotes just hit different🔥 File this under: “Things You Won’t Hear Rinna Say This Season” #RHOBH

Yolanda’s daughter in law is Dua Lipa & Rinna’s son in law is Scott Disick. Enough said. #RHOBH…

Omggg Sutton has kids?! Her daughter is gorgeous #RHOBH

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