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Hoffen wir das sich die Berichte bestätigen und Kenny eine schwere Verletzung vermieden hat. Hoffen wir auch das die #Steelers in Hinblick auf die Bye Week eine vernünftige Entscheidung treffen.…

As a #Steelers fan and #Nuggets fan, my timeline is full of of sadness that Matt Canada is still a coach and optimism that the nuggets are defending champs. No in between.

First time the #Steelers hosted the #Ravens was week 2 1996 The Steelers were coming off an ugly week 1 loss at Jacksonville and made drastic changes including replacing QB Jim Miller for veteran Mike Tomczak after just 1 game The Steelers won 31-17…

I don’t know why yall keep talking about it but Mike Tomlin isn’t going anywhere this season…until we are at rock bottom with a non winning season and all the AFC North teams beating us…he’s here to stay through his contract. #Steelers

Ravens Marlon Humphrey may return on Sunday against the Steelers. #Steelers #NFL

Warren Sharp on Matt Canada's offense: "It's a shame that Steelers fans have to deal with this. And I mean Mike Tomlin doesn't see it either. And it's a shame that Kenny Pickett has to start his career with a play caller like Matt Canada." #Steelers #NFL

Tomlin needs to fire Canada and take responsibility. Does Tomlin need to go? Absolutely not! Who would be better? Tomlin, Belichek, Harbaugh, Carroll, McCarthy, Payton, Pederson, and McVay are the current coaches with a superbowl win. #FireMattCanada #Steelers

@SteelersUnite I just have one question? If the head coach don't believe in his offense why should we? It's been over 24hrs since that horrific showing and I still can't let it go #Steelers #SteelerNation

#Steelers got 99 problems and TJ WATT isn't one of them! I think, at this point, That is all we know for sure......sad #BurghNotProud

I wish the #Steelers acted this quickly!!! Angels fire Nevin a day after 73-89 season ends - via @espn App…

@gassereric @Gbush91 Stefanski's best game as a play caller for the #Browns was when he was in his basement with COVID, and we crushed the #Steelers.

Letting Cameron Sutton walk over a difference of $4M per year when he's 5 yrs younger & a far better CB seems even dumber now than it did in March. Watching P2 give up TDs in trail technique each week has already become infuriating & we have 13 games to go. #Steelers…

Pretty sad Ben Roethisberger even said the play vall that Kenny Pickett got hurt on was an awful call. #FireCanada #Steelers

This is exactly what I been saying. Matt Canada’s route concepts and approach are beyond bad. The All 22 tells the story. #Steelers

All I want from football season are two things. #Steelers Super Bowl and a follow from @heykayadams but they definitely don’t need to happen in that order, otherwise I’ll never get that @heykayadams follow…

Ben Roethlisberger was in absolute disbelief when the #Steelers broke the huddle…

Last time the #Steelers hosted the #Ravens and won without Ben Roethlisberger? Week 1, 2003. Tommy Maddox was the starter. Team is 0-5 vs Baltimore at home w/o @_BigBen7 since #BALvsPIT #NFL

Patrick Peterson has a $3 million roster bonus due on the 3rd day of the league year in 2024 and another $3.85 million in base salary scheduled for that season. Him seeing all that money seems like a longshot right now. #Steelers

In case you were wondering, the #Steelers still employ Matt Canada as OC. The only takeaway from this is that his inability to run an offense is acceptable by the franchise. #HereWeGo

As long as Matt Canada is employed I have no high expectations for this team. He could literally make any offense look like hot garbage. I don't care who the QB, o line receivers etc is as long as he's calling the plays no team will make it far offensively. #FireCanada #Steelers

Dez Fitzpatrick is the “big change” this week for the #Steelers, next week the “big change” is Brad Wing gets released. #SteelerNation #NFL

I have no words for this.. actually I have a lot but I'll let Steve speak for me Follow @5StarMatchup on TikTok at #FireMattCanada #Steelers #SteelerNation #NFL

It’s now Monday night. Every hour that Canada is still the OC, is another hour wasted, that could have been used starting to install a new offense and giving #Steelers an actual chance next weekend. #FireCanada #NFL

Like the pass game, Texans adjusting to seeing the same concepts. Third time Pittsburgh tried running Crunch. #93 Kurt Hinish (a Western PA native) knows the TE wham block is coming the moment Seumalo pulls away. Blows it up. Wags his finger at the Steelers bench. #Steelers

@Steelersdepot Rash decisions? It been two fucking failed years of Canada. #Canada #Tomlin #steelers

@Steelersdepot Tomlin failed the team when he hired Canada and Austin. #steelers #tomlin

With Diontae Johnson out, this is the kind of attention WR George Pickens is getting. #Steelers

Todd Hailey your welcome back any time I promise we won’t complain #weresorrytodd #steelers

Big Ben has been very vocal about his concerns & his distaste with the offensive play calling, if he thinks he can do better, call Tomlin & give him all the fixes to the #Steelers problems ASAP. #SteelerNation

#Steelers QB Kenny Pickett has a minor bone bruise in his knee and a muscle strain. Pickett could play as soon as this week, but the team could rest him with a week 6 bye coming up. #HereWeGo

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