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Good. Air marshals plan to refuse Biden admin order to deploy to the southern border: report #SmartNews

Democratic representative retains seat in new district after lagging in unofficial results #SmartNews

What is it w Green Bay. Roger's can't even practice but he will be able to play Sunday. Really? When will what will it take for the management to bench him.? Packers Make Wednesday Practice Decision On Aaron Rodgers #SmartNews

They republicans hate everyone including themselves!!! House GOP overlooks internal antisemitism, points at Democrats #SmartNews

Wendy Williams’ Brother, Tommy Williams, Thinks ‘Evil-Doers’ Are Lurking Around His Sister After Her Release From Rehab #SmartNews

‘Always selling us a lie’: Tech journalist buries Elon Musk in brutal takedown #SmartNews

新型コロナワクチン接種後に妻死亡 遺族「墓前で、ちゃんと調査すると宣言して」 行政の対応は… #SmartNews アナフィラキシーだけか? 心停止した人は解剖したら心筋溶解してたらしいぞ ほんと、ワクチンガチャ 厚労省の官僚はほとんど打っていないらしい

このルポ、衝撃的すぎます。。。 超弩級の極端な例だと思いたい。 明日、娘にも意見を聞いてみよう。。。 『ごんぎつね』の読めない小学生たち。授業見学をして耳を疑った驚きの発言とは?|ルポ 誰が国語力を殺すのか #SmartNews

Couple dies by suicide after DEA shuts down office of their chronic pain doctor in fentanyl panic #SmartNews

DNC Chairman Accuses Lindsey Graham of ‘Ethics Violation’ For ‘Soliciting Campaign Contributions’ on Fox News While in the U.S. Capitol #SmartNews

来春の東京・北区長選に元「光GENJI」の大沢樹生さんが出馬表明 #SmartNews…

Herschel Walker Ex Comes Forward: He Attacked Me in a Rage #SmartNews

Former deputy to election conspiracist Tina Peters pleads guilty — and agrees to testify for prosecution #SmartNews

Republican Georgia lieutenant governor says he couldn’t vote for Walker #SmartNews

スペイン戦直前…本田圭佑が放った「権力者は退場せよ」猛烈批判の真意 #SmartNews = 日曜のゴールデンタイムという高視聴率が期待される試合に、森保監督の戦略とは異なる選手起用の圧力があったのでは、と勘繰る人は多い」

1日2Lの水、実は「取りすぎ」だった!? 最新の研究結果で明らかに #SmartNews…

January 6 committee member says entirety of panel’s work will be released in coming weeks #SmartNews

Trump will 'burn down' the GOP and the party has only itself to blame: conservative #SmartNews

The Hill once a conservative news source is now in with the democrat party. Polling is more than likely in favor of Walker by same amount. Warnock holds narrow lead over Walker in Georgia runoff: poll #SmartNews

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: If You Really Wanted To Destroy The US, Then… #SmartNews

愛子さま21歳に 数少ない取材機会で両陛下が「撮り直し」提案 #SmartNews お出ましが極端に少ないと色々大変ねー 芸能人じゃあるまいし撮り直しって… あるがままの自然な姿を見てもらうのが一番じゃないの?…

NASA chief hopes UFOs spotted by pilots aren’t an ‘adversary here on Earth’ but evidence of alien life #SmartNews

MAGA rioter who beat cop with a baton — and kept it as a trophy — faces 63-to-87 months in prison under plea deal #SmartNews

U.S. appeals court rejects Biden's bid to revive student debt plan #SmartNews 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Morning Joe doesn't think DeSantis has the juice to win in 2024: 'He's going to get knocked out on the big stage' #SmartNews

『ごんぎつね』の読めない小学生たち。授業見学をして耳を疑った驚きの発言とは?|ルポ 誰が国語力を殺すのか #SmartNews ←デマ。デマを商品にする本屋。小学生をなめるな!

Did some of our federal police conspire to overthrow the United States? #SmartNews

Dem rips Biden for buying 200 lobsters for 'fancy dinner' with Macron… #SmartNews

「エスカレーター歩くな」に激高か 80代男性に重傷負わせた疑い #SmartNews しょうもない事件がおきるくらいなら歩く必要がないスピードにすればいいのに……

Republicans @GOP , you all deserve this.. I will enjoy the view. #Rabbithole Yes, He Will Burn It All Down #SmartNews

Should a single judge have the power to support Biden policies. What a biased article....Should a Single Trump Judge Have the Power to Void Biden’s Policies? #SmartNews

GOP rivals walk high-wire when it comes to criticizing Trump #SmartNews

Five More Herschel Walker Exes Come Forward to Accuse Him of Terrifying, Violent Behavior: ‘I Saw a Fist Flying Toward Me’ #SmartNews

Congress Seat Could Flip if Arizona’s Officials Don’t Certify Election in Time #SmartNews


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