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@Cardinals This is a scary team. Hot at the right time! TEAM is key word, just like in 2011… #STLFLY

Imagine with me for a moment that the Cardinals win every game from here on out.....#STLFLY

Watching the Chargers & Cowboys game on Fox... A commercial was promoting the Cardinals & Brewers game on Thursday, this week, is only on @YouTube #stlfly #STLCards #Brewers

I’m almost afraid to say anything because I want this to last. Gosh what a fun week. #STLFLY

I’m all in. This team is winning the 2021 World Series. #STLFly #STLCards #12in21

The run we've been waiting for all season is finally here. It's great. It's fun. But how long will it last? Lots of games left against Milwaukee. #stlcards #STLFLY

This @Cardinals team.... it feels like 2011 all over again. Lets GO!!!! #STLFLY

Phillies are gonna have the easier path to the postseason. The three game cushion is nice. Go Mets! #STLFLY

Look idk what’s going to happen with the @Cardinals in the next couple weeks but the “This isn’t a good team” logic is old. When you’re hurt you will have inconsistent play all they can do is grind. Everyone got healthy at the right time & it’s showing now #STLFLY #HappyFlight

Just so happened to get the first pitch of the game/that amazing Dylan Carlson catch on camera #stlfly

@UncleCharlie50, can I pretty please get a birthday shout-out? #stlfly

Also, back to back SWEEPS down the stretch for playoff baseball sure is refreshing!! FINISH THEM! #STLFLY

@Cardinals, thank you very much for my birthday gift. It fits perfectly!!! #STLFLY #happyflight…

We 9-1 in the last 10 and we've won 8 straight. And sitting in the 2nd wild card spot. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #STLFLY

Narrator: we did indeed need more runs. #stlfly #SWEEP

カージナルス勝った! スイープ! #STLFLY

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