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Hey Fam: This Friday at 7pm central, I'll be live tweeting the last LDI episode I haven't watched yet: Texas Chainsaw Massacre! We'll have some fun, and delight in @therealjoebob losing it to @kinky_horror saying she likes the remake more! Join me? #thelastdrivein #MutantFam

@kinky_horror You can do it! Aren't #TheLastDriveIn movies usually available uninterrupted on Shudder as well anyway?

Work in Progress...enjoy, and share if you think it's any good. 🔪❤️ You people are up late right? @kinky_horror @badtechno @RadioParfait @therealjoebob #TheLastDriveIn #horror #horrorMovies #mutantfam…

I still think about One Cut of the Dead. Its also in my favorite episode of #thelastdrivein

I put a cheap filter on my photo with @kinky_horror & @therealjoebob to feel more like it was taken in the atom age. #MutantFam #TheLastDriveIn

Are we ever going to get an official Last Drive In Hogzilla release??!! I would kill for this!!! @therealjoebob @kinky_horror @SetDarcyFree #TheLastDriveIn #mutantfam

I guess the #MutantFam knows what I will be watching tonight! #TheLastDriveIn episode featuring #horror movie #StreetTrash! Thank you @therealjoebob @kinky_horror @STSPhonoCo @Shudder and ANYONE else who made this #VHS possible! More please!

As my friend @kinky_horror @SetDarcyFree did a beautiful version of vampirella, today was the release of the lost boys, rebel vampires 💀 @therealjoebob #TheLastDriveIn

Listen to "The Road To Joe Bob's Jamboree" Our uncut road trip up to @MahoningDIT for the first ever Joe Bob's Drive-In Jamboree. Like you're speeding down the highway with a bunch of weirdos without leaving your house! #MutantFam #TheLastDriveIn…

@ryansmith1983 @creepshowens I took time off of @starwars too I had to let some of those chapters breathe. I love #SOLO so much though. I still need to see The Last Jedi, but I call it Evergreening like I do with at some of the #TheLastDriveIn w/@therealjoebob & @kinky_horror - Most are so Great it's hard to

Evil Speak episode of #thelastdrivein on some good edibles is an excellent use of a Friday night 👻 #mutantfam #horror

Well, this was fun, folks. Join me one more time next Friday night. It's gonna be a bigg'un, and you'll be glad you Saw it. #TheLastDriveIn

Man, these just keep goin', don't they? #TheLastDriveIn

We're all Todd after sitting through this movie. #TheLastDriveIn

He may not be a killer, but he is a wimp. #TheLastDriveIn

Pretty sure I need to own the soundtrack to this movie. #TheLastDriveIn

Watching this on @Kanopy , whose tagline is "Thoughtful Entertainment." Which one of those categories does Blood Rage fall under? #TheLastDriveIn

No slasher since Michael Myers has been this triggered by sex. #TheLastDriveIn

Total Norma Bates vibes goin' on here. #TheLastDriveIn

Every horror film composer wants to be @TheHorrorMaster . Few of them are. This person does a good job though. #TheLastDriveIn

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