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Anybody see much difference in that toe tap and @juliojones_11 a couple of weeks vs @Seahawks? Me neither. Except one is @Titans and one is @NFLOfficiating darling @Chiefs. #BUFvsKC #SNF #TENvsSEA #nfl

@Deckard19842 Die Pats hatten wir ja diese Saison noch nicht im TV, aber #TENvsSEA (Woche 2) mit bislang dem besten MA (6,2%) und Zuschauerzahl (280.000) im Schnitt.

#TENvsSEA フリオの脅威が増している気がした。地区お別れできてよかった 前半終了前のTENTD無効→SEAドライブの勢いがすごい ちまちま&ドカンのSEAオフェンスは今年も健在 残り30秒でウィルソンにボール渡すの相変わらず怖さしかない 際どいコールだしあれはもう面白さをとって決勝セーフティにしろ

#NFL W2 #TENvsSEA 配信鑑賞完 - #Seahawks #Titans にOTで敗戦。前半SEAが投OFが良く決まり優勢で折返すも、後半TENの走OF爆発し15点差守れずOT。勝負決すOFも相手猛DFに阻まれ最後は相手の逆転FGに屈した。正QB100勝をHで飾れず。 #CBSSports

After watching the all22 film of the #TENvsSEA game. The #Seahawks were 2 splash defensive plays, 2 splash offensive plays and a bad TD overturned call away from the score being around 38 - 9 #Titans. Hawks had one good drive the whole game. Also Wagner is the best MLB since Ray

I was watching Titans play Seahawks on Sunday pretty much just enjoying watching Julio and Henry. And the defense play better. I had hope for the year but down 14 to Russell Wilson. Then when I saw Pruitt pancake Jamaal Adams I was like😯 oh #Titans for real today #TENvsSEA

Ya estamos en su @BatalladeT , programa de aniversario 🎉🎊 y platicando sobre el duelo de #TENvsSEA Pásenle a saludar ! @Farill @YavirxRobles @TitanTigre #Titans #TitanUp

#TENvsSEA - SEA also has a good defense - Both of these squads are playoff teams. SEA is a better team but they both have great offenses. The DSTs are underrated still

#TENvsSEA - Not worried about Carson the TEN run D is really good too. They are a good D or rather they have good players at least - Love the DL for SEA. Robinson needs to play more. - Flowers was terrible. Get Sidney Jones in there - Adams was a bit quiet but he's still amazin

#TENvsSEA - Henry also was able to break some tackles in the backfield which I never saw like at all before, great work. Get this man 20+ carries please. Also pass blocking well - Don't worry about Brown or Julio (obvi) - Fulton had a great game on DK, love him and Jenkins

#TENvsSEA Final Thoughts - This was a long game lol - Tannehill played well against a good defense - The TEN OL is worse than last year which will spell trouble for Henry going forward - But I will say for Henry he looked even better than last year, he had some good footwork

#TENvsSEA - Deep ball but way outside - Overthrow by Wilson again - Pressure by Ola Adeniyi almost caused a safety but it was ruled down at like the 1 - Big hole and Henry doesn't disappoint as he easily gets a first - Nice tackle by Wagner on Henry

#TENvsSEA - Pressure from both ends, Tanny with a bad low pass. Roughing saves the drive - Nice ball on the outside, tough catch attempt from Jones with Ugo Amadi in coverage - Rodgers dropped it - Pressure closing in, throw behind Rodgers with Wagner in coverage

#TENvsSEA - Nice run up the middle, strong from Henry to the 1 - Easy TD for Henry - Let's go to overtime, good coverage deep from TEN to get us there - Quick throw to Henry but Wagner is right there, almost made a PBU - Nice tackle in the backfield by Wagner who got there 1st

#TENvsSEA - More underneath, easy first down no one covering him - Henry back in and runs it hard and through the hole - Keep running even as the time ticks away - Henry underneath, Adams needed to jump on that route quicker - McNichols stopped by Adams and Wagner before the 1st

#TENvsSEA - Nice cut and way to hit the hole by Henry - Quick ball to Julio, good job holding on - Henry with some nice cutting on a screen, got gobbled up but good footwork is rare from him - Jeremy McNichols in a for catch in the middle of the field - Handoff to McNicholas, ehh

#TENvsSEA - Nice hard running again from Carson breaking Jeffery Simmons' tackle in the backfield before getting hit by 2 TEN players - Pressure, Wilson just threw it away - DK underneath, nice grab on a high ball, good tackle by Harold Landry - 4th and 1 and a false start

#TENvsSEA - Long 3rd, IDK who it was but good pressure by SEA and SEA stopped Julio right at the first down marker by Reader and Adams - 4th down, pressure finally gets there. Kerry Hyder with nice moves on Nate Davis to cause it

#TENvsSEA - Tanny with a nice throw, just out of reach of Brown with D.J. Reed in coverage. He did commit PI - Run, Benson Mayowa was right there, nice tackle - Al Woods with great power moving Aaron Brewer back with ease until he gets the sack

#TENvsSEA - Jump ball, kinda low to DK, Fulton in good coverage - SEA collapsing on Henry, really the only way to stop him - Henry running really smooth now, great running - Quick ball to Julio, Tre Flowers with good press and good job staying with Julio - Nice run by Tanny

#TENvsSEA - Nice cut by Henry on Flowers then gets up to speed, Diggs chasing but Henry stiff arms him to the ground. Classic Henry run and he did it mostly himself. Just get this guy 20+ carries a game plz - Quick ball on PA to Everett but Jenkins and Byard are all over it

#TENvsSEA - Screen to Swain gobbled up by Rashaan Evans - Lockett with a fine catch in a soft zone - Easy TD to Swain, no one is covering him deep, they expected a safety to cover him - Quick throw on a blitz by Adams who was blocked well by Henry, almost tipped by Brooks

#TENvsSEA - Quick throw under pressure in the middle to Chester Rogers, way to hang on after a big hit - Henry stuffed by a sea of Seahawks - Over the middle nice tackle by Wagner - Good enough pass rush to force a bad throw from Tanny - Screen to Carson, nice tackle by Byard

#TENvsSEA - Henry doing some work in the backfield, very impressive because the OL isn't helping at all - Throw behind Brown, drops it after a big hit by Adams - Julio drops another fine ball, not super accurate but still shoulda caught it

#TENvsSEA - Nice ball to MyCole Pruitt who breaks away from two SEA defenders for a good amount more yards - Henry straight up attacking Bobby Wagner but he holds his own as well as he can - Henry pushing the pile which is nice

#TENvsSEA - Wilson to Lockett for a nice grab on the sideline, Jenkins close in coverage - Jenkins and Titans crew in on the stop on 3rd and short, nowhere for Carson to go - Lots of penetration from SEA DL, ran to the other side but nothing doing there either

#TENvsSEA - Nice broken tackle by Carson on Jackson in the way backfield - Nice read to find DK, DK with a great stiff arm on Rashaan Evans - Easy throw on the run from Wilson to Lockett for the first down in zone - Broken play sack, Larrell Murchison gets credit

#TENvsSEA - Henry with a great bounce outside, no stopping him once he's up, Diggs tried to punch it out which is probs the best idea at this point - Big hole for Carson, nice hard run - Good tackle on a sort pass by Fulton and Chris Jackson together

#TENvsSEA - Nice short run from Henry, I don't see that too often - Brown on Flowers for a big gain in zone - MyCole Pruitt open way under, easy 10 yards and more - Throw on the run, almost good D but they got em for PI (Adams in coverage)

#TENvsSEA - Overthrow Metcalf on Fulton - Another overthrow but C. Jackson with PI on Lockett - Easy TD for Carson, ok blocking - Great blocking and easy big run for Henry - Diggs nice job chasing down Henry, LBs helping too - Quick ball for a nice gain, Wagner almost made a PBU

#TENvsSEA - Quick throw to Travis Homer, nice cut to beat Jenkins for more yards - Jenkins playing off for an easy catch by Lockett - Nice ball to DK on the outside - Nice run by Collins up the middle, very aggro, nice tackle by McDougald who is number 30 and got cut

#TENvsSEA - Way overthrow from Tanny - Robert Nkemdiche good job holding onto Henry running well - Stuffed by like the entire SEA LB group - Great throw, Julio with what should have been a TD before halftime. Jordyn Brooks tried to make a play but def couldn't

#TENvsSEA - Adams in the backfield, makes the tackle on Henry - Screen to Henry looking really nice and fast, great tackle by Diggs running in there. Nice play by both - Easy slant by Julio, wide open on Flowers who got hella fooled - Henry surprised he got past the LOS lol

#TENvsSEA - Henry tripped up by Wagner in the backfield, the TEN OL is really not as good as last year and it's showing - Alton Robinson! with a huge hit forcing a fumble, Swaim can't block him - Nice run and attempt by Carson to score - Gets it in the next play, classic power

#TENvsSEA - Tanny with a fine scramble. Nice blocking from Henry - Wilson jukes out Autry then makes a nice throw, to DK, DK dragging guys for more yards - Nice cut and dragging defenders by Carson, not much room - Lockett wide open on Elijah Molden, he breaks it for the score

#TENvsSEA - Henry hit the line and fell forward, a good development - Deep ball, great throw to Julio who beat his man, Tre Flowers, easily. Diggs late to get there - Nice ball on the run to Julio who was in tight coverage, great ball - Henry hitting the hole hard but tackled

#TENvsSEA - Nice short throw to Metcalf with Jenkins in coverage. Metcalf was open - Throw to well covered Metcalf by Jenkins, Jenkins with the PBU - Autry with the nice sack, he's a good DLman @ PFF - Metcalf and Fulton getting into it damn - Russ takes the sack up the middle

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