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@FBI <— rogue agency that interferes with elections… needs to he dismantled…. #TwitterFiles #TrendingNow #BreakingNews #LaurenBoebert embarrassing another Twitter clown. Lying under oath is punishable with a prison time, right democrats?…

Twitter changed its policies to accommodate Trump after he violated them. #TwitterFiles

#TwitterFiles Might as well call it project attention span. Anyone with interest and access could rule the world

So much fun watching the #twitterfiles guff blow up in the MAGAs faces

So what other news stories has twitter "killed" why we only hearing about Hunter Biden, there must be others right??? #Twitter #TwitterFiles

It appears the Trump Administration pressured social media companies to censor Americans. #TwitterFiles

Exposing pure democrat corruption, pedophilia, and collusion with FBI and media. But hey the media wont' talk about it so democrats turn a cheek to this. When they all go down, remember the democrats who gave this the pass. #alldemsarecorrupt #TwitterFiles

let's end cancer and shadow government...all them nothing burgers #TwitterFiles

Michael Shellenberger digs into the #TwitterFiles to fact-check testimony of ex Twitter officials… via @TwitchyTeam

It's becoming quite clear what a one-sided pile of shit charade the #TwitterFiles are -- orchestrated by a guy who #pwned himself to the tune of billions on an international stage.

No mention of this in the #twitterfiles either, huh? However did the brilliant investigative reporter @mtaibbi miss this?…

TWITTER TESTIFY HEARING...Democrats ask republicans to be nice. Republicans ask Democrats to stop being b*tches. #TwitterFiles #StateOfTheUnionAddress

I'm retired so I have a lot of time to read up on sh%^. Even so I can't keep up with a lot. So, I haven't followed the #TwitterFiles much. But I mostly like Taibbi's work and I saw that Hedges did what appears to be a supportive interview w/him -- that's good enough for me.

@6abc The emails released from the #twitterfiles probe...that is a lie

NKN....War is peace.... Words r violence.... Free speech is less speech.... LiberGYANDUS Logic is injurious to mental health & society.... Mysterious thing is I don't know how these notorious sociopaths get highest position in Fortune 500 companies... #TwitterFiles @elonmusk…

Rep. Bush's questions indicate Democrats have seen The #TwitterFiles. @elonmusk, why are other Democrats doing desperate deflecting??? 🤔 They got caught. #TwitterHearing

@Nacho1man @USSportsCards1 @elonmusk That's easy, the #TwitterFiles shows proof the corporate media is a huge part of the massive corruption going on in this country. Those who run the corporate medias have a big reason to keep the lies going so that you don't see they are part of the corruption.

⬆️#Nuremberg2 #Amnesty? #democide -#TwitterFiles "At a hearing, Republicans accused Biden admin. officials of using faulty science and poor judgement to #mandates #vaccines vaccinations for federal workers and recommend #masks usage"…

Wow. @Alex_Verbeek and @NoahShachtman are responsible for trending #TwitterFiles in America. I make no mistakes.

@DC_Draino @RepBoebert #TwitterFiles FBI collusion with big tech not just Twitter btw.

Watching these #TwitterFiles... I think Cori Bush is THE most disgusting member of Congress. Even worse than Romney Who agrees? ✋🏾RT for Agree / Like for Disagree.

@krassenstein Yet in his emails (that we all saw through the #TwitterFiles) he says the exact oppposite. Weird? So did he lie in what they thought were private emails, or is he lying now @Jim_Jordan ?🤔🤔

@CoriBush should do more homework and prep. Just look very dumb when you miss-quote and have no clue who you are asking questions to. #TwitterFiles #HouseOverSightCommittee

@RepCori Learn to write your own questions for hearings lol… #HunterBiden #TwitterFiles

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