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The first thing I thought when I saw the color of her dress: oh the memes 🙃 the superimposed images we are about to see because of green screen... and well, folks 😌 it's already happening #strongblacklead #MeghanAndHarry #DuchessMeghan #meghanofmontecito #Netflix #sussexsquad…

#sussexsquad #omidscobie Rescued RF again ; did them a favour - thought so too…

Hello my Dear Friends fellow Squaddies #Sussexsquad here a little Christmas spirit only because I am Happy this week has been awesome , I can not wait for the 8th for the release of Harry & Meghan Doc series , and the fall of their haters 👏👏🙏❤️

@SholaMos1 AMEN 🙏 you are my inspiration @SholaMos1 you inspire also a young jewish community, we all read your #Book and lots of us are #Sussexsquad we see racism clear as day #passive #agresive and the Netherlands 🇳🇱…

I love Twitter but I am struggling with starting over & over again. If it happens again I don't think I will. It's harder now because I feel so left out when there's so much news. Anyway positive vibes are my mantra now Happy Saturday #SussexSquad 💝💖💗💕💟💞💓❣❤💜

@EyLoulou #SussexSquad gave H&M breathing room against the #RacistBritishMedia the #RacistRoyalFamily & the relentless campaign of hate & lies determined to make her public enemy # one. You also raised over $1,000,000 for various charities. ♥️😊#serviceisuniversal #HarryandMeghanonNetflix

Thanksgiving 2022. On an official Royal Tour of Australia some years ago, #Harryswife was widely quoted as saying "I can't believe I'm not getting paid for this". Is that what she was thinking here? #Markle #SussexSquad #photoopportunity

Join us for a #currentevents discussion about #meghanmarkle and #princeharry & #princewilliam and #katemiddleton on #twitter using #twitterspaces at 2pm EST on 12/3/22 Can’t wait to connect and chat with you! ☕️💅🏽 #sussexsquad #sussexsquadpodcast

Squaddies please go and subscribe on youtube. I did, there's great content! #SussexSquad…

@BritishHarley2 @elonmusk Yes, Christopher Bouzy and @BotSentinel #SussexSquad must be investigated by Twitter - They are very harmful to people. HE BRAGS HE HAS INSIDE TWITTER EMPLOYEES AT BECK AND CALL.

#SussexSquad #Boston Where are you from?” For those of us with brown skin, it’s a loaded one. We answer it uneasily, unsure if the conversation is going to unravel into something more distressing, as the encounter between #LadySusanHussey & #NgoziFulani did at Buckingham Palace.…

As much as I admired the Queen the Royal Family will need to find relevance just attending award ceremonies and smiling will not cut through social media content as they do not recognise privilege like many other wealthy privileged hypocrites #KingCharlesTheCruel #sussexsquad…

@elonmusk @BillyM2k Did Meghan and Harry Markle ever ask Twitter to remove accounts or tweets??? #MeghanMarkIe #SussexSquad #Bouzy

@KaiseratCB Great news! A shame that this tweet brought so many of the haters out, though. Don’t they have a flop of a Boston visit to worry about? Anyway, looking forward to watching “Harry & Meghan,” dropping on Dec. 8, 2022, only on Netflix. #HarryandMeghan #SussexSquad

.@thetalentguru #SussexSquad #LadySusanHussey #NgoziFulani Where are the royal family REALLY from? 👇 In 1917, the name of the British royal house was changed from the German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the English Windsor because of anti-German sentiment…

.@nytimes #SussexSquad #LadySusanHussey Prince William and Princess Catherine of Wales made a whirlwind visit to Boston on Thursday. But swaths of the city were unimpressed. "It makes sense, even centuries later, that Boston can’t care about the monarchy," a local historian said.…

@sugarmashooq @BizzyBeeMee @SussexHenryVIII @TudorChick1501 #POTUS46 was also in the mix! The #sussexsquad is messy like Rachel & Henry. To be so vindictive takes more work than <coughs> finding freedom …👀…

@AnneL10091751 @maliksmoma @SmithiesSusan @LBC @mrjamesob We're all Meghan! #SussexSquad is millions of Meghans paid from the gazillions #HarryandMeghan make from Netflix, Spotify, Travalyst, BetterUp et co💰💰💰 Then they pay Spotify&Netflix to put their shows in tops and billionaires Tyler Perry, Oprah&Serena to say they're friends 💪

@29twigs @Kathlee51501669 @recombobulating @TrishHodkinson Hey #sussexsquad this Karen wants us to send media reports about the #WillandKate ‘s activities. Will you share some with her?

The squad already knows what to do. Who has got the mad photoshop skills? #sussexsquad #sussexset #sussexroyal…

I cannot stop laughing at this comment from a #SussexSquad troll. This will bring me joy in so many ways. Get back to me when the President changes his plans to fly to you, ummm...Runningsomeone? Meghan, is that you? #PrincessofWales #MeghanMarkleisToxic

I am literally standing here LMAO at this comment. "William has nothing to show for his life"...😂😂😂 #SussexSquad really are as bad as MAGA. It truly is a cult. So detached from reality. Had to screenshot this one for prosperity 😂…

Oh, so Lady Hussey was married to the former chairman of the BBC, huh? #sussexsquad

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