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I've seen a few statements in regards to the #UnionizePaizo situation, and I wish I didn't feel like I had to say this, but: If you're not a Paizo employee? DON'T TRY TO MAKE IT ABOUT YOU. Those fine folks are working their butts off to try and make this thing happen.

8 hours for exploration mode, 8 hours for downtime mode, 8 hours for what we will. #UnionizePaizo

This is incredibly brave for freelancers to do. Bravo to all of you. The books we love run on the effort of freelancers. Let’s get them back to work! #UnionizePaizo…

#UnionizePaizo It's vital to support this effort. As someone who's bookshop sells RPG books it's even more so.

Gosh, my friends are some of the most awesome people in the world. Go Freelancers. Go #UnionizePaizo

We’re witnessing history in real-time folks! Remember, don’t split the party! #UnionizePaizo…

The UPW FAQ entry on Paizo accountability corroborates this separation and collaboration. #UnionizePaizo #PaizoAccountability…

Join me in 30 minutes at! #PathfinderInfinite (And, of course, continue to support the creatives while demanding that management recognize them! #UnionizePaizo )

Haven't had the chance to be a freelancers yet, but I'm with those 40+ top freelancers! #UnionizePaizo #Solidarity…

Folks I work with *care* about the hobby and the positive impact our work can have. Paizo needs writers and words to publish books, but they also can’t publish quality books if they’re burnt out, overworked, and underpaid. That’s part of the reason it’s time to #UnionizePaizo

I turned down one assignment and haven’t turned in two more; it was the right thing to do #UnionizePaizo…

Hearing the work going in to organize #UnionizePaizo and the solidarity amongst all those creatives is so encouraging. If I could humbly ask, tune in to these conversations(more on this later) and show support.

As one of these freelancers, I stand in solidarity with the Paizo workers. Lets work together to #UnionizePaizo and work towards #PaizoAccountability…

Psst, I wrote for this. Made an NPC very personal and close to my heart that I honestly don't think could have been handled sensitively by anyone else. Would be a shame if I could never write for Paizo again in good conscience. #UnionizePaizo…

It feels so weird to be like "yeah, I was one of those 40" because I still haven't processed the fact that I'm a freelancer. Anyways, #unionizepaizo and remember that there's almost always something you can do to help.

Paizo execs: I will gladly give you 7,000+ completed words of my active contracts Monday for a recognized #UnionizePaizo today.…

As one of Paizo's freelancers, I am proud to stand with UPW ✊ #UnionizePaizo!…

As a villain once said, "Time is the fire in which we burn." More fuel for that fire allows for a larger, warmer, longer-lasting fire. #UnionizePaizo

@doctorcomics @PaizoWorkers The freelancers stand with United Paizo Workers! Solidarity and love ✊ #UnionizePaizo

I think it’s been made clear at this point that I support #UnionizePaizo, but I also want to say that I’m one of these freelancers. My decision to stop taking assignments for the time being was a difficult one. I love these games and I love getting to work on them. 1/

This one goes out to the anti-#UnionizePaizo crowd. We haven't seen anyone talking shit because SF Facts fans are a discerning group, but we've heard that one or two people were skeptical so we know there's maybe some folk that weirdly don't want happy people making their games.

My colleagues have worded things much better than I ever could. ❤️ #UnionizePaizo…

I support the United Paizo Workers. If you do, keep up the pressure by liking and retweeting their posts daily. Steel Your Resolve. #UnionizePaizo……

I hope Lisa still feels that way. I hope all of the executives do. #UnionizePaizo

The organizing committee has put together a really great summary of things on the #UnionizePaizo situation here that I highly recommend taking a look at 🔍 And can I just say, I’m absolutely floored by the amount of support from across the industry, you’re all the best! 😭😭😭…

Okay, does anyone have any good city builder/ship builder #TTRPGs, #deckbuilder, or #cardgames they can recommend? I'm looking for some inspiration for something I'm making for my #pathfinder game. Also #UnionizePaizo

I wanna talk about sth i saw within the #UnionizePaizo movement, and that's claiming Paizo's PR person/team are a scab. Ignoring that it's probably an argument made in bad faith, I want to go on a trip down "Do Some Research Before You Believe It" Lane. Why don't y'all come with?

this follower friday, in honor of #UnionizePaizo, how about we follow creatives?? i’ll go first! @/legalizegoblins @/doctorcomics @/aaronwshanks @/PaizoWorkers please be respectful and untag people in the replies! 💛

@itsloganharper I just want to give a big shout out to Logan, she was able to help me with my Paizo order and then went above and beyond. I am truly blessed by Paizo CSR. LUVZ & HUGZ #PaizoAccountability #UnionizePaizo

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