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Good to hear, Women being assaulted will be taken seriously. Normal stable minded people don't enjoy seeing GrandMothers, Mothers, Sisters, or Daughters being assaulted, #BoycottNewZealand #FreedomOfSpeech #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #standingforwomen…

@TheRealKeean Then turn them into little Gender Ideology Sexualised Drag Queens, it's all about the Gr00ming. #standingforwomen…

A woman is an Adult Human Female. Women should have the right to their own SEX based class that does not include men. #LabourLosingWomen you can not protect what you can not define! #standingforwomen……

@RVikraman சொல்லும் செயலும் ஒன்றே 🔥 #standingforwomen #vikraman

If we’re breaking the law, I’m sure @CambridgeCops will let us know soon enough. Until then we’re going to be in town regularly. @alexspencerCAM @EdithHiom @WomensRightsNet #SexMatters #standingforwomen #LetWomenSpeak #FairplayForWomen

@AntonyInder @rosey_nz @theplatform_nz @nzpolice Haven't actually read anything about the #LetWomenSpeak campaign, or #StandingForWomen have you? Suggest you stop showing your ignorance. The only hate expressed is by the Anti-Women Activists, for whatever reason they choose. #AnotherIM

Knowing that men can’t become women doesn’t make you a Nazi. It’s insane that this needs to be said. #LetWomenSpeak #SexMatters #WomenWontWheesht #StandingForWomen

Love or hate Lindsay this is interesting (from 1.40) “The real action is the target’s reaction” We see this at #StandingForWomen They want us to respond with violence so they can film it but we don’t. But we need to be careful if more men get involved

@loosewheelnz @ThePosieParker Baying sloganners who have trouble grasping reality should be reminded, the world is watching & Posie Parker stands on the right side of history. It's your grasp on reality that's lost, if nothing else! #ThePosieParker #standingforwomen

The violent attack on @ThePosieParker is an international scandal. As an American member of #StandingForWomen, I demand answers from the New Zealand government. #LetWomenSpeakAuckland #LetWomenSpeak #LetWomenSpeakNZ…

@DavyLeigh2022 @ModernGibeonite @gagasrule @Slatzism @ReduxxMag You do realise intersex people are still either male or female dont you?? He is a violent, aggressive, thug. He is a danger to women. Stop excusing violent mens behaviour towards women. Unless of course you have a reason for standing up for violent men?? #standingforwomen

Hvem står bak den spinnville transagendaen? "Follow the money" – og galskapen avsløres. Fakta er at det fins kun 2 biologiske kjønn, og at en mann kan ikke bli kvinne, jente eller lesbisk. #StandingForWomen #antiwoke @wdiNorway @MatriarkenN…

@for29years Never forget Jean McConville Widowed mother of ten children, aged 6-20 Accused of informing the British Abducted & murdered by the RA her body hidden & wasn't found for thirty years 💔💔💔 #StandingForWomen #WomenWontWheesht

Can anyone with any influence at #StandingForWomen suggest some of the funds go towards hiring bloody PR management? JFC…

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