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Catching up on this new #Survivor episode

Oh look another person that probably has an issue with “Come on in guys” not being said anymore. #Survivor…

So me and my family have been binge watching every season of #Survivor starting with the Australian version and now American and we’re now starting our 20th season AND ITS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!! Only 28 seasons to go x

When zee tamil approaching people for #SurvivorTamil show,definitely they ask,how many people and whom going to participate in the show Nandha and Ravi friends for long time,amzath and narayanan also friends #Survivor team divided the contestants into 2 teams in 1st episode

Enjoyed this preview from #WhiteLotus season 2 as kind POC comfort a white woman grieving her failures. #Survivor

I just know Jeff has a whole 10 minute preparation routine where he breathes in and out to prepare to say “Come on In!” And it’s the highlight of his day LOL #Survivor

The parallels between Brad and JD’s eliminations were they were each able to survive at least one Tribal Council after making some mistakes and harming their trust levels with their allies, but the mistakes began to accumulate resulting in their eliminations -Ivan #Survivor

Ultimately, JD's youth and naivete cost him the game; these youngins don't seem to be too successful here nowadays #Survivor

Absolutely heartfelt and so very empowering🙏💖 She reminds me that I am Not a victim but Yes a #Survivor #Friday 🙌💓🙏💓🙌

JD said Ima show y'all my sports medals🏅 while taking over the @survivorcbs IG, in case y'all didn't believe him 😂💜 #Money #Survivor #Survivor41 #Livinglegend

but also why tf would you ever give away your advantage like that come on my guy 😭 #Survivor #Survivor41…

@survivorcbs @MikeyDucati But when Shan asked for your extra vote back didn't that trigger any alarm bells in your mind? #Survivor

Shan saying JD trying to be like Allen Iverson 😂 #Survivor #Survivor41

Perhaps I ought to start saying "Tribal" whenever I shoot a basketball; maybe that's my key to becoming a better shooter 😝@shantelmsmith #Survivor

Brad shouldn’t have trusted Shan! He shouldn’t have told anyone about his advantages #Survivor #Survivor41

Deshawn: "Bro, I don't want to go right now." 😝#Survivor

Spoiler 🚨 The winner of this season is clearly Shan. Whoever was in charge of editing this season failed #Survivor41 #Survivor

@JenDelgadoFOX Awesome story on #Fox5DC My sister is a two time Breast Cancer survivor. She is my hero and so are you! #Warrior #LightTheNight #inspiration #Survivor

Nathan did seem pretty cool, JD; but have you met Tata the Bushman? 😝#Survivor

No offense to Mr. Lusth, but Nathan put him to shame in the tree climbing department, especially the way that he climbed down upside down #Survivor

Anyone else think for a Pastor that lying and deceiving comes a little too easy for Shan 😳 #Survivor

Online predators pose a security risk for children and teens, and it is extremely important that youngsters, parents, and schools all understand the threat, and how to deal with it. #EndHumanTrafficking #Survivor #MTLCultureOfLove

JD, your hair does indeed look cool and I'm so sorry that bully took you out. Don't know your Twitter handle so I'll tag @JeffProbst #Survivor #Survivor41 #SurvivorCBS

Wow... 8yrs ago, this was what I was doing!! Tomorrow I get to see my cousin get married!! #lucky #survivor

An expert in Fijian island life? Unless I missed something from 37-40, the last time I remember there being a reward of that magnitude was good ol' Tata the Bushman in Caramoan #Survivor

@bencohen85 Sad! JD's pure enthusiasm for the game would have been fun to watch more of, had he lasted longer in #Survivor. With fewer players this season, the tribes are forced to send even likeable players off the island earlier in the game.

@lauraroyden Well done. You’ve done your #Survivor good deed of the day!

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