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Podcast: @JoshReed907 and I discuss the #Ravens WR positional group performance in 2021 including some exceptional constraints on play design due to injury.… #Ravensflock #NFL

This weekend showed you need weapons to win in the playoffs. #Ravens are in a good spot with Andrews (26), Hollywood (24), and Bateman (22). The hope is all 3 continue to improve to give the LJ an above-average supporting cast in 2022.…

@AdamSchein Have you ever seen a game as good as yesterday? I know current OT rules aren’t “perfect” but we can survive without tweaks … and I thought the #Ravens proposal last year was intriguing … but can it get any better than what we saw yesterday?

I can really care less about any of these comparisons and takes on AFC or any QB's. I don't need trending news on @Lj_era8 until its about him getting his bag for his value to the Ravens. That's it period. #LamarJackson #Ravens

So NOW folks complain about the NFL overtime rule being unacceptable?!? #BaltimoreRavens #Ravens #RavensFlock

@AaronWilson_NFL "Rather than sign a one-year contract extension to run through 2023, league sources said Martindale and the #Ravens could not agree on terms, leading to his departure." @AaronWilson_NFL has the latest on Martindale's departure and who could fill in. ➡️:…

Several readers guessed this... the worst ST game in DVOA playoff history (since 1983) was the #Ravens against the #Broncos in 2012. -43.0% DVOA. Allowed kickoff and punt return TDs. Amazingly, the Ravens had been No. 1 in ST during the regular season! And they won anyway!

Who would win in a collective game of Cards Against Humanity? 51 #Twittereggs or 17 #Baltimore #Ravens fans. One catch: everyone has to chug a 750ml bottle of soy sauce first.

@LAYS #ravensFlock I think @ReneeLukeski should get a bag because she is the biggest #ravens fan

Well looks like #steelers and #ravens will be looking for Defense Coordinator got 2022. will they post promote from within like the norm?

Watching the Bills/Chiefs game, it’s pretty clear you can’t hang with them by playing ball control. The #Ravens offense has to score faster and more regularly if we want to win another Lombardi.

#Ravens have requested to interview #Cowboys Secondary Coach Joe Whitt for their Defensive Coordinator Job

The #Ravens are reportedly eyeing the first candidate for their vacant DC job. #RavensFlock (via @kriscwong)…

Nights like yesterday make me so happy the #Ravens have a QB like Lamar Jackson. Imagine being in the same conference as Mahomes, Allen, Herbert, Burrow, etc. and not having a QB good enough to compete? Ravens have one. 💜

Me to my friends hoping the #Ravens saw the Chiefs/Bills game last night and finally said to themselves “Maybe it’s time to open up the offense”

The #Ravens will need to bolster their secondary to keep pace in the explosive AFC. Baltimore ranked dead last against the pass last season. #RavensFlock… via @toddkarpovich

And just like that Soon it’ll be“NO FOOTBALL 🏈”😢 Until Next Time 😤😤😤 #Ravens #RavensNation #RavensFlock

The night Lamar was drafted he promised the #Ravens he would bring a Super Bowl back to Baltimore. I fully believe he will deliver on that promise. Next year? I hope so, but certainly at some point. #RavensFlock

Who can go to work on a Monday morning after a game like that? #Baltimore #Ravens #RavensFlock #Maryland #Orioles #BlackLivesMatter

20 days until Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles, CA. And primary # of @ProFootballHOF CB S Ed Reed, 64 INT (7th @NFL history), 9 postseason INT (T-1st @NFL history) played w/#Ravens #Texans (wore No. 22 w/#Jets) @JewelsLuvsBlue @PfgVibe #VibeHearted

Ravens ILB Josh Bynes describes how 2021 season will sit with him over next few months… #NFLBeast #NFL #NFLTwitter #NFLUpdate #NFLNews #NFLBlogs #Baltimore #Ravens #BaltimoreRavens #AFC By: Kevin Oestreicher The Baltimore Ravens went through a ve...

Eli Apple is up late talking shit to Ravens fans and burning bridges. CTE is real. Have at him, #ravensFlock #ravens

The #Ravens fanbase should NOT be called “The Flock” It should be called “The Unkindness” It’s actually what a group of the birds is called. “The Flock” is not accurate. It’s not intimidating. It’s something seagulls travel in. It’s waiting for us. #embracetheunkindness

Get ready for more chatter about the “spot and choose” OT idea floated by John Harbaugh and the #Ravens: One team picks the spot, the other team chooses whether to play offense or defense.

It's that thing where I absolutely love this but also, sadly, the playoffs would have had to be delayed because the #Ravens and #Steelers might still be playing right now...…

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