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📸 #TaylorLautner pictured outside Erewhon Market in Calabasas | November 29, 2022

📱➡️ #taylorlautner: Anybody ever get scared by a pillow? Me neither.

Yakışıklı oyuncu hemşire aşkıyla evlendi: Kız kardeşi çöpçatanlık yapmış… #taylorlautner

@TaylorDLautner so Antonio Banderas is talking about passing on the Zorro torch, n you'd be the perfect choice... js. #TaylorZorro #Zorro #TaylorLautner

😲wow!! Taylor Lautner y su esposa Tay Dome fueron captados muy románticos disfrutando de su luna de miel en México. #Taylorlautner #boda #mexico

Go Inside Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome's Tropical Honeymoon… via @enews not me being jealous tho lol #taylorlautner #twilight #teamjacob

📸 #TaylorLautner with his wife Taylor Lautner Honeymoon in Mexico | November 22, 2022

#TaylorLautner with friends at the ''Rehearsal Dinner'' the day before the wedding. Via | pk514

#TaylorLautner's Wedding to Taylor Dome in Epoch Estate Wines in Templeton, California | November 11, 2022

#TaylorLautner wore Dolce & Gabbana for both the ceremony and the party: ''With the help of my stylist Sonia Young, we told the Dolce & Gabbana designer that my shift needed to be a material that would allow for somersaults on the dance floor.''

📱➡️ #taylorlautner: CEREMONY The ceremony was something we’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Along with the help of our wedding planners, we put in a lot of thought designing what exactly we wanted for this monumental moment and it came together even better than we had

📱➡️ #taylorlautner: REHEARSAL DINNER We knew from day one we wanted to use as many different spaces at Epoch Estate Wines as possible to showcase why we love the property so much and to provide a different experience for our guests each and every night. Doing rehearsal dinner in

Taylor Lautner New Bride Taylor Dome Playfully Splash Ocean Honeymoon In Mexico #TaylorLautner #TaylorDome #Mexico…

#TaylorLautner y #TaylorDome fueron vistos en la playa de México durante su luna de miel. ¡Entérate! 👀🫢📸⬇️⬇️⬇️…

#TaylorLautner y #TaylorDome fueron vistos en la playa de México durante su luna de miel. ¡Entérate! 👀🫢📸⬇️⬇️⬇️…

As The Twilight Saga turns 14, we take a look at the five most iconic scenes from the five-film franchise. Which scene is your most favourite? @Twilight #KristenStewart #RobertPattinson #TaylorLautner @TwilightFB @thetwilightsad @Twilightreborn…

Inside 'Twilight’ actor #TaylorLautner and Taylor Dome's vineyard wedding in California:

I think a lot about how cute Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner were. I feel bad when I think about his birthday passing and Tay Swift not calling. #taylorswift #taylorlautner #BackToDecember #relationships #love #swiftie…

Had some incredible experiences this year meeting @echosmith and, unbelievably, #TaylorLautner at his first ever convention,(aside from Comic Con) in a Meet & Greet Experience. He and Taylor Dome,(now wife) couldn’t have been sweeter & more down to earth! #Twilight #TaylorLautner

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