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"The Incredible World of Horace Ford" sure does love reusing a scene over and over. Other than a cool tracking shot towards the beginning of the episode, I mostly just wished I was watching better episodes of the show. 2/10 #TwilightZone

The banks don’t have our money. None of them. Anywhere. It’s not that ‘they have lend it out’. Most of the money simply isn’t there. Yet, we can spend it everyday! Our money exists and doesn’t exist at the same time! #twilightzone

Sometimes I wonder if I'm living in an episode of the #TwilightZone ; then I see the lies #LyinBiden spewed in his #StateOfDisUnion address and I think... "Yeah, maybe I am."…

#god #nonbinary , #nobanter in the #pubs. #woke #uk is turning into a dangerous place when the media guide us smiling into the #Twilightzone. Who’s shaking the jar.

Gates & the WEF’s #VeganAgenda to have a weak & thus, more controllable people (who are left after the #vaxxed #SuddenlyDie) is more than apparent in their evil villain quest to rid the #world of #eggs! You couldn’t make this shit up, it’s like we’re living in the #TwilightZone!…

It’s clearer than ever @JoeBiden is not living in a coherent reality. He makes things up as they come to him and he believes the majority of Americans are dumb enough to buy it. #StateOfTheUnionAddress #StateOfConfusion #StateOfTheUnion #JoeBiden #twilightzone

Been going through the original #TwilightZone for my first time. Some really good episodes so far but I really enjoyed this one. IMDb: The Twilight Zone: Long Live Walter Jameson…

@LFC @premierleague Are we stuck in the bloody #twilightzone with only Wolves & Brighton to play against?

You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight & sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land where my all-time favorite 1/4 zip doesn’t have a zipper at all. 🤯🤯 #quarterzipmafia #twilightzone #oldschool

"Of Late I Think of Cliffordville" plays like a spoof of time travel/Faustian episodes of the Twilight Zone. Not super great, but at least unique enough. It would be better if the main character didn't talk like this: 4/10 #TwilightZone

@TopherGrace Not "Try, Try" from. #TwilightZone ? Loved you in to but your character was reprehensible and the range 💗

@MASKEDMANIACXXX #twilightzone(original twilight zone)is one of my top 3 favorite TV shows of all time..that said I dont really like the movie. #creepshow

It’s #TwilightZoneTuesday! For this week I watched “The Lonely” this one is so well written. They pack a lot of storytelling into 24 minutes. Still touches on topics worth thinking about. Also, Jack Warden & Ted Knight! #ToT #TwilightZone #TowerofTerror

𝑴𝒚 𝑻𝒁 𝑻𝒐𝒑 23 𝒊𝒏 23 𝑾𝒐𝒓𝒅𝒔 𝒐𝒓 𝑳𝒆𝒔𝒔 👁️🚪 20. I Shot an Arrow into the Air Space suits & a barren landscape are classic sci-fi imagery, & the ending is a classic twist. Quintessential Twilight Zone! #TwilightZone #Zoners #TwilightZoneTuesday

Season 1 Episode 8 Time Enough at Last Even wish fulfillment isnt what it seems when sifted through the Twilight Zone! . As he does everyday, Bemis sneaks down to the vault to read during his lunch hour, but today when he emerges, he will enter a new world. #TwilightZone #horror

OH HOLY HECK!!! We have a new World Record here on #TWILIGHTZONE! On my #VPX pinball cabinet. 12.13 seconds of ball action on the playfield. NEVER had a game that quick before. It has to be a record!…

Omg. Nicholas is ride or die for a baby that he doesn't even care about the mother and is shamed to have fathered? And threatens to take Avery? And then Ava clocks him? #TwilightZone #GH

@MattWalshBlog When the girls sat around talking about with their favorite RuPaul's drag shows did you instruct the mother to call the police? The clock is ticking Matt and karma is coming for you faster than you think. #TwilightZone

Dan Hollis, I'd prefer avoiding getting wished into the cornfield for eternity so I'll not be taking you up on your offer. #TwilightZone #ItsAGoodLife

"I wonder if anyone of us has any idea what those damages really are. Maybe one of them is finding out what we're really like when we're normal; the kind of people we are just underneath the skin. I mean all of us: a bunch of naked wild animals"" #Twilightzone

@BoSnerdley @americanwire_ We marathon watched the #TwilightZone on that streaming thing!

#tossalumnisighting Paul Fix speaking to condemned man Francis Ethelbert Sharkey. #TwilightZone #TOSSatNight #VTTBOTS I Am the Night - Color Me Black

@POTUS Every thing this man says, makes me feel that I'm watching an episode of the #TwilightZone

So HOW did this guy/girl get appointed to such a senior level as Director R&D, only 3 steps below the CEO —at only 29 y/o and only TWO years after getting his medical degree?? Someone please enlighten me. #TwilightZone @RealDrGina @EagleEdMartin @LandonStarbuck…

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