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“Saturday Night Live” has 5 more episodes set to air in 2021 with no guests announced. Who would you like to see host and/or perform as the musical guest on these upcoming #SNL shows?👀 S47E5: November 6 S47E6: November 13 S47E7: November 20 S47E8: December 11 S47E9: December 18

@VDOOZER @nbcsnl @jasonsudeikis I will "be a goldfish" & the happiest person on earth when #JasonSudeikis hosts #SNL! 😍 #TedLasso

TONIGHT: Watch “Saturday Night Live” hosted by @jasonsudeikis with musical guest @brandicarlile at 11:30PM ET on @nbc and @peacockTV! #SNL

I know this is ONLY me but because I equate the two so heavily, I really hope #SNL goes the same way with Jason as they did Hartman hosted: fold them into the show as it is NOW, allowing them to elevate the current cast instead of a nostalgia bomb, with a new character in tow.

What about on the West Coast or the mountain time zone #SNL

‘Night #FalPals! Sweet @jimmyfallon Saturday night dreams. Looking forward to some #SNL later. Then 2 more sleeps and #FallonTonight with @theroots and @higbones is back new, I think.

Oh yeah definitely going to watch @jasonsudeikis tonight on #SNL —gonna crack ‘ an IPA too huh 🥰

Excited for Sudsy’s #SNL hosting debut tonight… Hope Will Forte is in the wings to do one of their classics like Greg Stink and Pete Twinkle or Jon Bovi!!!

#SaturdayThoughts #SNL that #AlecBaldwin tragedy either sabotage, gross incompetence, or just some sort of kardashian kurse because of the OJ jokes she told in an @nbcsnl monologue, also alec baldwin still an a55hole

If you like #SNL this is a great take on Jason Sudeikis before his guest host role tonight. #JasonSudeikis…

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My life will be complete once Jason Sudeikis busts this move tonight #SNL @nbcsnl

@SoapsandSciFi Jason Sudeikis grew on me during his time at #SNL. I think he was a writer for 2 years before appearing in sketches so I think he was comfortable with the cast and they trusted him. He delivered on his roles in a quiet, confident way. Like you said, very similar to Beck Bennett

being out with friends is fun & all but c’mon people let’s wrap this thing up #SNL starts in 30/minutes

Gotta watch #snl tonight @jasonsudeikis is hosting. One of #kansascity’s treasures.

Host: Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) Musical Guest: Brandi Carlisle Expectations: Astronomically high #SNL #TedLasso

Jason Sudeikis hosting #SNL. You gotta believe it’s going to be good.

#SaturdayThoughts #SNL that #alecbaldwin movie tragedy even more tragic that it occurred on a lame alec baldwin movie and not on a better tarantino film , and sure you would expect this from one of those other baldwin brothers instead

#JasonSudeikis on #SNL, hopefully we will get a reboot of #kenanthompson's What Up Wit Dat🤣🤣🤣

Gunna J. Blige, Raven, and Travis Barker on SNL was wild. #SNL #Punk #YoungThug

Game is over, we are in the clear to begin #SNL on time tonight!…


here are my top 3 wants for tonight in descending order of how much they will make me cry: #snl - two a-holes - espn guys - the devil

Tonight's show looks promising. Jason Sudeikis and musical guest Brandi Carlile! #SNL

#SNL needs to be more representative of the nation.

so what i’m hearing is that tonight, i ascend #snl

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