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@RonnyJacksonTX #StrangeMotivationalSpeeches - AsThis, #IsHowIGetBy WithFaith. SoManyBlessingsWeAreUnawareOf & ThisProtestHelpsThisKYVoterSee A"Multi-Tasking", Here. Today Is ?! HowMany #TuesdayVibe For Votes Before I Can VoteEarly, & EnjoyMy WorkDay, As I Hope For A Good VoterTurnOut? Thanx!👏

#DryCleaningSongs - & EachOfThe #StrangeMotivationalSpeeches - #IsHowIGetBy WithNothing&No 1 - BrutalComedy = DryCleaning, Too. On Wed., @ 9:30p, "CrossingThe Streams!" Includes "RosnerRants!" From @howardrosner - The Star Of The Show, Covertly, Motivates Strange Speeches. Yes?👏

#StrangeMotivationalSpeeches "Due to Budget Cuts, one of you will be fired today, send me an email with the name of the person you want fired, the person with the most votes is fired"

There will come a point when you realize that “having it all” means having all the stress, all the responsibility, all the obligations and all the disappointments when no one else notices you having it all #StrangeMotivationalSpeeches

#StrangeMotivationalSpeeches you’ll do the best you can, god help you.

Success is 1% inspiration, 98% perspiration, and 2% attention to detail. Philsosophy #StrangeMotivationalSpeeches

#StrangeMotivationalSpeeches "I will snake the world smarter by snaking the stupidity TF out of it! I'll raise intelligence by posting photos of snakes, cakes and coffee and sharing science facts. The war on stupidity must be fought with intelligence, caffeine and snakes!" 🐍🤪

Every relationship you create is exploitable; think first not what you can do for yourself, but what one of your rich friends can do FOR YOU #StrangeMotivationalSpeeches

go out there and give 0.01 percent, it's the least you can do! #StrangeMotivationalSpeeches

Fuck, Fucked Up, Fuckin’ A, Fuckers, Absofuckinglutely: Variations on a Theme #StrangeMotivationalSpeeches

#StrangeMotivationalSpeeches you can get there,but traveller beware,here be firmware!

#StrangeMotivationalSpeeches are given with doobies in a van down by the river.

#StrangeMotivationalSpeeches Look at it this way, It's better than a kick in the head!

Son, I cut off your hand, tortured your friends, and destroyed a world. So join me, OK? #StrangeMotivationalSpeeches

We're all going to die. You're going to die, I'm going to die. You can't escape death. life now! #StrangeMotivationalSpeeches

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