Top Tweets for #ThanksJoeRogan

@joerogan Don’t back down to censors and bullies. Thanks for your show. #thanksjoerogan #thanksspotify

We would be in very serious trouble right now without Joe Rogan and Spotify’s courage. Let’s make #ThanksJoeRogan and #ThankYouSpotify trend. Don’t cut and paste. And consider doing them in separate tweets. Let’s let’em know we appreciate them.

@passeggiata67 @jordanbpeterson @joerogan HAHA!! Eleven million views pr. video? 14 times CNN? You obviously missed something :-) #ThanksJoeRogan

Break away from the government propaganda, there is truth getting out. #JordanPetersonRocks #ThanksJoeRogan #ThankYouSpotify

What does a medical industrial complex do when it can no longer hold back the tide of genetic medicines? #InterestingTimes #ThanksJoeRogan #JordanPeterson

Been listening to Joe Rogan for almost a decade. He's friendly and respectful towards nearly every single person on his podcast. He states what's on his mind and what he thinks but he always leaves it at an opinion, nothing more. I appreciate a Joe in this world. #ThanksJoeRogan

You know why I’m starting a podcast in 2022? Because I may not think very highly of myself, but I have enough self esteem to understand that I am better than Joe Rogan, and I think that’s reason enough. #ThanksJoeRogan

Hard to keep calling them conspiracies when they keep coming true. #ThanksJoeRogan…

So @joerogan, is it time for you to host a panel? With @P_McCulloughMD, @VPrasadMDMPH, and Dr Robert Malone? Maybe invite Fauci for shits and giggles, maybe he'd say yes... 🙃 #ThanksJoeRogan #COVID19 #Doctors #debate…

This is why Joe Rogan dominates. Because government is so incapable that only photoshopped memes illustrate gov doing beneficial things. 😂💪👍 #ThanksJoeRogan

This is why I love @joerogan. He always digs into the data and isn't afraid to reconsider assumptions. #ThanksJoeRogan…

@VivalaZito I cannot have you spreading misinformation around abaht the Dino’s @tattoosandbones would like a word #Dino #ThanksJoeRogan

I'm loving that independent media can prevail and reasonable/scientific messaging is still able to get through. May the moderate middle continue to strengthen during this time. #ThanksJoeRogan #Thanksspotify #thanksjordanpeterson #thanksbretweinstein

#JoeRogan #ThankYouSpotify #ThanksJoeRogan 270 'Doctors' That Tried To #CANCEL Joe Rogan EXPOSED As Spotify IGNORES ... via @YouTube

People have to ask themselves why there so many smear campaigns against Joe Rogan when he's just fostering conversation with many views and opinions. The fact that there is so much pressure to silence conversation is the biggest red flag! #ThanksJoeRogan

@ryanbeed Whatever it is I pour maple syrup on it. Been almost three years since my last visit now. 😢#ThanksJoeRogan

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