Top Tweets for #TeamGarcelle

@msLAS @RadioAndySXM Listening now! You are spot on about LR & D, gross and I felt the same way about this exchange. #teamgarcelle

@luvmickee @RankedReal @nbc @BravoTV Thank you. Yolanda was in the middle of a horrible divorce and was sick, but no empathy from Rinna at all. What a monster!! #munchausen #RHOBHReunion #TEAMGARCELLE @nbc @BravoTV

@saggybabby Exactly. It’s the same nonsense all over again. Denise be honest. Camille don’t be two-faced. LVP you created puppygate. It’s all lies. Pleas change the cast for S12. This is ridiculous #RHOBHReunion at least fire Rinna and demote Dorit. @nbc @BravoTV #RHOBH #TEAMGARCELLE

@jannieglanny And the way Dorit spoke to Andy wasn’t smart, either. Like him or not he is her boss. She’s too high on her horse. Can you imagine demotion or fired? #TEAMGARCELLE #RHOBHReunion #RHOBH

@GarcelleB Just saw the #RHOBH reunion and wow! Dorit was completely out of line for yelling at you Queen like OMG! #TEAMGARCELLE

Whose trying to be relevant? 🤔 ⁦@doritkemsley1⁩ ⁦@GarcelleB#teamgarcelle #RHOBH Photo credit by crazyaboutbravo

@GarcelleB has got the be the classiest of the #RHOBH women I’ve ever seen! That reunion part 1 was painful to watch - they are picking on her like a bunch of mean girls. #TEAMGARCELLE

This is a reminder that @GarcelleB, a strong intelligent gorgeous black woman owes @lisarinna @doritkemsley1 two entitled &privileged white women, absolutely nothing let alone an apology. Those two are trash for their reunion behavior! Living for the vibes #TEAMGARCELLE!!!

Soooo idk what the fuck Dorit and Rinna are on but I think it’s time they exit #TEAMGARCELLE #RHOBHReunion

Was already #TeamGarcelle from the start, this just set it in STONE. @doritkemsley1 / @lisarinna …unkindly sit your irrelevant asses down. Put some respect on Mrs. Toomes’ name.…

@doritkemsley1 I had to laugh out loud when you made the relevant comment to Garcelle. I wasn't laughing with you. #TeamGarcelle

@stellawavess @RatingsBravo This, bc if anyone other than Garcelle or Sutton had followed the reunion, my TV would have been off for the night. #FireDorito #FireRinna #GetRiddaRinna #TeamGarcelle #GOATGarcelle

So let me get this straight. @lisarinna and @doritkemsley1 went after @GarcelleB for not being real based on her confessional shade but never once called out @KyleRichards for doing the same. And they wonder why we are #teamGarcelle #RHOBHReunion

Watching RHOBH why do these ladies think @GarcelleB is the only one that throws jabs?! They all do! #TeamGarcelle

@AllCelebPolls @lisarinna @GarcelleB @BravoTV @Andy I think their feud is one of the season’s more manufactured storylines. Two veteran actresses who fully understand the assignment. That being said, I’m 💯 #TeamGarcelle.

@RobynDMarley_ Totally. Why has no-one commented that she's slamming Garcelle (to fit in) for saying she didnt know who SHE was but that was a response to her 'mean girl' quip about not knowing who Sutton was? The double standards are alarmingly obvious. We know why. #TeamGarcelle

@blabbingbravo MM Hmmm.. And we have to hold and bite our tongue because one outburst or one decibel even higher..and out comes the onslaught of soundbites "aggressive' 'threatening' 'loud' 'angry' Its a look I instantly recognised having done it myself sadly too MANY times. #TeamGarcelle

Ok I’m starting a campaign to get @GarcelleB more followers on Instagram than Lisa Rinna and Dorit the gaslighting twosome. Please please follow Garcelle. This queen deserves a bigger following xx #TeamGarcelle

Can you imagine if @GarcelleB acted the way Lisa Rinna did at the reunion? The negative connotations and comments that would erupt would be absolutely vile. The women (Dorit, Lisa) dismissing conversations about racism says A LOT about them. #TeamGarcelle #RHOBH

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