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#GISH #randomgishers I haven't drawn since I'm 13... thank you @GISH and Mr. @Misha for this historical revival 😉 . . . #GISHhalloweenhaunt #GISHhunt #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou #blackcat #halloweird #poetry #poetrybooks…

@mishacollins I’ve always been the girl with her nose in a book. Trying my hardest to slow down and really savor this one. #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou

3 days after surgery. Still sore. Still can't pull a t-shirt over my head. Still have chemo to look forward to. But managed to finally sit and read #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou , and be grateful that I'm not freezing in Chicago.

I actually needed a clean copy because I scribbled in one, and he scribbled the other. 😂 #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou

this year has literally been the worst one of my life so, from the moment this book arrived, i've clung to it as one of my few sources of hope and happiness (does a great job at it), thank you for sharing this piece of you with us @mishacollins#SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou

In desperate need of self-care. Do I: •Eat ice cream and watch a @JimCarrey movie? •Bury myself in blankets and reread poems by @mishacollins ? •Or stare at Google images of baby animals? #SelfCareSunday #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou

everyone shut up they’re reading #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou by new york times bestselling author misha collins

got all the essentials with us in the basement during this horrible weather 💙🙏🏼 @mishacollins #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou

I may have only shipped destiel for 18 months, but I’m the most dedicated shipper of all. Why is that? There’s #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou 💙💚

My current tolerance level is brought to you by my fluffiest blanket and @mishacollins#SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou. Everyone say, “Thank you, Misha!”

This morning, I laid outside in the yard under the windmill in the chilly autumn air and reread parts of the book. Out here all is quiet, except the barking of some dogs. #MorningWorld #Peace @mishacollins #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou

I had to find some comfort and I found myself reading Misha’s new book & going over some his poems again It’s tough time for all of us & I find myself emotional and reading his poems makes me feel better & helps me gather my thoughts. #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou @mishacollins

“These days” it seems like almost everyone has “#SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou” but I want to thank @mishacollins for putting my thoughts and feelings into words, making me feel less alone.

This is one of my favorite poems from @mishacollins NYT Bestseller #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou I cry every time. I can’t imagine the bone chilling cold if that day should come, living life without her. To read more get your copy

I'm so happy that finally your book is available to order through my local bookstore! I just ordered it and can't wait for it to arrive even tho I need to wait until Nov 25!! #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou @mishacollins

A bribed brother, a lot of drama, and an hour of line at the border later... Totally worth it! Really proud of Ney York Times Bestseller Poet @mishacollins!! #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou

Somehow sitting in construction zone traffic jam wasn't too bad today. Read out my favorite poems from NYT bestseller #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou to the family. It was strangely wholesome. Get your copy here.

found* an NYT best seller at target tonight!! #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou @mishacollins *very intentionally sought out

@mishacollins Oh Misha, I hope you are as grateful for yourself now as you always should have been. ❤️ #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou

#SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou @mishacollins Thanks for making 2020 and 2021 a fun and challenging time to do good and share love.

I received #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou two days ago and I'm reading it in small doses because I relate so much to what @mishacollins has written. It's been an emotional rollercoaster so far. Chelsea agrees.

If you're looking for stocking stuffers and gifts for friends and family, this is the perfect gift to give #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou beautifully written by @mishacollins Mish, any way you could help me get mine published? #RT…

3rd time's the charm? 🤣 I'll just keep spamming the NYT bestselling book by @mishacollins to the few of you out there. 🤪🤓 Nacho is feeling things. Dory likes the cover and most of the poems & they made JJ's butt itch? #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou

Am I the only one who thinks this is the most real line in the book? @mishacollins #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou

Finally got in my lovely book of poems #SomeThingsIStillCantTellYou. Love the poem "June Second".

Sitting at a campfire overlooking Mirror Lake, this poem just seemed fitting… #somethingsistillcanttellyou @mishacollins

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