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@katiehobbs you're a corrupt Witch with a capital 'B' @SpeakerPelosi you are just corrupt @RepSwalwell and @SenFeinstein you 2 are traitors, Chinese spies working for you and you both probably knew, #Traitors @LeaderMcConnell you, McCarthy and @MittRomney are #RINO trash

Mitch McConnell took money from SBF that’s why he’s trying to sweep it under rug ! This isn’t democrats or republicans issue it’s corrupt politicians problem! Stop nonsense #MitchMcConnell #RINO #returnTheMoney #SBF_FTX #fraud #FTXScam #FTX #Republicans #Democrats #wakeup

@ProudElephantUS If you're tweeting, it's safe to assume you're lying. #RINO

@RobWittman what the hell are you going to do about it. He’s a full fledged #RINO & you damn well know it. Do something or we got 2 years to fix “#our_district” & show you the way out. #JustSaying…

Stunning!! I knew he was a #RINO but didn’t know just how deep his #deepstate allegiances go!!…

RINO Kevin McCarthy had DINNER with criminal Hunter Biden tonight to get more support for Ukraine. #RINO #MoneyLaundering #UkraineWar

To call #RINO #MitchMcConnell disgrace to the #conservative movement is an understatement. Do not give money to the #RNC or any spin-off organization. Give to your candidate. #Uniparty McConnell Blocked from Hotlining Media Cartel Bill JCPA…

@AdamKinzinger When do leave for good? When you do, how about you do us all a favor and change your party affiliation to Democrat? Thanks! #RINO

@GeoffDuncanGA I don’t care who you vote for. I do care that you used your position that we gave you to Work against a GOP member. You will never get elected to another position. #RINO

@JayeJaybird54 @MagdaleneMadame @warnock It would also help if a #RINO would step across the aisle & replace our #DINO!!

What a terrible representative of the state of Georgia. Karma will remember this and I will always remember what a terrible job that you have done. Good luck ever being elected for anything ever again. #rino…

@RepMattGaetz I never liked Kevin McCarthy …. I always thought that he is an authentic #RINO 😞

@WillisCharles12 @jeffmason1 @GOPLeader @POTUS There's serious corruption going on and you worry about how classyva question is to a swamp rat? #RINO

It’s well known that the @GOP does not support their candidates like the @TheDemocrats however what Georgia Lieutenant Gov @GeoffDuncanGA said about @HerschelWalker is beyond the pale. #Treason #RINO

Apparently, @GeoffDuncanGA is more concerned with promoting propaganda and peddling his political opinions and books while in office than with voting for the future of his state and his country. What a self-important, self-righteous jackass! #RINO @HerschelWalker @BrianKempGA…

#RINO A plant by left... Who does this? A "republican in name only" on @CNN @GeoffDuncanGA you are lower than Whale dung Sir!…

@Magoo7635 @HenryDJung1 @DrShayPhD @NEWSMAX They are getting too #RINO and patronizing at times sadly. I tune a lot now to @RealAmVoice also great streams on @gettr like War Room with Steve Bannon Charlie Kirk so many so much out there now Rumble also

Dear Establishment #RINO you have NO IDEA how much we will NEVER vote for you @Mike_Pence @NikkiHaley @GovChristie anyone who runs against #Trump in the primary is never getting any vote from me ever. In fact I’ll campaign against you. #MAGAThat…

@NEWSMAX @Mike_Pence @greta Dear newsmax ARE YOU KIDDING ME! We are living in communist hell because #RINO @Mike_Pence helped put us here spends his time lying about #Trump letting innocent #Jan6 political prisoners rot! Hell no you know what @NEWSMAX now I watch @RealAmVoice more Bannon on @GETTRofficial

@KimboLovesDachs We are living in communism hell because #RINO @Mike_Pence helped put us here spends his time lying about #Trump letting innocent #Jan6 political prisoners rot! Hell no and you know what @NEWSMAX now I watch @RealAmVoice more Bannon on @GETTRofficial

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